10 Most Effective Ways of Exercising and Staying Fit

10 Most Effective Ways of Exercising and Staying Fit

In today’s world, it is essential to stay fit and in optimum shape, both physically and mentally. It helps you with coping with all the rigors of the day and can keep you from imploding. Although due to the nature of our jobs, we hardly find it hard to engage in activities that increase our fitness, the goal of staying healthy isn’t that hard to attain. With the steps below, you can work around your schedule and achieve maximum physical and mental fitness:

1. Exercise

Exercise is probably the most important factor to be considered in getting physically fit. Cardiovascular exercise helps to bolster the heart and lungs, strength training helps to develop the various body muscles and stretching helps to reduce the risk of injury and muscle cramps by increasing joint and body flexibility. Exercise also improves blood circulation and aids the quick and regular expulsion of waste products from the body. No matter how strange and seemingly regimented, you should have a regular time for thorough bodily exercise. Without it, fitness will only be a goal and will never really come to fruition.

2. Eat Right

Recent studies have revealed that about 80% of any fitness objective depends largely on your diet and food intake; whether weight loss, muscular and cardiovascular development or preparing for an upcoming sporting event. Consuming an ideal mixture of fresh carbohydrates, proteins and body-friendly fats will give you the energy required to support your campaign for fitness and has the potential to begin revealing positive results quite rapidly.

For the most part, when coaching clients through weight loss and definition, I will advise eating three meals and two snacks to help keep your metabolism burning at a constant rate. These snacks should fit into your feeding regimen; snacks that contain too much fat could disrupt your diet and inject too much fats into your system.


When planning meals and cooking, pay much attention to the labels on food cans and packs for the content and percentages of carbohydrates, proteins and fats embedded in them. You should aim for numbers revolving around:

– 45% Carbohydrates: These should be organic and starch-free. There should also be an absence of genetically and chemically enhanced products (e.g. pasta)

– 30% Protein: Proteins are complex amino acids. Most preferably low-fat versions of meat and fish, organic milk and soy beans are also awesome providers of protein.

– 25% Fats: Nuts and seeds are great sources of ideal fats and oils, as well as avocados and oily fish.


3. Keep Yourself Constantly Hydrated

Hydration is a major key to staying in optimum health. As numerous reports and studies have shown, the brain, much like the Earth itself, is made up of about 70% water content.

A major question that is asked by people and fitness nuts is how much water intake is ideal for staying healthy. The truth is that the amount depends on the person; the minimum amount of water that should be consumed by a normal adult is about two liters of water a day. However, a little bit of math will help you find a more personal amount that will fit your body:

Body weight (in Kg) x 0.03 = minimum amount of water intake

When you calculate this number, it might seem like you have to take an enormous amount of water daily. However, the amount is essential in order to wash out the excess salts and harmful toxins in your body. It will also aid in the body’s respiratory and muscular recovery from draining exercise.


4. Get Enough Sleep

Due to the nature of our jobs, it seems like quite a number of people have forgotten what it means (or how) to relax. We often find ourselves carrying stress and tension deep in the bowels of our muscles, although many a time, all we really need to do is lie down for a while and allow our muscles and brains to take a time out to relax, process and clear our minds of all the conflicting thoughts.

When the body is in a relaxing state, it is able to repair itself, especially after prolonged periods of exercise. Another importance of rest is that it will relax the mind, giving you the ability to focus more (mentally). Being mentally focused is almost of equal importance as the entire exercise itself. To achieve any life goals you must be focused and well-rested. As a life goal, fitness is no exception. Regular and sound sleep is one of the ways to keep healthy so every now and then, carve out some time to slow down and rest.

5. Consistency In Exercise

Fitness doesn’t come easily. It takes consistent practice and won’t just come after a few visits to the gym every month. To stay in full fitness, you need to have and follow a strict exercising regimen. You should also operate in moderation. Over stressing your muscles could cause a dilapidating breakdown. Don’t be too eager to bet fit that you push your body over the edge.

6. Don’t Joke With Breakfast

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This saying is actually quite true. No matter how busy you become, you should always have some time for breakfast. It wakes up and sharpens your brain for the day’s challenges and provides your brain with the nutrients necessary to continue daily functions. An ideal breakfast also ensures that your body has enough juice in the tank for optimal performance. Eating breakfast enables you to maintain regular blood sugar levels and an ideal body weight, mostly because with enough sugar in your bloodstream, you are less likely to overindulge later in the day.


7. Participate In Aerobics

Aerobics is a way of exercising that’s fun to do. Mainly dancing, aerobics harnesses your concentration into exercising and being more physically active in a way that won’t make you notice when time is fast spent. It combines rhythmic aerobic movements with muscle stretching and muscular development routines with the ultimate goal of improving all elements of fitness; strength, cardiovascular improvements, etc. It’s also really enjoyable.

8. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to calm the mind and stretch vital muscles in the body. With yoga, your mind becomes clearer and your body becomes more loose, lighter and flexible (of course). T combines both physical and mental exercise in a serene and peaceful environment. When your brain feels stressed, yoga cold be a good outlet to ease stress.

