The Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Men

The Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Men

If you are having a last minute panic to find a holiday gifts for a man in your life, here are five of the top holiday gifts for those who are otherwise impossible to buy for!

1. For the practical man

Down to earth, practical and always with a hammer in his hand. What do you buy the man who either is a tradesman who works hard all day or a keen home-improver who spends his weekends making his home look better?

You could buy tools, but you run the risk of getting something he already has or, worst still, getting the wrong sort of right angled imperial impact wrench. The perfect practical holiday gift for your practical man is hard-wearing clothing.

Dickies has been the name for hard-wearing clothing on construction sites since 1922 when they started manufacturing bib overalls. After a time creating uniforms for the US army during World War Two, they became the work apparel worn by workers in oil fields worldwide. They are now the number one work-wear manufacturer and are recognised and respected for their hard-wearing outfits.

Why not outfit your man in a pair of Dickies Jeans or select something from their gift selection which draws inspiration from extreme sports, NASCAR and Baseball?


2. For the gadget lover

If your man must have the latest tech, then you can do no wrong by buying a new mobile phone. It is a gift which you know he will be using all year round and will be central to his digital life.

Of course the question is ‘which one?’ – there are a bewildering range of mobile phones on the market. To keep the decision simple, why not go with a five star choice with the Samsung Galaxy S7?

The Galaxy S7 is water and dust resistant (great if he has soaked phones in the past, either with action sports or just clumsy washing up!) It has a 5.1in Super AMOLED display, Quad HD resolution and an Octa-core Samsung Exynos 8890 processor (2 x quad-core CPUs running at 2.3GHz and 1.6GHz). Basically, it looks great with a super clear HD screen and a digital mind which will fly, meaning no delay in processing even the most complex apps. Add to this a 12 megapixel camera for perfect selfies and you have the perfect phone package.

You’ll earn extra geek points as the phone can be used with the Samsung Gear VR, allowing for perfect virtual reality – you may never get him back in the real world.

Learn more about the S7, and if a perfect phone is not enough, there are a whole load of techy gifts available from chargers to VR headsets.


3. For the devoted gamer

If you have a man who is a child at heart (aren’t they all?) and always glued to the game console, you may want to look for a gaming gift which will keep him busy well into the new year.

Now if you want to give a gift which will bring back a teary-eyed childhood nostalgia, you can do no better than a true retro classic, a Nintendo NES Classic. Forget about having to have a pocket full of quarters for the arcade, go back to some of the true gaming classics with 30 classic NES games preloaded, including Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.

Simply plug the miniature version of the 1985 classic gaming console into your TV, grab the famous NES controller and say goodbye to the remainder of the holiday season as you will be glued to the strangely addictive classic games!

What this system lacks in HD quality graphics and symphonic sounds it makes up for with some of the most famous original games. It even comes with an optional CRT filter mode so you can make your top of the range HD TV look like a tube telly from the 80’s.

This is a flashback of retro proportions which will have your gamer hooked!


4. For the man who loses everything

You know the sort: it is time to leave for work but he just cannot find his keys, and you start the daily panic to find something which (mysteriously) is not where he thinks it should be!  You need a Bluetooth tracking tag.

The tag attaches to things he is likely to lose, whether that is a bunch of keys, his wallet or luggage. When he cannot find them, he can use his phone or tablet to use the free app which will locate the missing item easily and without stress.

If you are thinking that he is likely to lose his phone, you can use the tag in reverse also, and you can use the alert button on the tag to locate your phone.

The rechargeable tag will last up to two weeks with its internal battery before it needs to be plugged into a USB charger. It will warn you both on the app and by emitting a beep when it needs to be charged. It is the perfect gift to save you the stress of ‘where are my keys?’ again and again. Think of it as a gift for you as well as him!

5. The BBQ master

If you man is the first one to fire up the BBQ (despite never cooking when inside!) and is the master of the grill, there are a great selection of gifts which will make your BBQ master happy.


If every steak you get is a charred briquette rather than the medium-rare you requested, it is time to get a meat thermometer, and the top of the range model is the Steak Station Digital Meat Thermometer – supplied with four probes, it will show you on a simple LCD screen how well your steaks are cooked, removing the guesswork and ensuring a perfect steak every time.

If he doesn’t get past lighting the BBQ without cursing, you need the Looftlighter Charcoal Electric Lighter. This amazing device will allow you to ignite the BBQ in seconds with no chemicals or fuss. It uses a patented hot air stream to light the BBQ without flames and makes the whole process painless and so simple even he can do it!

Good luck with your gift buying and have a very Happy Holiday!

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