7 Essentially Incredible Tips To Make Your Flowers Look Fresh.

7 Essentially Incredible Tips To Make Your Flowers Look Fresh.

Having flowers in the house comes with unique feelings. I never understood the fascination attached to having flowers in the house until i placed one in mine for the first time. Flowers simply put you in a better mood, give more life to your room, change the mood of the home and give your guests a pleasurable experience. I feel it is the colors, or the essences that they give off, but there is something very special about flowers that is beyond human imagination.

However, the bad thing about flowers is that their lifespan at times can be so short and before you realize they begin to wither completely. But, there are a few tips to prevent that from happening and this will make your flowers look fresh and last longer.


1. The Best Time To Buy Flowers

The best time to buy flowers is in the morning, before the sun rises or at dusk without the sun heating them directly. Do not buy any flowers which have been kept under the sun for several days and after buying the flowers ensure that you get them home as quick as possible. It is advisable that when you get home with the flowers to leave them for a couple of hours with the stems completely immersed in water to recover from the transfer until the time comes to put them in a proper vase.

2. Use A Clean Vase.

The flower vase must be kept clean from dirt, and in order to promote an eco-friendly environment wine bottles could be used to serve as flower vases instead of throwing them away. All you need is a bottle cutter to cut the bottle properly for a perfect look. It is also recommended, that whenever you buy a vase you should look for a large vase so that all the stems fit well and reach the water level evenly.


3. Add Sugar

Flowers also need to be pampered. To pamper your flowers all you need to do is to add one tablespoon of white sugar and pour it into the water to give it some extra “food”. This will make the flowers look fresh and last longer.

4. Treat Them Like Indoor Plants

Always treat flowers at home as if they were an indoor plant. Prevent direct sunlight from coming through the windows onto the flowers, do not expose them to drafts, neither to very high temperatures. Place them away from the heater and keep them away from dry environments,


5. The Night Treatment

Flowers will last longer if you take them out at night on the balcony or infront of an open window. This is because flowers need a very cold environment or you can put them at night in a cooler room with an open window.

6. Flowers Wilt Prematurely

One could wonder why flowers wilt so easily, this is a result of bacteria and their reproduction. The following tips can be used to combat wilting and give your flowers a beautiful look. Whenever you discover a withered flower and you want to revive it, follow the procedure below:


  • Cut the stem slightly.
  • Fill a vase with lukewarm water.
  • Put the flower in it and place it in a dark place.
  • When the water has turned cold, you can remove the flower and replace the warm water with cold water.

7. Use Flower Preservatives.

To achieve a desired result for your flowers to look beautiful ensure you use natural preservatives properly with the required quantities; this could even double the life span of the flowers. This preservative eliminates bacteria, for this reason you don’t have to change the water in the vase every day as you could just maintain a constant level of adding fresh water from time to time.

Finally, if you do not use preservatives, change the water in the vase daily, trim the stems at least three times in a week, and remove all leaves that will be submerged in the water this will prevent the conducting vessels to be infected by bacteria. If you consider this advice i have provided and neatly follow the same, I bet you your flowers will always look fresh and beautiful.

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A logo is a statement of a business or a company and a sign of individuality, which distinguishes one brand from another. Even a child would recognize the M of the McDonalds, even from far away. The people use the logo to associate with the brand or the company. Creating and setting up a business is easy, but making it a brand is difficult. To make your business a brand, the most important thing is to create an eye-catching logo design.


One must think that how difficult would it be to create a catchy logo? It is a major task.

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Gauge the Market

Study your business or company and see the competitor company’s logo designs. Know the business in and out and write down all the important points and use them to create a related logo design.


Conduct research about the client and customers and the target market. What is the business about? If the products cater to children then create a colorful and lively logo, while if it is for corporate parties, then create a formal and attractive logo.


Link It

Whatever logo you design, keep in mind that it should relate to the company and the nature of business. The logo is used to recognize the brand, so it should have connections with the company’s history and future.

Use Resources

There are some applications available for you to download and create a perfect logo. You can use the variety of samples and tweak it a bit to your liking by changing the colors or font.


Font and Colors

Always make sure to use bold and striking colors. Study the color therapy and what affect each color has on the onlookers. Choose bright colors for an attractive and appealing logo design. Use creative fonts so that it instantly hooks up the customers.


Learn Photoshop, Adobe, and Illustrator for that eye-catching logo design. Create a customized logo design with abstracts and images, or choose a picture. You can also make use of solid shapes or go with a flow and retro design. A tagline or your company name or your name initials can also be a logo design. Just incorporate it in a unique way, so it stands out from the others.

The logo is a signature of your brand; it is one of the company’s most valuable assets. A well-designed logo is the one that exposes your business and communicates your message to the public.  Designing an eye-catching logo is not that simple as it sounds; it demands a lot of creative imagination and out of box thinking.  Whatever logo you design, ask your friends and family to view and ask them their suggestions and change and set it accordingly, as they represent the public. A well-designed logo should represent the true and perfect image of a company to the people. Make sure your logo design represents your brand and has striking effects.

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