5 Striking Instagram Features That Every Business Should Know

5 Striking Instagram Features That Every Business Should Know

As a social networking platform, Instagram has a high level of engagement regarding monthly active users. This platform has approximately half a billion users, and on a daily basis, it gets 300 million active users.

Given such a brilliant statistic, it is imperative for businesses to mold their social media marketing strategy with a strong focus on this platform.

With the updates and changes continually taking place in Instagram features, many businesses either hire full-time social media managers or hire external marketing agencies to help them dominate different social media platforms.

For amateurs and newbs, there are even Android, iOS apps, and websites which help you get free Instagram followers by following others and earning coins which can then be redeemed to acquire new followers.


It is true that as a business owner, you will not understand every intricacy of this platform. Although there are professionals to get a huge number of followers for you, it would be good to know about certain significant features of Instagram.

1. Instagram Algorithm Update

The new updates in the Instagram Algorithm can considerably work to the advantage of your business and customers. The most amazing characteristic of the new algorithm is that it focuses on user content with high engagement rate, and you can see them at the very top of the feed.

This saves time because you do not have to scroll much to view the content you need.

This feature is vital for increasing audience engagement for your content. For instance, once users start following you, you will wish that they like your content and follow you more frequently.


This leads to more content visibility and in turn, brand awareness.

2. Instagram Stories

This feature, available solely through the Instagram app enables users to add live videos or photos, which can be viewed only within 24 hours, after which they vanish. Within the 24 hour span, the content can be seen a countless number of times.

In the case of mobile users, these Instagram stories appear in the form of circles above the regular feed. Unlimited stories can be added, and the direct messaging facility is available within those stories.

3. Push Notifications of Favourite Accounts

As a business owner, you may not be interested in getting notifications for the choicest Instagram accounts. However, you must endeavour to ensure that your followers add this feature so that they receive notifications from you.


This is one of the so-called hidden features of Instagram available to the mobile app users. All you need to do is go to your profile and choose “Turn on Post Notifications”. Once chosen, updates will be received every time new content is posted by the account.

You can use this feature to your best advantage, informing followers regarding promotions, product launches or time-sensitive deals.

4. Hide Content From Profile

Instagram does not give you much scope to limit your profile to some users; you can do this to a certain extent in the case of Instagram Stories.

But you can always hide videos or photos you are tagged in. You simply have to select the photos for hiding or making adjustments in the tagging options by going to the “Photos of You” section.


If there are any photos in which you are tagged and you do not want to hide them, make sure that they are in line with your brand.

5. Managing Favourite Filters

Strikingly, Instagram has 40 unique filters, so you have a lot of opportunities to highlight your content at its best. However, it is good for a business to possess similar stylistic features throughout all images and videos.

To do so, get an expert professional to select the best filters for you that perfectly match your brand identity and business voice.

These and many more other features enable businesses to utilize Instagram to their fullest advantage. So, get going and grab more and more followers over this result-oriented social media platform.

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Last Updated on November 19, 2018

How to Find a Suitable Professional Mentor

How to Find a Suitable Professional Mentor

I went through a personal experience that acted as a catalyst for an epiphany. When I got fired from a job, I learned something important about myself and where I was headed with my freelance career. I realized that the most important aspect of that one rather small job was the influence of the company owner. I realized that I wasn’t hurt that the company and I weren’t a perfect match; I was devastated by the stark fact that I needed a mentor and I had almost found one but lost her.

Suddenly, I felt like J.D., the main character in “Scrubs,” chasing Dr. Cox and trying to rip insight and wisdom from someone I respect. The realization that a recognized thought-leader and experienced entrepreneur severed ties with me felt crushing. But, I picked myself back up and thought about five ways to acquire a mentor without having the awkwardness of outright asking.


1. Remember, a professional mentorship must be mutual.

A professional mentor must agree to engage in a mutual relationship because, as the comedy T.V. series showed us, one simply cannot force someone to tutor us. We have to prove that we are worth the time investment through persistence and dedication to the craft.

2. You have to have common interests with your mentor.

Even if a professional mentor appears at your job or school, realize that unless you and this person have common interests, you won’t find the relationship successful. I’ve been in situations where someone I respected had vastly different ideas about what was important in life or what one should spend his or her free time doing. If these things don’t line up, you may find the relationship won’t be as fruitful, even when the mentor knows a great deal about one industry.


3. Thought-leaders will respect your passion.

One of the ways you can prove yourself worthy to a professional mentor is through your passion and your dedication. No one wants to spend time grooming and teaching another who will not take advice or put the effort in to improve. When following thought-leaders on Twitter and trying to engage with higher-ups in a work setting, realize that your actions most often speak louder than your words.

4. Before worrying if he respects you, ask if you respect him.

On the other side of the coin, you should seriously reflect on those common interests and make sure you respect your professional mentor. Just because someone holds a title, degree or office does not mean that person is trustworthy or honest. Don’t be swayed by appearances and take the time to find a suitable professional mentor.


5. Failure is often the best way to learn

I honestly have made more mistakes than I can count. I know I’ve learned a great deal from poorly organized businesses and my own poor choices. The most important quality I’ve developed is an ability to swallow my pride and learn from my mistakes. If life knocks me down nine times, I get back up 10 times. One of the songs Megadeth wrote, “Of Mice and Men,” resonates in my mind when I pull myself up by my bootstraps and try again for a goal I’ve set: “So live your life and live it well. There’s not much left of me to tell. I just got back up each time I fell.” Hopefully, this brief post can act as a professional mentor to you in your quest to find not only a brave leader but also a trusted adviser.

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