6 Unique Gift Ideas for the Person with Everything

6 Unique Gift Ideas for the Person with Everything

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or another special occasion, we all have that one person on our list who is just about impossible to shop for. The purpose of this article is to help readers find unique gifts for all kinds of people.

1. Deep Sea Sand Art

When stress and anxiety seem to rule your life, there’s something very calming about viewing art and getting lost in the intricacies of a specific work. But do you know what’s even more appealing? Getting lost in the intricacies of a piece of work that’s ever-changing right before your eyes. Every Deep Sea Sand Art sculpture designed by Klaus Bosch can be rotated and shifted to create unique visuals with the sparkling sand; put it on a desk, place it by your bed…it can go anywhere!


2. Name a Star

Have you ever looked up at the dark night sky and stared in amazement at the thousands of glowing stars in your peripheral vision? Stars are amazing sights but they become even more special when there’s some sort of connection. With StarNamer, you can name a star after a loved one (yes, an actual star that’s visible either to the naked eye or with a small telescope). Thousands of people have already named stars, and there are numerous packages for purchase, including framed certificates, DVDs, and even star location charts.

3. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Does that special someone on your list always complain about waking up in the morning? Maybe they sleep through their alarm, or have to place it on the other side of the room so they’ll physically get up to turn it off? Whatever the case may be, they could benefit from the Philips Wake-Up Light with “colored sunrise simulation.” As the wake-up time nears, the alarm clock begins to slowly fill the room with light and plays a calming wake-up sound.


4. Shower Speaker

Does your friend like to listen to music when they take a shower? If so, they’re probably tired of trying to play music through their phone without getting it wet or hauling the stereo into the bathroom and positioning the speakers just right. The answer is the Shower Speaker that lets them do everything from listening to music to answering calls; it pairs with Bluetooth devices, is water-resistant, and provides excellent sound quality.

5. 642 Things to Write About

If you have a writer in your life, they may frequently complain about not having enough ideas. Well, just give them the 642 Things to Write About book. As the name suggests, this book has 642 different writing prompts design to get the creative juices flowing. These prompts range from lyric writing and fiction, to personal reflection and character development. It’s sure to be a hit!


6. Snake Bit

How annoying is it to confront a DIY project, only to find that the screw you’re trying to unscrew or put back in place is in a tight spot that you can’t reach with your drill? Well, chances are that person on your gift list has had the same issue before, and that’s why they need the Snake Bit. As the name implies, this 12-inch pliable extender attaches to your drill and lets you work in tight areas; it can bend up to 90 degrees and works with any standard drill and bit.

Never Run Out of Ideas

While you may think that person on your list already has everything in the world, this list of ideas just goes to show that there’s always something you can find. It’s time to get creative and discover something that they never even knew they needed, but will absolutely love.


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Last Updated on August 21, 2018

30 Brilliant Camping Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier

30 Brilliant Camping Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier

Ah, camping. The great outdoors, the campfires, the food you’d never eat in civilised society: it’s a wonderful experience.

That said, things can get a little bit tricky when we are left to the mercy of Mother Nature. Here are 30 fantastic camping hacks you can use to make your camping experience as wonderful as possible!

 1. Use sage to repel mosquitoes.


    Place some sage in your campfire and the smell is sure to ward off any pesky mosquitos.

    2. Liquid soap + cotton balls = no ticks.


      If you or one of your fellow campers is having trouble with a tick, place the soap-soaked cotton on the tick for 20 seconds. The tick will eventually stop chewing and will come away with the cotton ball. If the tick was attached for a lengthy amount of time you may want to consider keeping it in a container so that you can test it for Lyme disease later.

      3. Use an acorn cap as a whistle if you get lost.


        It’s remarkably easy to get lost whilst camping. Here’s a full tutorial on how you can transform an acorn into a whistle!

        4. Corn chips for kindling!


          Doritos are a great way to start a fire, just be careful!


          5. Use the rest of the chips for nachos.


            Nachos are easy to pack, light and simple to make. Plus they’re incredibly tasty.

            6. Use compact, microfibre towels!


              These towels are incredibly easy to store and dry within an hour of use. Buy them here.

              7. Wrap duct-tape around your water bottle for emergencies.


                You never know when you might need some.

                8. Make lamps out of jars and solar disks.


                  Get all the info you need here.

                  9. Sangria!


                    We know what’s really important. How to here!

                    10. One water bottle will hold eight eggs.


                      By keeping all your eggs in a bottle you save time and hassle. Plus, no need to carry extra bowls or a whisk!


                      11. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil is a surprisingly good mosquito repellent.


                        Keep the bugs and the bug repellent smell at bay.

                        12. DIY shower.


                          All you need is a watering can and a large jug. Here’s the full instructions.

                          13. Keep sandpaper handy to light matches.


                            Glueing some sandpaper to the lid of a tupperware box where you can also store matches is a foolproof plan.

                            14. Make s’moreos easily.


                              15. MarshJell-o shots.


                                Learn how to make these delicious things here!

                                16. Or dip those marshmallows in Bailey’s. 

                                  Toast the marshmallow first and then dip it in Bailey’s.

                                  17. Turn a bottle into a spoon.


                                    It’s that easy!


                                    18. Grits repel ants.


                                      Just sprinkle grits wherever you see ants.

                                      19. Deodorant can be used to combat itchiness.


                                        20. Wrap your meat in cabbage to stop it from burning.


                                          That’s not an innuendo, it really will! The moistness in the cabbage creates the perfect barrier.

                                          21. Foam noodles will stop any injuries.


                                            For any fellow clumsy people, you know how possible it is to smack your head and cause serious injury. Placing a foam noodle on the awning strut narrows down at least one accident waiting to happen.

                                            22. Carry some essentials in a small tin with you at all times.


                                              You never know what you’ll need and when.

                                              23. Take toothpaste dots instead of a whole tube.


                                                Let the drops dry out over 3 days, add a little baking soda and put them in a resealable bag.

                                                24. Use a stick to secure your tent.


                                                  By placing a stick in the main centre line you ensure the pressure is even throughout, which will stop the grommets being pulled out.


                                                  25. Vacuum seal your food before you leave.


                                                    26. Popcorn on the campfire.

                                                    Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.42.59.png

                                                      Popcorn that you can place on the stove at home can also be popped over a campfire. You can also make your own using this tutorial.

                                                      27. You can even make bacon and eggs over it.

                                                      Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.43.14.png

                                                        That’s right! Full instructions here.

                                                        28. Keep your toiletries handy.


                                                          Buy this magnificent contraption here.

                                                          29. Compact, unbreakable cups!


                                                            Get them while you can!

                                                            30. Tic-Tac boxes are great for storing ingredients.


                                                              With these 30 camping tips and tricks, you can work DIY magic into nearly every aspect of camping, and make your next camping trip a comfortable, easy blast. Good luck!

                                                              Featured photo credit: Unsplash via

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