What to look for in a good stethoscope

What to look for in a good stethoscope

The stethoscope is identifying equipment for a doctor. Whenever you have seen a doctor whether in real life or on TV, you have seen him with a stethoscope. In fact, even in toys, the basic equipment of doctors includes foremost a stethoscope. If a person is wearing a white coat and a stethoscope then you label him to be a doctor without thinking twice.

Do all doctors use the same stethoscope?

Do you like me think that all stethoscopes are similar? I used to think that as they all look the same, they must be the same. But you will be surprised as well that actually they are not only different but individually preferred by doctors. Kind of reminds you of Harry Potter, where each wand was preferred by an individual magician. Similarly, each doctor selects or prefers using a stethoscope by its acoustic ability, and comfort, and ease of use.

Besides, stethoscopes are categorised broadly as:


  • General or classic
  • Cardiology
  • Electronic
  • Teaching
  • Nurse
  • Infant
  • Veterinary

All of these are designed according to the purpose they fulfil and the sensitivity of their tasks. For example, the cardiology stethoscope is more sensitive in acoustic than the classic one. Their pricing is also dependent on their type.

What features define a good stethoscope?

Although choosing a stethoscope is like choosing a glove, one cannot fit all. However, since it is very sensitive equipment and a patient’s diagnosis or life can depend on it, so what you should look for in a good stethoscope generally is similar.

You do need specific points to identify them further but the general overall features regarding the performance and reliability are the same. Here are a few features you should look for; rather make sure of it in any and every stethoscope you choose:


1. Acoustic

The stethoscope is an instrument used to listen to the sound, be it pulse or fluid or abdominal gas etc. The purpose is to listen. So this is the most important feature of any stethoscope. How well the sound of a pulse is handled in the stethoscope and can be heard at the other end is the whole purpose of making a stethoscope.

But selecting the best stethoscope based on its acoustic is not the same for everyone. Do we all have the same hearing ability? Well…. Your answer will be NO of course! So how can we need the same kind of sound sensitive device?

For doctors who have good hearing and the purpose they need to buy the stethoscope for is general, then a classic one can do their work. But a person who has hearing problems will need a hearing impaired one. Similarly, a cardiologist will need a different one and a nurse or a paediatric will need a different one.


2. Materials used

The material used to make a stethoscope should be durable and long lasting. In addition to that the material used, which is usually rubber and aluminium, should be of top quality so it doesn’t affect the weight and acoustic of the stethoscope.

3. Comfort and ease of use

A doctor or nurse will be using a stethoscope most of the time while on duty, when not using it, it will be hanging around their neck. So for their comfort, it should be lightweight. It should also be very easy to use and handle. The earpieces should not be rough and the rubber tubes should not be short and stiff. The purpose of the stethoscope is to enhance their performance, not hinder it.

What to consider while choosing a stethoscope?

Well after all the discussion and details above, I can only summarise that the bottom line is that choosing the right stethoscope depends on the following:


  • What kinds of patients you will be dealing with.
  • What type of environment you will be working in.
  • What amount of money do you have in your budget.

Like all important equipment, you need to protect your stethoscope and keep it clean so it can be used for a longer period and its efficiency doesn’t get affected. Consider it an investment and look after it because getting a good stethoscope can cost you a bit.

You can also personalise it by labelling or getting your initials carved on it. You can do the same for a doctor or nurse and give it to them as a gift!

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Last Updated on May 21, 2019

10 Most Entertaining Things To Do During A Long Journey

10 Most Entertaining Things To Do During A Long Journey

There are many more fun and eventful things to do to pass away time during a long flight or train journey. Apart from sleeping and continuously playing games on mobile, you can utilize this quality time in more creative ways.

Should we take a look at all those amazing and curious ways to kill time during the long journey? Let’s go.

1. Become the Next Big Thing in the Writing World

Yes!! It’s time to become an Author. When I watch a romantic movie or read some fictional story, I feel like writing something of my own. If you feel the same, then there is no better time than a long journey, especially when you are traveling alone. Don’t forget that JK Rowling got the idea of Harry Potter while she was traveling on a train.

2. Become a Philosopher

Enough of reading and listening to various thoughts and quotations of other people. We all have experienced life and learned a lot, and it’s time to put your ideas into words.


Or you can try to determine the meaning of life, what you have experienced and things you have learned from it. Remember, every success or failure and try to find the philosophical reason behind it. It will help your mind to calm down.

3. Card Games? Invent a New One

I have no issues with claiming that Card Games has always been the most preferred way to pass the time during an extended journey. But don’t stop there, you have enough time to tweak some rules, do some experiment and invent your own card game. Call it anything you want, make sure that new game is entertaining enough to attract more players.

4. Go into the Fantasy World

Most of the time I put myself into Hogwarts, next moment I am fighting for the wizard world. You can do that too, and it’s not that tough. Going into a fantasy world is the most exciting thing you can do while traveling alone.

5. Day Dream

Day Dreaming is sometimes helpful and helps your brain do some exercise. You can be at your creative best. I have found realistic solutions of toughest problems while day dreaming. You can be more open minded and understanding at this time.


Daydream about being a singer or actor or richest person in the world. It gives you the motivation to do well and achieve your goals.

6. Time to Plan your Dream Project

This one is my favorite. You get enough time to work on your plans or dream projects. Travelling is the best time to brainstorm on your next product, which can be very efficient. Think about all pros and cons, praise yourself, criticize yourself and come up with best possible solutions because no one is there to judge you or your work at this moment.

7. Movie Marathon

Not only weekends, but a long journey is also an excellent time to start a film marathon. Create a list and watch movies online. Tune into any of the popular video streaming sites or app and watch your favorite TV Series and movies.

8. Breakdown your Goals into Realistic Steps

While you are traveling, you can set realistic and possible steps to achieve your aim. Spend your time in breaking down your goals and plan to achieve each small one in a given period. You can set your daily routine, work on your work-life balance and plan for a more systematic approach in day to day life. Don’t forget that walking through small steps is the key to reaching on top.


9. Read a Book

Reading will never go out of fashion. Always carry a book with you. It is the most amazing thing to spend some time with, especially when you are alone and have lots of free time. Fiction or non-fiction, stories of any kind will always entertain you and enlighten you with new life lessons.

10. Eavesdrop: Its Actually Entertaining

The most entertaining thing to do during the long flight or train journey. You get to listen to amazing and exciting stories of the ordinary public, which sometimes are more interesting than Soap operas. I, once eavesdropped on a couple’s fight and seriously the reason was hilarious.

I got entertained like never before.

The Bottom Line


Have some fun, do some exciting things, don’t waste your time in sleeping and playing the same game again and again.

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