The Advantages of Ceramic Tiles In Your Bathroom

The Advantages of Ceramic Tiles In Your Bathroom

Each ceramic bathroom tile has different functions. Many have chosen quality ceramic tiles while others may have chosen wrongly. Tiles come in various thicknesses. Ceramic tiles come with various prices, and also they are made with different techniques. We have wall tiles, bathroom tile, and hallway tiles. Read through this article to get the advantages of ceramic tiles.


When it comes to durability, bathroom ceramic tiles are durable. They can last for an extended period, without bothering about replacement, so it’s cost effective. However, this does not mean that all bathroom ceramic tiles are the same, but quality tiles are necessary for your bathroom to last longer.

Ceramic is paramount when it comes to the best bathroom floors. Unlike wood, ceramic does not twist like wood flooring does, when it gets wet from liquid or humidity.

According to experts’ reviews, the average lifespan of ceramic is twenty years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them in a short time. Therefore, you see them on bathrooms walls, foyers, pools, and small changing rooms.


The Italian ceramic tile

Bathroom ceramic tiles come from different brands and in varying thickness. The most expensive ceramic out there is the Italian ceramic tile. Its measurement is about one and a half inch. The finishes have many varieties as well, which include high gloss and matte surface. Even the texture is of importance. You can select from a smooth surface to those with a broad impact.

The five classes of tiles

To help you determine which tiles are ideal for you, you should know about the five classes of tiles.

Class 1 is suitable for bathroom walls or home finishing.

Class 2 is good for a place where there is no heavy foot traffic, such as a changing room close to a swimming pool.


Class 3 is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms because their thickness suites the foot traffic that a room can accommodate.

If your want tiles for a foyer, class 4 should be your choice.

Class 5 is not recommended for homes. Rather it can be used for public places like school hallways and similar areas.

Health benefits

Bathroom ceramic tiles are good for people who have allergies. The ceramic does not produce mold, dust or pollen. Also, it is fire resistant. Thus, it also makes an excellent covering around a fireplace.



Tiles come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Even bathroom tiles can have a different style. You have to know the one that will suit your bathroom, so you will know the quantity need while buying them.

Planning your budget is very vital when it comes to choosing the best bathroom tiles. As mentioned above, the price of one tile depends on its thickness. Thicker tiles are more expensive because they tend to last longer than the thin ones.

Some choose the wrong quality by spending too much attention to the design. Or, some fake their budget by selecting the wrong class number. For you to be happy each time your enter your bathroom, you have to balance the quality, budget, and design.


However, the design of your bathroom ceramic tiles should reflect a bright mood so that whenever someone makes use of your bathroom, they fell comfortable. Make it look good and attractive. You may think of the kind of atmosphere you want to have in your bathroom.


If you want a bright and free feeling, you should make a choice of bathroom ceramic tiles with brighter shades. White makes the space brighter. So if you choose it, your bathroom will appear to be brighter. Besides the flooring, you also have the option of putting tiles on your bathroom wall.

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Gauge the Market

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Link It

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Use Resources

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Font and Colors

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