9. Walk More

A simple walk, although it seems little or infinitesimal, could go a long way in improving your overall fitness. It can help your body stay svelte, alleviate your fat and cholesterol levels, strengthen your bones and keep your blood pressure in a good range. It could also lower your risk for a number of diseases (heart-related conditions, for example). Another advantage of walking is that it’s excellent for multitasking purposes; you can engage in it while getting ready for the day’s work or performing some other task. Also, a number of studies have shown that walking and other physical activities can help clear the mind, engage the brain and improve memory retention.

10. Do More Of Swimming

Swimming is one of the best workouts. It has a plethora of advantages. For one, it eases joint strain as the water’s density relieves your joints of any pain and enhances fluidity. Recent research has also found out that swimming can improve your state of mind and put you in a better, more welcoming mood. It also helps you burn unnecessary calories, fats and improves your cardiovascular strength. For more than one reason, swimming is advantageous to every human being.

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Last Updated on January 14, 2019

7 Ways To Make Exercise Fun For Everyone

7 Ways To Make Exercise Fun For Everyone

From Atkins to Paleo to eating gluten-free despite not being one of the rare few people afflicted with celiac disease, fad diets are everywhere. It drives me crazy because I believe these diets do more harm than good. Your body is made up of a variety of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, and losing weight healthily isn’t possible when you fill your body with unnecessary synthetic plastics, sugars, and powders. There’s no easy button in life.

What you need to do is exercise, which isn’t very appealing to many people. Workouts take work, so there’s already a stigma involved in going to the gym. Starting a healthy workout regimen becomes easier when you make it fun. If you want to live long and prosper, get off the couch and try these methods to turn your workout into a playout.

1. Take the scenic route.

Walking is an easy way to transition to a healthy lifestyle, and it’s free. Not only do you burn calories (check out this calculator for how many calories you burn based on your weight), but you see the world in a different way. Hiking in nature is great if you have access to it, but don’t let living in an urban area deter you from walking.


Whenever I’m creatively stuck I get my head straight by walking a couple of miles. It’s also how I discover new paths, meet new people, and stumble upon hole-in-the-wall spots I never would have found otherwise. You could drive past the same place every day and never appreciate the beauty, nor even notice it’s there.

2. Distract yourself.

No matter what exercise routine you choose, use the time to meditate. You may wonder how marathon runners are able to put so many miles on their bodies. It’s because the pain from running that you avoid is something they’ve learned to harness to enter a transcendental state. If you’re aware of the benefits of meditation and exercise but don’t have time to do both, you can combine them, killing two birds with one healthy stone.

3. Listen to music or podcasts.

There are few experiences in life more pleasurable than turning up the music and drowning out the world around you. With so many podcasts and music apps available on your smartphone, you can easily find entertainment options perfectly suited to your personal tastes. Never worry what people may think of you when working out;instead, crank up the volume and get lost in your own world. You’ll be in shape before you know it.


4. Bring a friend.

Some people can’t go anywhere alone. While I highly recommend dining out and seeing a movie in a theater alone, having company while exercising is very helpful. It allows you to pace yourself with someone else, and gives you a coach to motivate and push harder than you may have on your own.

Many exercises are safer when done with a friend, and some sports can only be played with another person. Involving others in your goals can mean the difference between success and failure. Just remember to continue exercising if the other person flakes, or they’ll be in control of your health.

5. Accessorize.

There are accessories that can make exercise easier, and sometimes buying a new toy can add some much-needed fun to your routine. With apps like RunKeeper and Nike+, your smartphone is capable of tracking your vitals and progress. Wrist weights can add a new dimension to your workout, and, if you exercise at night, a headlamp can help you see what’s in front of you so you don’t trip.


For urban runners and power-walkers, one of the biggest obstacles is other people. It’s difficult to get in your meditative zone and enjoy your music when you constantly have to dodge people. To resolve this vexing issue, Runbell, a startup in Tokyo, has developed the runner’s version of the bicycle bell. With this lightweight brass bell warning people you’re approaching from behind, you’re free to maintain your transcendental state while continuing your workout. Head to their Kickstarter campaign to pledge your support.

6. Compete.

A little healthy competition can motivate you to push yourself further in your workout regimen. There are apps like Zombies, Run! which turns your run into a video game, and MyFitnessPal which allows you to connect with others in the exercise community. Whether you’re directly competing with a friend, an online community, or against your previous self, setting goals is the key to reaching them. Running with no destination can feel like an impossible task, and it’s easy to get distracted.

7. Relax.

The best part about exercising is how much you enjoy the downtime. If you think laying on your couch all day is enjoyable, it has nothing on that hour you spend as a couch potato after a rigorous workout. Jay-Z said it best, “in order to experience joy, you need pain.” The harder you push yourself while exercising, the better you’ll feel when you’re relaxing.


With that said, don’t relax too much, or it loses the effect. It’s okay to indulge every so often. Treat yourself to some junk food you’re craving, imbibe a drink here and there, and spend a day vegging out on your couch. Staying healthy doesn’t have to be torture. Just turn down when you can and dedicate some time to better the health of your body. You only get one.

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