6 Unique Gift Ideas for the Person with Everything

6 Unique Gift Ideas for the Person with Everything

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or another special occasion, we all have that one person on our list who is just about impossible to shop for. The purpose of this article is to help readers find unique gifts for all kinds of people.

1. Deep Sea Sand Art

When stress and anxiety seem to rule your life, there’s something very calming about viewing art and getting lost in the intricacies of a specific work. But do you know what’s even more appealing? Getting lost in the intricacies of a piece of work that’s ever-changing right before your eyes. Every Deep Sea Sand Art sculpture designed by Klaus Bosch can be rotated and shifted to create unique visuals with the sparkling sand; put it on a desk, place it by your bed…it can go anywhere!


2. Name a Star

Have you ever looked up at the dark night sky and stared in amazement at the thousands of glowing stars in your peripheral vision? Stars are amazing sights but they become even more special when there’s some sort of connection. With StarNamer, you can name a star after a loved one (yes, an actual star that’s visible either to the naked eye or with a small telescope). Thousands of people have already named stars, and there are numerous packages for purchase, including framed certificates, DVDs, and even star location charts.

3. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Does that special someone on your list always complain about waking up in the morning? Maybe they sleep through their alarm, or have to place it on the other side of the room so they’ll physically get up to turn it off? Whatever the case may be, they could benefit from the Philips Wake-Up Light with “colored sunrise simulation.” As the wake-up time nears, the alarm clock begins to slowly fill the room with light and plays a calming wake-up sound.


4. Shower Speaker

Does your friend like to listen to music when they take a shower? If so, they’re probably tired of trying to play music through their phone without getting it wet or hauling the stereo into the bathroom and positioning the speakers just right. The answer is the Shower Speaker that lets them do everything from listening to music to answering calls; it pairs with Bluetooth devices, is water-resistant, and provides excellent sound quality.

5. 642 Things to Write About

If you have a writer in your life, they may frequently complain about not having enough ideas. Well, just give them the 642 Things to Write About book. As the name suggests, this book has 642 different writing prompts design to get the creative juices flowing. These prompts range from lyric writing and fiction, to personal reflection and character development. It’s sure to be a hit!


6. Snake Bit

How annoying is it to confront a DIY project, only to find that the screw you’re trying to unscrew or put back in place is in a tight spot that you can’t reach with your drill? Well, chances are that person on your gift list has had the same issue before, and that’s why they need the Snake Bit. As the name implies, this 12-inch pliable extender attaches to your drill and lets you work in tight areas; it can bend up to 90 degrees and works with any standard drill and bit.

Never Run Out of Ideas

While you may think that person on your list already has everything in the world, this list of ideas just goes to show that there’s always something you can find. It’s time to get creative and discover something that they never even knew they needed, but will absolutely love.


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12 Best Foods That Improve Memory and Brain Health

12 Best Foods That Improve Memory and Brain Health

Nutrition plays a vital role in brain function and staying sharp into the golden years. Personally, my husband is going through medical school, which is like a daily mental marathon. Like any good wife, I am always looking for things that will boost his memory fortitude so he does his best in school.

But you don’t have to be a med student to appreciate better brainiac brilliance. If you combine certain foods with good hydration, proper sleep and exercise, you may just rival Einstein and have a great memory in no time.

I’m going to reveal the list of foods coming out of the kitchen that can improve your memory and make you smarter.

Here are 12 best brain foods that improve memory and brain power:

1. Nuts

The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study linking higher intakes of vitamin E with the prevention on cognitive decline.[1]

Nuts like walnuts and almonds (along with other great foods like avocados) are a great source of vitamin E.

Cashews and sunflower seeds also contain an amino acid that reduces stress by boosting serotonin levels.

Walnuts even resemble the brain, just in case you forget the correlation, and are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which also improve your mental magnitude.


