Super Bowl LI: 5 Reasons To Watch

Super Bowl LI: 5 Reasons To Watch

Super Bowl LI is almost upon us (that’s 51 for those not great at Latin).

On the 5th of February, the New England Patriots will face off against the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas. It is arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, but how many people outside of the US really watch it?

To be fair, the NFL has millions of fans all over the globe, with four official games per year being played in the UK, but it still feels a bit weird that the winners of this game are crowned “World Champions” when it’s not an international tournament.

There are actually quite a lot of complicated things about American Football, but the Super Bowl is sporting entertainment at its best. Here are five good reasons for you to take notice of the Super Bowl this year:


1. The Half-Time Show

    Beyonce, The Who, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, and Madonna. These are all performers of recent Super Bowl half-time shows. The NFL pulls out all of the stops when it comes to making the Super Bowl a big deal and the half-time act is always a global superstar. Prince and The Rolling Stones are just a couple of the other names that you might be familiar with too.

    At this year’s Super Bowl, Lady Gaga will be headlining the half-time show. With the interval between games extended to thirty minutes for this game only, don’t think this is just a quick couple of songs and then the performer running off before all of the football players come rolling back out. No, this is basically a mini concert featuring amazing choreography, spectacular light shows, and usually at least one similarly famous surprise guest.

    Come for the game, stay for the half-time show!


    2. Super Bowl Adverts

    People new to American Football will be entertained by much more than just the game and the amazing half-time show. The Super Bowl is also an event where advertisers shill out the most amount of money per second to air one of their commercials. A 30-second segment at Super Bowl LI will cost $5 million.[1]

    As you can imagine, only the affluent companies can afford this kind of marketing budget. With the Super Bowl ads being such a big crowd pleaser, the companies showing them really go to town here. Many of the ads shown live long in the memory and go down in advertising folklore. You might just find out that you end up enjoying the commercials more than the game itself.

    3. The Sheer Sporting Prowess On Show

      American football is an unbelievably complex sport that most observers will never be able to fully grasp, and that includes Americans who have been brought up playing it. What is very easy to grasp, however, is just how physically gifted these men are.


      American football is a fast, violent game. It may not be one that is to everyone’s tastes, but in every single game there are multiple moments of brilliance that will leave even the uninitiated wide-mouthed, Odell Beckham Jr’s prime time catch being an extreme example of this.

      4. You Don’t Need To Know What’s Going On To Enjoy It

      As mentioned already, American football is a very complex sport. This doesn’t really matter on Super Bowl Sunday. The whole spectacle is just such amazing fun that all you need to do is choose a colour and then sit back and watch the mayhem.

      It’s no coincidence that Las Vegas reports its biggest day of the year on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a sport that brings the whole of America together; with the two teams normally being so evenly matched, it’s an event that you can enjoy even if you know nothing about the game.

      If you are already a fan, the whole immensity of the event will rekindle your own love of the game and leave you dreaming that next year might just be your team’s year.


      5. We All Need A Distraction From Reality

      The Super Bowl is sport at its most sleekly commercialised fun. On the one had, this isn’t necessarily a great thing. On the other, it is just a few hours of good old fashioned entertainment.

      With so much of the news out of America nowadays being so divisive and downright upsetting, the Super Bowl can act as a little reminder that Americans really know how to have fun too.

      Watching the Super Bowl won’t change the world, but it will allow you to enjoy yourself for a little while. The weighty matters of life must be taken seriously, but we also all need to find some time to kick back and enjoy ourselves sometimes as well.

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      Beyoncé via Pete Sekesean; football players via Pete Sekesean


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      Last Updated on May 15, 2019

      How to Tap Into the Power of Positivity

      How to Tap Into the Power of Positivity

      As it appears, the human mind is not capable of not thinking, at least on the subconscious level. Our mind is always occupied by thoughts, whether we want to or not, and they influence our every action.

      “Happiness cannot come from without, it comes from within.” – Helen Keller

      When we are still children, our thoughts seem to be purely positive. Have you ever been around a 4-year old who doesn’t like a painting he or she drew? I haven’t. Instead, I see glee, exciting and pride in children’s eyes. But as the years go by, we clutter our mind with doubts, fears and self-deprecating thoughts.


      Just imagine then how much we limit ourselves in every aspect of our lives if we give negative thoughts too much power! We’ll never go after that job we’ve always wanted because our nay-saying thoughts make us doubt our abilities. We’ll never ask that person we like out on a date because we always think we’re not good enough.

      We’ll never risk quitting our job in order to pursue the life and the work of our dreams because we can’t get over our mental barrier that insists we’re too weak, too unimportant and too dumb. We’ll never lose those pounds that risk our health because we believe we’re not capable of pushing our limits. We’ll never be able to fully see our inner potential because we simply don’t dare to question the voices in our head.

      But enough is enough! It’s time to stop these limiting beliefs and come to a place of sanity, love and excitement about life, work and ourselves.


      So…how exactly are we to achieve that?

      It’s not as hard as it may seem; you just have to practice, practice, practice. Here are a few ideas on how you can get started.

      1. Learn to substitute every negative thought with a positive one.

      Every time a negative thought crawls into your mind, replace it with a positive thought. It’s just like someone writes a phrase you don’t like on a blackboard and then you get up, erase it and write something much more to your liking.


      2. See the positive side of every situation, even when you are surrounded by pure negativity.

      This one is a bit harder to put into practice, which does not mean it’s impossible.

      You can find positivity in everything by mentally holding on to something positive, whether this be family, friends, your faith, nature, someone’s sparkling eyes or whatever other glimmer of beauty. If you seek it, you will find it.

      3. At least once a day, take a moment and think of 5 things you are grateful for.

      This will lighten your mood and give you some perspective of what is really important in life and how many blessings surround you already.


      4. Change the mental images you allow to enter your mind.

      How you see yourself and your surroundings make a huge difference to your thinking. It is like watching a DVD that saddens and frustrates you, completely pulling you down. Eject that old DVD, throw it away and insert a new, better, more hopeful one instead.

      So, instead of dwelling on dark, negative thoughts, consciously build and focus on positive, light and colorful images, thoughts and situations in your mind a few times a day.

      If you are persistent and keep on working on yourself, your mind will automatically reject its negative thoughts and welcome the positive ones.

      And remember: You are (or will become) what you think you are. This is reason enough to be proactive about whatever is going on in your head.

      Featured photo credit: Kyaw Tun via

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