9 Holiday Tips Which Can Make Your Holiday Season Great

9 Holiday Tips Which Can Make Your Holiday Season Great

Holiday season has just started and for the next few weeks or so, the world will be traveling, partying, enjoying and having a lot of fun together. Maybe you are already eating tapas in Barcelona or admiring the Eiffel Tower in Paris, no matter; there are always chances to save on holidays.

If you want to make your holiday season a memorable one, here are some really great tips for you:

1. Get good undergarments

Believe it or not, you will need them because holidays require a lot of walking and sightseeing. Finding good quality, anti-bacterial undergarments are going to help in activities that require physical effort.

Make sure they are re-usable and appropriate for the weather condition.


2. Take medicine with you

You should pack a small first aid kit containing pain medications, cough syrups and other general medicines. You may need them and might not be able to find them outside your country.

It is always better to carry a small bag with all required medicines on hand (and remember to get the appropriate immunizations from your doctor prior to traveling).

3. Search for coupons

Coupons for international trips are a great way to save money. Lots of online sites offer discounts on air, hotel and other holiday attractions for your desired destination.

Apart from the coupons, you can also use your credit card miles and points to make purchases on your international destinations.


4. Buy a cheap calling card and keep it handy

Keeping a cheap calling card can save your life as you may be stuck in places where you may badly need them. Buy a cheap card and keep it on hand when traveling. You never know when you might need it.

5.Load your tablet with videos and songs

One thing which will definitely save you from boredom while on a long trip is to having your favourite videos and songs on your tablet or smartphone.

Make sure you upload them prior to your trip.

6.Arrange cheap catering

It is tough to do your own cooking while on holiday, especially if you are with a group. To make it more interesting, arrange catering deals. You can also enjoy local cuisines at relatively cheaper prices. If you are with your company, corporate catering deals are inexpensive as they offer group discounts. So, if you can use your office contacts, you can easily find a corporate catering supplier who can provide you good deals with free delivery.


7.Go for luxury

It is always great to enjoy the luxury and comfort on the trips. Though it may be a bit more expensive, depending on what it is, can be worth it.

Decide what item on your holiday list is worth paying more for. If you love food, maybe shill some extra cash for a fancy meal. You can also look into luxurious-looking places, like some B&Bs, in popular destination sites that are a fraction of the cost. B&Bs are a great alternative to enjoying luxury at an affordable cost.

 8. Keep earplugs with you

If you are planning to see the busy downtowns in big cities, you are sure to be greeted by the noise and hustle and bustle of the town.

You can find too many tourists at crowded places, so it is advisable to keep your earplugs on you to make sure you can avoid the noise, should it become too noisy.


9. Make photocopies of your passport and other important documents

Don’t forget to take photocopies of your passport and any other important document you’re planning to take with you. Make sure you keep them on hand, as you do not want to risk losing them.

Traveling can be a lot of fun. With these simple and easy-to-follow tips, you should have a trouble-free holiday!

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Last Updated on June 20, 2019

Science Says Guitar Players’ Brains Are Different From Others’

Science Says Guitar Players’ Brains Are Different From Others’

There’s nothing quite like picking up a guitar and strumming out some chords. Listening to someone playing the guitar can be mesmerising, it can evoke emotion and a good guitar riff can bring out the best of a song. Many guitar players find a soothing, meditative quality to playing, along with the essence of creating music or busting out an acoustic version of their favourite song. But how does playing the guitar affect the brain?

More and more scientific studies have been looking into how people who play the guitar have different brain functions compared to those who don’t. What they found was quite astonishing and backed up what many guitarists may instinctively know deep down.


Guitar Players’ Brains Can Synchronise

You didn’t read that wrong! Yes, a 2012 study[1] was conducted in Berlin that looked at the brains of guitar players. The researchers took 12 pairs of players and got them to play the same piece of music while having their brains scanned.

During the experiment, they found something extraordinary happening to each pair of participants – their brains were synchronising with each other. So what does this mean? Well, the neural networks found in the areas of the brain associated with social cognition and music production were most activated when the participants were playing their instruments. In other words, their ability to connect with each other while playing music was exceptionally strong.


Guitar Players Have a Higher Intuition

Intuition is described as “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning” and this is exactly what’s happening when two people are playing the guitar together.

The ability to synchronise their brains with each other, stems from this developed intuitive talent indicating that guitar players have a definite spiritual dexterity to them. Not only do their brains synchronise with another player, but they can also even anticipate what is to come before and after a set of chords without consciously knowing. This explains witnessing a certain ‘chemistry’ between players in a band and why many bands include brothers who may have an even stronger connection.


This phenomenon is actually thought to be down to the way guitarists learn how to play – while many musicians learn through reading sheet music, guitar players learn more from listening to others play and feeling their way through the chords. This also shows guitarists have exceptional improvisational skills[2] and quick thinking.

Guitar Players Use More of Their Creative, Unconscious Brain

The same study carried out a different experiment, this time while solo guitarists were shredding. They found that experienced guitar players were found to deactivate the conscious part of their brain extremely easily meaning they were able to activate the unconscious, creative and less practical way of thinking more efficiently.


This particular area of the brain – the right temporoparietal junction – typically deactivates with ‘long term goal orientation’ in order to stop distractions to get goals accomplished. This was in contrast to the non-guitarists who were unable to shut off the conscious part of their brain which meant they were consciously thinking more about what they were playing.

This isn’t to say that this unconscious way of playing can’t be learnt. Since the brain’s plasticity allows new connections to be made depending on repeated practice, the guitar player’s brain can be developed over time but it’s something about playing the guitar in particular that allows this magic to happen.


While we all know musicians have very quick and creative brains, it seems guitar players have that extra special something. Call it heightened intuition or even a spiritual element – either way, it’s proven that guitarists are an exceptional breed unto themselves!

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