5 Tips for Entering The Animation Industry

5 Tips for Entering The Animation Industry

Do you get goosebumps every time you see your favorite animation movies like Ratatouille and Tangled? Are you a geek in using animation software like Blender and Cinema 4D and aspire to be the next-gen Walt Disney? You need to be a creative, diligent, and enthusiastic soul to secure a job in the animation industry. Read through the article below to analyze how you could make it into the animation industry like a champion.

An online portfolio

An impressive online portfolio would let you secure dream projects in the animation industry. Nowadays, many clients are turning to infographics, and video is making a bid to lure the buyers into its fold. To start with, you need to prepare a good LinkedIn profile with samples of your work. Make sure to network as much as possible through LinkedIn to leverage your chances of being viewed by a potential client. You may even try creating a Deviant Art account and a Pinterest account to get in touch with other people who also share the same passion. Sharing your sample work on FB, Instagram and Twitter is also a good idea.



It might be difficult to secure a full-time job when you are straight from an art and design college. You may take up apprenticeships to hone your skills before you can secure a permanent position in the firm. Internships would also help you to boost soft-skills like the ability to work in a team. Internships will also help you to get in touch with some treasured contacts within the industry.

Once you have completed the internship, you can launch a full-time job with the same firm in that creative role you have always longed for. According to Spiel, an apprenticeship job is the main way to get a good animation job if you are straight from the college.


Explore freelancing job opportunities

Send your resume to multiple animation job applications to increase your chances. Don’t get disheartened if you are not able to secure an animation job straightaway. In the meanwhile, you can apply for online jobs in some of the leading freelancing platforms where you can build up a good portfolio and earn some money. Freelancing jobs are gaining popularity these days, as most of the clients are flexible regarding working hours.

You can even consider creating a blog or website to attract customers. Since your role is related to animation, try adding some animation bits in your resume. A plain, traditional resume might not appeal well to the employer, even if you are creative and skilled.


Get a mentor

If you don’t have a formal education, consider acquiring a tutor. A good tutor will help you to specialize in a particular branch and to enhance your animation skills. Candidates who don’t have a degree in animation can consider taking courses in Udemy, Coursera, or similar online learning platforms to stay updated.

Be prepared to network

Interested candidates can attend animation conferences to meet like-minded souls and even secure an animation job. LinkedIn can also be used to network effectively.


Accept unfairness and criticism

According to some experts at Spiel, it is very advisable to learn how to manage criticism and the weight of reality. To get paid for a job well done, people expect that you will have some working experience, and even if your portfolio is excellent, they might expect you to accept an internship first before you can get a permanent job in the firm.

To put it bluntly, it will be more comfortable for you to work for free for a while than to go from one place to another to find someone who will appreciate your skills quickly. Working internships proves that you are a good, reliable, and experienced person that is ready to work in the real world.

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