2. Blueberries

Shown in studies at Tuffs University to benefit both short-term memory and coordination, blueberries pack quite a punch in a tiny blue package.[2]

When compared to other fruits and veggies, blueberries were found to have the highest amount of antioxidants (especially flavonoids), but strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are also full of brain benefits.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed full of the antioxidant lycopene, which has shown to help protect against free-radical damage most notably seen in dementia patients.

4. Broccoli

While all green veggies are important and rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, broccoli is a superfood even among these healthy choices.

Since your brain uses so much fuel (it’s only 3% of your body weight but uses up to 17% of your energy), it is more vulnerable to free-radical damage and antioxidants help eliminate this threat.

Broccoli is packed full of antioxidants, is well-known as a powerful cancer fighter and is also full of vitamin K, which is known to enhance cognitive function.

5. Foods Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

Your brain is the fattest organ (not counting the skin) in the human body, and is composed of 60% fat. That means that your brain needs essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA to repair and build up synapses associated with memory.

The body does not naturally produce essential fatty acids so we must get them in our diet.


Eggs, flax, and oily fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring are great natural sources of these powerful fatty acids. Eggs also contain choline, which is a necessary building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, to help you recall information and concentrate.

6. Soy

Soy, along with many other whole foods mentioned here, are full of proteins that trigger neurotransmitters associated with memory.

Soy protein isolate is a concentrated form of the protein that can be found in powder, liquid, or supplement form.

Soy is valuable for improving memory and mental flexibility, so pour soy milk over your cereal and enjoy the benefits.

7. Dark Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, the darker the better. Try to aim for at least 70% cocoa. This yummy desert is rich in flavanol antioxidants which increase blood flow to the brain and shield brain cells from aging.

Take a look at this article if you want to know more benefits of dark chocolate: 15 Surprising and Science-Backed Health Effects of Dark Chocolate

8. Foods Rich in Vitamins: B vitamins, Folic Acid, Iron

Some great foods to obtain brain-boosting B vitamins, folic acid and iron are kale, chard, spinach and other dark leafy greens.

B6, B12 and folic acid can reduce levels of homocysteine in the blood. Homocysteine increases are found in patients with cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s, and high risk of stroke.


Studies showed when a group of elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment were given high doses of B6, B12, and folic acid, there was significant reduction in brain shrinkage compared to a similar placebo group.[3]

Other sources of B vitamins are liver, eggs, soybeans, lentils and green beans. Iron also helps accelerate brain function by carrying oxygen. If your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, it can slow down and people can experience difficulty concentrating, diminished intellect, and a shorter attention span.

To get more iron in your diet, eat lean meats, beans, and iron-fortified cereals. Vitamin C helps in iron absorption, so don’t forget the fruits!

9. Foods Rich in Zinc

Zinc has constantly demonstrated its importance as a powerful nutrient in memory building and thinking. This mineral regulates communications between neurons and the hippocampus.

Zinc is deposited within nerve cells, with the highest concentrations found in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for higher learning function and memory.

Some great sources of zinc are pumpkin seeds, liver, nuts, and peas.

10. Gingko Biloba

This herb has been utilized for centuries in eastern culture and is best known for its memory boosting brawn.

It can increase blood flow in the brain by dilating vessels, increasing oxygen supply and removing free radicals.


However, don’t expect results overnight: this may take a few weeks to build up in your system before you see improvements.

11. Green and Black Tea

Studies have shown that both green and black tea prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine—a key chemical involved in memory and lacking in Alzheimer’s patients.

Both teas appear to have the same affect on Alzheimer’s disease as many drugs utilized to combat the illness, but green tea wins out as its affects last a full week versus black tea which only lasts the day.

Find out more about green tea here: 11 Health Benefits of Green Tea (+ How to Drink It for Maximum Benefits)

12. Sage and Rosemary

Both of these powerful herbs have been shown to increase memory and mental clarity, and alleviate mental fatigue in studies.

Try to enjoy these savory herbs in your favorite dishes.

When it comes to mental magnitude, eating smart can really make you smarter. Try to implement more of these readily available nutrients and see just how brainy you can be!

More About Boosting Brain Power

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