Tips To Make Your Banana Bread Tastier Within Minutes

Tips To Make Your Banana Bread Tastier Within Minutes

Banana bread is something most people enjoy eating. It can be baked using so many different recipes (i.e. adding chocolate, caramel, fruits, etc.).

Not everyone knows how to make delicious tasting bread. It takes experience and skill to make it taste just right. Here’s what I’ve learned: The secret to making great tasting bread is having a classic recipe where you can add a few additional ingredients in to give it a twist.

Today, we’ll be exploring some additional items you can add to make your bread tastier. Let get started.


Add Nutella

I’m sure you’ve eaten Nutella before and the taste is awesome…right? The next time you are baking banana bread, spread some Nutella on the entire loaf before serving. Make sure the bread has just come out of the oven when adding Nutella so the chocolate melts perfectly.

Here’s something else you can try: Add Nutella; then put the loaf in the oven for 10 minutes; this will allow for the flavors to mix even more.

Mix In Chocolate Chips

Everyone loves chocolate chips because most of us have been brought up eating them throughout our lives. When creating your next batch try adding mini chocolate chips with the ingredients before placing it in the oven. It’s different than the typical recipe; because you’re adding chocolate chips, it should be devoured in minutes. Remember, most people loves chocolate chips so your scoring brownie points by adding them into your banana bread recipe.


Add Other Fruits

This takes no more than a few additional minutes because all your doing is adding other fruits like pineapple and/or strawberries into the recipe. Cut these fruits while putting the regular ingredients into a bowl for preparation. After, simply mix them all together and bake until the bread is done. For the perfect taste, make sure you use fresh fruit, not artificial flavors.

Whip Cream

You don’t have to add whip cream when baking banana bread, but it’s a great addition to have on the side.

Take it even one step further and provide more add-ons like strawberries, chocolate, caramel, etc. These are all great flavors with banana bread, and you’re providing people with several options.


There is absolutely little preparation time for this because add-ons can be purchased at the grocery store while you’re shopping for other ingredients.

However, if you’re experienced then you can create fresh add-ons from scratch by melting chocolate and/or caramel.

Use Coconut Oil

Most banana bread recipes prefer you use oil instead of butter to grease your pan even though oil has more fat per ounce. The problem with oil is it can make the banana bread heavier and wet. This ruins the presentation of the bread when on the table, pushing people away from trying it. We recommend you use coconut oil when preparing banana bread because of its characteristics. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and is slow melting providing the richness often seen with butter. It keeps the weight steady and removes the wet, soggy look from the banana bread.


Coconut oil also has a great, tropical smell, adding to the presentation, and increasing people’s appetites. The cool thing about making this change is it takes seconds because you are simply switching the oil you use…that’s all.

Final Thoughts

Banana bread has long been a custom in many homes. Searching online has been a huge help because everything is now in digital formats, which you can downloaded within seconds. If you google “banana bread recipes” you’ll find over 100 results on the first page. If you’re looking for the perfect banana bread recipe, start by searching online.

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Last Updated on December 2, 2018

How to Flow Your Way to a More Productive Life

How to Flow Your Way to a More Productive Life

Ebb and flow. Contraction and expansion. Highs and lows. It’s all about the cycles of life.

The entire course of our life follows this up and down pattern of more and then less. Our days flow this way, each following a pattern of more energy, then less energy, more creativity and periods of greater focus bookended by moments of low energy when we cringe at the thought of one more meeting, one more call, one more sentence.


The key is in understanding how to use the cycles of ebb and flow to our advantage. The ability to harness these fluctuations, understand how they affect our productivity and mood and then apply that knowledge as a tool to improve our lives is a valuable strategy that few individuals or corporations have mastered.

Here are a few simple steps to start using this strategy today:


Review Your Past Flow

Take just a few minutes to look back at how your days and weeks have been unfolding. What time of the day are you the most focused? Do you prefer to be more social at certain times of the day? Do you have difficulty concentrating after lunch or are you energized? Are there days when you can’t seem to sit still at your desk and others when you could work on the same project for hours?

Do you see a pattern starting to emerge? Eventually you will discover a sort of map or schedule that charts your individual productivity levels during a given day or week.  That’s the first step. You’ll use this information to plan your days going forward.


Schedule According to Your Flow Pattern

Look at the types of things you do each day…each week. What can you move around so that it’s a better fit for you? Can you suggest to your team that you schedule meetings for late morning if you can’t stand to be social first thing? Can you schedule detailed project work or highly creative tasks, like writing or designing when you are best able to focus? How about making sales calls or client meetings on days when you are the most social and leaving billing or reports until another time when you are able to close your door and do repetitive tasks.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and some things are out of our control. Do what you can. You might be surprised at just how flexible clients and managers can be when they understand that improving your productivity will result in better outcomes for them.


Account for Big Picture Fluctuations

Look at the bigger picture. Consider what happens during different months or times during the year. Think about what is going on in the other parts of your life. When is the best time for you to take on a new project, role or responsibility? Take into account other commitments that zap your energy. Do you have a sick parent, a spouse who travels all the time or young children who demand all of your available time and energy?

We all know people who ignore all of this advice and yet seem to prosper and achieve wonderful success anyway, but they are usually the exception, not the rule. For most of us, this habitual tendency to force our bodies and our brains into patterns of working that undermine our productivity result in achieving less than desired results and adding more stress to our already overburdened lives.

Why not follow the ebb and flow of your life instead of fighting against it?

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