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Thinking Introverts Are Weird? Check These 16 Comics Before You Make The Judgement

It’s very unfortunate that us introverts are often misunderstood and misjudged. People tend to think and believe that we are weird and don’t like to leave our homes, talk to people, or have friends. We enjoy living a private existence and tend to keep our thoughts to ourselves. In a somewhat reinforcement-happy society, people like us can leave everyone else feeling very confused.

It’s important for introverts to understand that even though this is a common misconception, there is nothing wrong with them and they don’t need to change or “fix” their behaviors. You are actually very normal! Illustrator Marzi Wilson does a great job of showing us that it really is ok to be introverted through her work. Below are three pictures from her book “Introvert Doodles”.

It’s not that I don’t like you, I really like you. It’s just important for me to have alone time so I can recharge.

Try getting to know me before judging me.

Just because you don’t understand me, doesn’t mean that something is wrong with me. Try understanding before judging me.

At the party, you’ll always find me off by myself playing with the animals.

Me: This is a really sincere and cute boy. I should definitely let him take me out.
Inner me: Blow him off and go home and think about him instead.

I scare people because I am whole all by myself.

I am so overwhelmed with anxiety. Give me my bed…and my cat.

My innermost thoughts make my heart so full.

It is passion, or it is nothing.

I want nothing more than to go home, curl up on my couch with my favorite book, and drink a cup of sleepy time tea.

Large groups of people for an extended period of time makes my skin crawl.

Don’t talk to me, just bring me food and leave me be.

Can we just skip to the part where you massage my scalp in silence?

You don’t need to understand me, and I don’t need to explain myself to you.

Don’t forget that the quiet ones will surprise you!

Sometimes I really do wonder why I even bother leaving my house.

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