7 Reasons You Should Start Using Resistance Bands In Every Workout

7 Reasons You Should Start Using Resistance Bands In Every Workout

Over the years, more people have been starting to workout because the emphasis on health has become increasingly important. Nowadays, you have more products, supplements, and cardio workouts in the markets than ever before. Some of the most popular are include high-intensity interval training, and the 21-day fix, which is focused on nutrition. If you visit a sports store, you’ll notice an increased selection in equipment like weights, bags, benches, and resistance bands. They are more affordable now (as compared to several years back) because the cost of manufacturing has gone down considerably.

In the last seven years, I’ve tried almost every type of work program possible, and I recently started to incorporate resistance training instead of weights. This has reduced injuries, which are associated with heavy weight training, and has improved muscle tone.

For those of you looking to get started working out, or want to try something different, here are some benefits of using resistance bands in your training.


1. They’re Cost Effective

Compared to traditional weights and workout equipment, resistance bands are very affordable, costing no more than $40.00 for a pair. If you have purchased heavy weights and benches, then you know you’d be spending $200 or more on quality equipment. With resistance bands, you can find them at a local sports store for around $40.00, or, if you buy a used pair, you can find them for a cheaper price. You can do a quick search on Kijiji or eBay, where you’ll find used resistance bands for $15.00.

If you are buying a used pair, it’s important to make sure they are adjustable, which you’ll learn the importance of next.

2. They’re Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels

The newer model resistance bands are adjustable, so they can be used by people with different fitness needs and abilities. For example, when you purchase actual weights, you may have to buy a huge selection so you’re ready when you decide to move up in weight levels. This can cost a lot of money, and after you move up, you’ll have no need for lower weights. On the other hand, with adjustable resistance bands, you can purchase one pair that can still be used when you decide to move up in strength level.


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    3. They Give You a Full Body Workout

    With resistance bands, you can do a complete body workout with a single pair, and there are plenty of workouts that show you how to use bands for every muscle group in your body.


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      4. They Take Up Very Little Space

      I’m sure you’ve visited a gym before, and the first thing you notice is how much space is required for all the equipment, which takes up a lot of room. But with resistance bands, you won’t run into that problem because you can easily store them in your closet. When you purchase bulky weight equipment, you’ll need a dedicated space to fit everything, and they often require space to move around and perform each exercise. However, with resistance bands, you can work out in your living room, basement, bedroom, and even backyard. After your workout is done, you can wrap the resistance bands and stow them away.


      5. You Can Take Them On the Road

      When traveling, you might be concerned that you won’t have time to work out, or that it would be expensive to go to a local gym. With resistance bands, you can place them in your baggage and pull them out to work out in your hotel room, or, should it have one, in the hotel’s gym. You won’t miss a workout, and this keeps you feeling great every day.

      6. You Can Use Them Alone

      When lifting heavy weights, it’s recommended you have someone to “spot” you just in case you get stuck on your last repetition. With no one watching you, it’s possible you can seriously injure yourself by dropping a heavy weight on your chest, head, or arms. With resistance bands, you won’t face this problem because they are very easy and safe to use even when you’re alone.

      7. You Can Combine Them with Other Equipment

      If working out is your passion and you like to mix things up, then resistance bands can be combined to give you diversity. For example, resistance bands can be combined with benches, pull-down machines, dumbbells, and ab machines. This gives you a chance to keep your exercises different each month. But, if you want to switch back to just resistance bands, then this can be done easily, too.

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      Last Updated on December 13, 2018

      12 Practical Tips To Stay Fit For Christmas

      12 Practical Tips To Stay Fit For Christmas

      Christmas is approaching fast, and lots of people not only tend to ruin their usual diets, but they also gain a few extra pounds. Based on studies, the majority of people tend to gain additional weight during the holiday season that starts at the Thanksgiving Day and ends with the New Year celebrations. Excessive eating is claimed to be the main cause for the additional weight gain, but it is also due to lack of physical activity and exercise.

      A lot of individuals out there tend to set aside their fitness routines during the holidays since they believe that they do not have enough time to perform their workouts. And because they feel guilty after the holiday season, most of the gyms and fitness centers are packed with fresh members. Always bear in mind that you can still enjoy the holidays and stay fit at the same time. If you want to stay fit during the holiday season, especially during Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, here are some useful tips that might help you:

      1. Eat Before Heading Out

      First, it is best that you eat something before heading out to visits, trips or family dinners. By doing so, you will no longer be tempted to eat a lot or overindulge yourself since you have already eaten. Skipping on meals is not a good idea either, because you will only be forced to eat more later.


      2. Select The Treats

      Make sure to select the treats that you eat in a wise manner. You should choose something that you can only enjoy during the holiday season and not something that is readily available all the time.

      3. Avoid Skipping Meals

      Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Even though it can be tempting to skip on certain meals, believing that it will make up for the treats you consumed in the previous day, don’t do it because it will only lead to counterproductive results.

      4. Drink With Moderation

      It is best to regulate your drinking since alcohol, coke or other juices will only add more calories to the ones you already eaten!


      5. Be Active

      You should still perform your fitness routine whenever possible and if you can’t do that, simply walk more, park your car some distance away from the store or just use the stairs!

      6. Get Out Of The House

      Make the holidays a family affair and plan outdoor activities where everyone is involved. Even a snowball fight in the backyard will burn a lot of calories and will keep the children entertained.

      7. Don’t Skip Your Strength Workouts

      Always remember to perform your strength training in order to maintain that muscle mass you worked hard to get. You might be tempted to use lightweights and just do some cardio, but you can burn just as many calories by lifting weights. And with all of those extra stakes you had on the holiday meals, you might even gain some extra muscle. And this is much better than gaining some extra fat.


      8. Set Realistic Goals

      You should set realistic exercise objectives. Aim for at least half an hour per day and you will be very happy when you will achieve that. If you plan one hour or more and not achieve it, you will only end up disappointed.

      9. Enjoy Yourself

      Also make sure to set realistic diet plans! Trying to restrain yourself totally from some foods will only make you eat more. Feel free to enjoy the treats that you really love, but in small portions.

      10. Drink A Lot Of Water

      This can satiate your appetite as well as keep you hydrated at all times. And it will also prevent a possible hangover if you overdo it with alcohol.


      11. Eat Less And More Often

      Distribute your meals evenly throughout the day, and do not eat everything at once.  Instead of having 2 enormous meals, have 5 small ones.  Eat your dinner earlier and have a nice walk before going to bed.

      12. Prioritize Your Workouts

      Try to do them early in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping. This way you will also avoid remarks like “Oh, come on! It’s Christmas…”

      So there you go! Twelve simple tips that will help you avoid gaining weight during the winter holidays, but will also allow you to enjoy yourself and have a great time with your loved ones.

      Happy Holidays everyone!

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