Anticipated TV Trends in 2017 at the CES

Anticipated TV Trends in 2017 at the CES

The year 2016 was marked by a buying frenzy of high definition (HD) TVs on Black Friday and during the Christmas holiday shopping season. HD televisions saw substantial markdowns in prices and increased consumer adoption of these cutting-edge devices.

In the New Year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be hosted between Jan. 5 to Jan. 8, where new technologies are unveiled year after year, along with insight regarding how they will impact different industries.

The show will celebrate its 50th anniversary, featuring 600 startups, which is up from 500 the previous year. According to Consumer Reports (CR), five TV trends will be making a buzz at this year’s CES show.

As the analysis from CR confirms, here are the following trends identified:


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Dolby Vision grows in popularity
  • LCD TVs migrate towards OLED
  • Chinese TV brands on the rise
  • LG to expand presence in OLED

When it comes to HDR TVs, this means they include built-in technology that enhances the image to be crisper and brighter. In addition, they improve the contrast between the darker and brighter parts of any scene in a movie or show.

The other word to gain plenty of traction is Dolby Vision. This capability is only offered for two major TV brands: LG and Vizio. In other words, the name Dolby Vision is just HDR. Furthermore, streaming services like Amazon and Netflix offer some Dolby Vision content already.

Another interesting move from LCD TVs is the migration to organic light-emitting diode (OLED). We can expect more companies to continue to implement OLED TV technology to improve performance and the watching experience.

Naturally, China is a manufacturing hub and has two well-known brands competing with the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sony. They are Hisense and TCL and are going to grow their market share in the United States.


As if OLED hasn’t made huge strides, LG is looking to branch out to the OLED market and go behind the scenes at CES. However, no official confirmation has come out, but it would certainly generate plenty of excitement.

Top 4K TV Brands and Must-Know Tips on How to Buy

Last year’s deals on Black Friday and during the Christmas season saw significant drops in prices in these ultra-high definition screens. Major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and Target attracted plenty of hungry consumers wanting to purchase 60-inch 4K TVs from distinguished brands like Samsung and Vizio.

If you haven’t purchased or are undecided about a 4K TV, you can still check online or contact a retail store to see what is available in inventory. Chances are you can still acquire a new year’s gift.

Shopping around for one of these high definition (HD) TVs can be intimidating because of all of the jargon and the many stickers on each box that explain the different specs. But top 4K TV brands to consider are, of course, Samsung, Vizio, LG, and Sony.


In a nutshell, hone in on finding these brands that come with Dolby Vision and OLED. There is absolutely no need to rush the purchase; be sure to have the store representative explain in detail all of the features.

You are not alone to feel overwhelmed about buying a TV. You can arm yourself with knowledge by reading these must-know buying tips from Christmas that will still be useful when purchasing one of the many TVs. They are as follows:

  • Verify that it’s HD
  • Look for HDR 10 or Dolby difference
  • 4K content increasingly available
  • Contemplate a smart TV

With the above criteria, you can now make an informed decision on buying the best HDTV suited for your entertainment needs.

Takeaways and Conclusions

The CES is geared up for quite a presentation and the different startups are going to dazzle fans. Not only will there be great developments concerning the TV watching experience, but it will also feature newer technologies that continue impacting the lives of tech-driven consumers.


These 4K TVs are going to continue to drop in price. Integrations will increasingly become prevalent and online platforms from mobile to social will make their way onto these high-tech devices.

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