Everything You Need To Know On Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Everything You Need To Know On Being A Successful Entrepreneur

The business world is a dynamic environment. Needs arise every day and with those needs comes an opportunity to meet them (and make a few bucks in the process). This desire to meet needs gives rise to a business idea. There are a lot of people out there with business ideas; all they need are the right tools and a strategy on how to go about the business. The combination of these two vital ingredients is what brings a business from paper to a full establishment. If you have a business idea in mind, but are confused about how to go about it (or where to even start from), pay attention; you’ll find these tips helpful.

1. Be passionate

This is very important in business development; a lot of businesses crash and burn due to lack of passion. In most cases, the passion only persists when the business is still new or when everything is going well and rosy.

6 months in, when the rigors of work and the realization of how much they have to do begins to dawn on them, the spark begins to fizzle out. It’s one case to have a passion for something, it’s entirely another case to maintain the passion for long.


Being passionate means unconditionally loving what you do; it means being willing to sacrifice everything for that business regardless of the outcome or whether the business succeeds or not. If the passion for your job isn’t genuine, it’ll eventually show. Trust me. Perseverance is very vital in growing your business.

2. Be ready to learn

Teachability also won’t hurt. Being willing to learn covers a lot of aspects: having a mentor, being open to new business possibilities (especially if you’re involved in a one-man business), learning from mistakes, etc.

Mentoring is something I believe will be very advantageous. Having a mentor will provide a good foundation on which you can launch your business from. You can learn where they failed and work on how to avoid the traps they didn’t.


3. Diversify

Like I said earlier, the business world is extremely dynamic. Trends may come, but they won’t last forever. Your business structure and operational model has to be framed in a way that it’s able to accommodate change so when a new trend arrives your business is able to adapt to it.

Monotony (which, in the long run, leads to predictability) is a really bad trait in a business and could cause your business to crumble very fast. Work on different ways to get the job done. It’s effective in that it gives you a world of options when considering a strategy to approach a problem.

4. Cultivate a good environment

“Environment” here is used not just to mean physical surroundings, but also your social atmosphere. The people you surround yourself with go a long way in determining how far you’ll eventually go.


Having people around with a similar passion can be very helpful. They could bring new ideas and save you a world of stress by providing useful connections. Hire creative employees (if you must have employees in the first place) and monitor their work periodically. Whenever you single out any weak links, snuff them out quickly before their bad traits rub off on anyone else.

5. Be proactive

One of the qualities of a good entrepreneur is the ability to make fast decisions and act on them even faster. Understand that your job is your life and as such, there’s simply no time to dally. You can’t slack or procrastinate. Whenever you have an idea, act fast! Your idea might have occurred to a competitor and he absolutely must not beat you to the punch. The competition is stern and it’s survival of the fittest.

6. Build a respectable reputation

Your reputation is very important to your customer base. People talk. If you’re consistent and offer top notch services to your current customers they’ll advertise you to others and, as a result, your customers will surely increase. It’s one of the biological properties of business. You need to build a reputation that stands on the firm support of your existing customers. That’s a major way you grow your business.


7. Set goals

Goals are also very important. They give your business a direction to follow. Without goals, you and your employees (if you have any) don’t look serious. Goals serve as a guideline for your business to follow and a yardstick to measure your business’ growth. Results serve as a means of comparing your business to others to see where you stand in relation to your competition and without pre-set goals your results and performances have little to no meaning.

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Published on December 18, 2018

How to Brand Yourself and Make Your Business Stand Out

How to Brand Yourself and Make Your Business Stand Out

You’ve been in business for years and have finally hit your plateau.

The tactics you’d implemented for your customers aren’t working as they’ve used to. You feel like your business has fallen out of the spotlight and now you’d have to settle for any business you get. It’s how businesses work, right?

The truth is that some brands will fade off the business world–while others will adapt well and continue to grow. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for where your business currently stands. After all, you’d kept applying tactics that provided predictable results.

Instead, decide to not settle for average results and spend more time building your brand. To make your business stand out from your competition, you need to be unforgettable. But how can you?

In this article, I’ll cover timeless tactics that have worked for other businesses. If you apply these tactics correctly your competition won’t be able to copy them. Here’s how to brand yourself and make your business stand out:

1. Win Your Audience’s Hearts with Authenticity

The truth has always shined.

Even without the technology we have today, people always had a way of finding out if someone was lying. And, with everyone engaging in social media today, it’s hard to hide from the truth. Yet, this seems to be what many businesses fail to do.

For example, companies like Listerine have been fined for lying.[1] A quick buck today won’t be worth it in the long run. Instead, practice being authentic to your customers and they’ll eventually rely on you.

Allow your customers to buy your products with a money-back guarantee – then deliver on your promise. Be consistent with the content you provide and stay true to your brand.


