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3 Ways To Get Your Man More Committed To You

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Getting the guy you are interested in to want to commit to you is not so easy these days. In the beginning, a man can fall in love with a woman but how far can this love go? Love is often easy in the beginning and falling in love is rarely the hard part, it’s the staying in love that proves to be. A little blunder can sabotage the love, but a little meaningful correction can keep the love burning. Truthfully speaking, every woman wants to have a man that loves her forever, but some women do take the wrong step in the early stages of relationships, which in the long run, leaves them heartbroken and emotionally depressed. Getting and keeping your man committed to you can be easily achieved, but you need to adhere to some basic things.

For any man to get down on one knee, propose, say “I do” at the ceremony, and kiss your lips before the congregation, the proper steps must be done and that means what? Win his heart. And just how do you win his heart? Well, if you are among the women looking for a way to capture and win your man’s heart and get your man so committed to you that he asks for your hand in marriage, then this article is for you.

1. Be your real and authentic self

The biggest blunder women make is adding on airs and pretending to be someone they are not. You watch those feminine celebrities on television, the way they dress and angle their hips while walking, what they say and do, and the men who are lusting after them. You might think doing the same thing will cause your man to love you? No, he will only lust after you and not love you. Being a carbon copy of a “cool girl” does both you and him a disservice in the end.

Have you ever thought if how the reaction of the man would be when he comes to determine that all along the line you might have been putting on and not really being true to yourself? The man won’t forgive you and even if he does, that relationship will go down the drain because it’s built on a lie. A man would appreciate a woman that comes as she is. Be real and you would definitely win your man’s heart.

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2. Set boundaries and have standards

Having limitations and boundaries for what you allow in a relationship is good, especially as a woman. Some women feel that a person would love them more if they cater to the every need that their man has. The fact that you want him to love you does not mean that you have to place yourself in a position that symbolizes that he is your all. Don’t be too emotionally dependent on the man either. Instead, opt to be happy even without the man in your life.

Set a standard for yourself that you uphold when it comes to intimacy. Men don’t typically think about the long-term with women who are ready to jump in bed with them on the first date. Make him work for it and exude the high self-worth that you have by showing him how much you value you. In the event that he treats you in a way that is not appealing to you, let him know that.

If a man knows that he is always getting away with anything he wants, you start to lose value because if you can’t see or uphold your worth, he can’t either. Love can’t flourish in a place where respect isn’t mutual. So, for your man to meet you at the altar in the end, learn to set high standards for yourself.

3. Don’t force him

Forcing or pushing a man to love you is completely wrong. In the event that a man doesn’t love you, there is nothing you can possibly do, no matter how much force you apply to the matter. It will eventually only get worse when you try pushing a man to propose and get married to you. If your man truly loves you, he may surely put a ring on your finger, so you don’t have to remind him or force him to do so. When a man knows, he knows. Have faith in his feelings for you and have confidence in what you bring to the table.

Forcing him to do something he has not explicitly said he wants to do shows that you are desperate, and trust me, men don’t truly love desperate women. Give your man some space, withdraw yourself a little, and bring the focus back to you and your life. If a man sees you loving yourself and avoiding desperate behaviors that women often fall victim to, he can come wholeheartedly to you. A guy is more likely to marry a woman who he is more comfortable with than a woman who is always forcing herself on him.[1]

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