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Do Pheromones Really Play a Positive Role in Attraction?

You must have heard about the metaphorical saying ‘love is in the air’. It would indeed be interesting to speculate whether love (or let’s say physical attraction) is really in the air in the form of pheromones.

Pheromones are in fact natural chemical substances released by animals or humans, which work as aphrodisiacs influencing the physiology and behavior of others (usually the opposite sex).

Pheromones are generally predominant in animals or insects; although research has proved that human pheromones exist, it is said that they are not powerful enough to carry out their job of attraction, owing to everyday smog.

But there exists an intrinsic relationship between pheromones and attraction, which makes these chemical substances an ideal solution for many people struggling to attract the opposite gender. Although normally overlooked, it is a grave problem affecting sentimental and social life.

Although normally overlooked, it is a grave problem affecting sentimental and social life.

So, how will pheromones help you?

Pheromones are mainly used to make human interactions smoother, and, to be more specific, they help in arousal of sexual desire. In other words, using pheromone products will make members of the opposite sex become keenly aware of your presence as you walk past them.

According to many scientists, the vomeronasal organ (VNO) present in the noses of animals, allows detection of pheromones. Remarkably, a study conducted in 2011 on humans showed that the brains of participants exposed to the pheromone androstadienone reacted positively, irrespective of whether these participants possessed or lacked VNOs.

As research is continually being carried out to understand whether or not sexual attraction is triggered by pheromones, the following benefits are more or less established.

  • Pheromones boost the number of eye contact with the opposite gender
  • They enhance the number of times you interact with the opposite sex
  • Pheromones are instrumental in developing a speedy chemistry between men and women
  • These chemical substances power up the personal life of couples

So, if you are a man who has been suffering from many awkward moments when you tried hard to get attention from women but with zero results, be rest assured that application of pheromones is bound to alter that situation.

Interestingly, you will not only be at the receiving end of more eye contacts, but you will also find that these eye contacts are soon changing to real conversations and interactions. The same is true for women too.

Studies have shown that human pheromones have the remarkable capability of making the people interacting with you relaxed, and this, in turn, boosts the chances of dating the man or woman of your choice.

On a different note, if you wear pheromones during work, your colleagues will feel more relaxed while interacting with you.

Finally, pheromones can work wonders for partners by triggering sexual attraction and boosting the urge for physical relationships.

Are pheromones the only weapon of attraction?

Although pheromones and attraction are integrally related, pheromones are not everything. There are a lot of things that are crucial in triggering attraction, such as physical appearance, wealth, social status and personality, amongst others.

Pheromones for men are specially considered as effective at attracting opposite sex.

The world does go a lot by appearance and if you maintain an eye-catching getup, you are bound to attract those gazes you always longed for. You do not need to be a supermodel, a Mr. Universe or a diva, but following general rules of clean dressing, keeping body odor at bay, maintaining a sense of style, and so on, can save your day.

Also, your personality traits decide whether you can be the ideal mate, not to mention of social status and wealth, which are important show stealers.

On the whole, it is true that pheromone users do make a mark when it comes to attraction. In addition to pheromones, if certain other traits are maintained at the ‘optimal’ level, they can also be vital instruments of attraction.

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