For example, if you provide coaching services for entrepreneurs, don’t sponsor irrelevant brands. If you stop caring about your brand’s mission, your audience will notice. They’ll question your integrity with your business and stop trusting your brand.

But if you gain your customer’s trust, you’ll start standing out from your competition. Your customers will feel safe purchasing from you since they’ll know you’re honest.

2. Share a Story No One Will Be Able to Copy

A few decades ago, a brand would’ve gotten away without being unique. That’s because back then starting a business was not accessible to most people. You’d either need enough money to launch your business or have the credentials. And even if you had all these qualifications, you needed to get past the gatekeepers.

Today, technology has disrupted many of the barriers that were present a few decades ago. For example, today a college student can launch a Podcast within a week. He can create a website in a few hours and record a few Podcast episodes. If he’s persistent, he can build a large following overtime and get paid by sponsors.

This is great news for aspiring entrepreneurs but there’s more competition than ever. You can only do so much before other businesses begin to copy you. But what no business can copy is your story.

That’s why you need to share your story with your audience.

For example, if you have a money blog, share how you’ve overcome your financial struggles. If you run a freelance writing business, share how you’ve overcome writer’s block. The more your audience can relate to you the better.

Without a story, your business won’t stand out. And if you copy what’s working for other businesses, you’ll experience short-term success.

Take some time to share your story with the world, your audience will love you more for it.


3. Stop Reinventing Every Single Thing

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.” – Anthony J.D’angelo

You may have heard that being original is the way to stand out. While this is true to an extent, you also shouldn’t be original when something is already working.

For example, if your competition has a successful Podcast in your field, then so can you. Don’t search for better alternatives to a Podcast if it’s already working.


Because this is a waste of time. Instead, copy what’s already working and make it your own.[2] If your competition has a Podcast, figure out which areas you can improve and tailor it around your brand.

Knowing this you can now spy on your competition and determine which areas you can improve. But, know that it also works the other way around. Others will view your business and copy what’s working for you.

That’s why it’s important to stay true to your brand and be authentic with your audience. When you do, your competition won’t be able to copy your unique traits. Have an abundant mindset and feel confident for what your business has to offer.

4. Shine Because of Your Uniqueness

Stop trying to help the entire world and focus on helping a specific group of people instead.

I get it, you’re willing to help almost everyone because you want to bring in more business. But the truth is that if you resonate with everyone, you resonate with no one.


Take, for example, a marketing agency that helps businesses promote their product. This business doesn’t speak to anyone but gets occasional sales throughout the year.

But what if there was a similar marketing agency dedicated to helping real estate agents? If there was a real estate agent looking for help in marketing–who do you think they’ll choose? That’s why niching down is necessary if you hope to stand out from your competition.

Determine which customers you enjoy working with the most and determine which customers bring in the most revenue. Once you’ve gathered enough data, focus on servicing your ideal customer.

Don’t expect immediate results since this won’t be an easy transition. If you’re currently helping a narrow audience, slowly transition into a niche audience. Niching down is crucial to building raving fans.

5. Be the Brand Everyone Can Depend On

Being the brand your customers can depend on is important. How many times have you bought a product that’s failed on its promise? Or have settled for an average service?

Exceeding your customer’s expectations is a sure way to make your brand stand out. In the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, studies on human psychology prove that when you give to others, they’ll reciprocate. Offer your customers free consulting, a free ebook, or free quality content. Eventually, they’ll be happy to reciprocate after receiving value from you.

View what your competition is doing and surpass their offers. For example, if your competition offers a free 15-minute consulting call, offer 30 minutes. When you focus on helping others more, your customers will notice.

Make it your mission to serve your customers first and then worry about making a profit. Other ways for your business to be reliable is by inspiring your customers. That’s right, a business isn’t only about selling, it’s also helping customers achieve their goals.

For example, you can write content that will inspire your audience to take action. You can interview guests that will push your audience to break bad habits. Get creative and look for more ways in which your audience can depend on you with.


The Bottom Line

Imagine serving fewer customers and getting paid more than ever.

Despite the fierce competition, you’ve got fans wanting to buy your products and services. Although this may seem impossible right now, it’s not. If other brands have been able to stand out in a crowded industries, why can’t yours?

The truth is that standing out from your competition isn’t easy. There’s no secret formula that’s available to the rest of the world. The trick is to do what most brands are unwilling to do.

Many businesses don’t want to niche down because this will mean a loss in sales. But that’s sacrificing short-term gains for long-term success. Niching down is necessary to build a brand your customers will love.

Many businesses will spend a lot of money looking for ways to innovate, but won’t apply what’s working. But, not you.

You’ve got what it takes to stand out from your competition. Start slowly and master each principle covered here. Now go and make your business stand out like never before.

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