6 Programs for Recording Skype Video Calls

6 Programs for Recording Skype Video Calls

Whether it’s being used for a personal chat or for business, Skype has changed the way that we communicate online. However, the biggest issue with the software is finding a way to document all of our calls.

While it’s easy for us to log our phone calls or take notes during meetings, Skype doesn’t directly offer this feature.

Fortunately, there are several programs that extend Skype by adding the ability to record both your audio and video conversations. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the 6 best Skype recorders to archive video interviews on Skype.


TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype


    One of the first programs to be released that supports Video recording on Skype is TalkHelper. This program, in particular, is popular thanks to its automatic recording feature. Every time you start an audio or video call, the program will begin recording in the background. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to hit the button, and once the recordings are saved you’ll be able to add memos and notes to each recording.

    Amolto Call Recorder

    This is the top-rated call recorder for Skype, with a few key features that set it ahead of the competition. It’s generally quite easy to set up. One installed, all you need to do is click the “allow access” button and the program becomes fully integrated into Skype.


    Video recording is very high quality, with full HD video entirely possible. The requirements are very basic, with HD recording possible on only a 1.2 Ghz computer with 100MB of free hard disk space.

    Pamela for Skype

    This software is designed to be an all in one solution for Windows users to log their Skype data. It supports audio recording, video recording, and even logging of your text chats. It supports all modern versions of windows, although XP users will want to look elsewhere.

    The premium version is a little pricey, but this is still a popular option for some people.


    Dvdvideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder

    For those looking to save money, this is a fantastic option. It does require some manual control, as you have to be able to stop and start the recording as you need.

    But in exchange, you’re able to run the program completely free of charge. It’s a portable program, with no additional libraries needed. You’re able to pop it on a flash drive and take it from one computer to the other, so you’ll always have it on hand.

    Evaer Skype Video Recorder

    This program is popular thanks to its excellent design. The interface is very easy to use, and most clients find that the recording quality is above average. This is the most modern program on the list, and features the required notifications that the call is being recorded, as is required in some states.


    It’s easy to use and produces clear, loud recordings, although some individuals are unimpressed with the advertising included in the free version. For the most part, this is entirely subjective.

    Callnote for Skype

    Callnote is one of the easiest to use programs, taking advantage of two free services provide functionality. Calls are automatically recorded as soon as the program is installed, and it has the ability to let you add notes to each recording for safe keeping.

    You can set it to notify either one or both of the participants about the recording, so you can be sure that all involved parties are notified if that’s why you want to do. If you prefer discretion, however, that is totally possible.

    Regardless of which option you choose, there are plenty of great call recorders for skype available. Make sure you take the time to find the one that’s right for you!

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    Last Updated on February 15, 2019

    7 Clever Goal Tracker Apps to Make the Most of Your Business in 2019

    7 Clever Goal Tracker Apps to Make the Most of Your Business in 2019

    There’s nothing more fulfilling than the sense of accomplishment you get by achieving your business goals.

    Gone are the days when you used pen and paper to take notes and manage your work day. As millennials are relying heavily on technology to manage almost everything from finances to their personal fitness, goal tracking apps are also becoming increasingly popular.[1]

    In this piece, we will shed some light on 7 such goal tracking apps that you can use to streamline your operations.

    I have handpicked these apps from a software rating web services site Best Online Reviews. Industry experts review software on these websites and help businesses to find the right solutions to meet their various, unique business requirements.

    1. Aha!

      Aha! is a California-based roadmap software provider and offers excellent goal tracking app that lets you define goals and objectives for projects. The app also lets you list out primary tasks and allows you to focus on them.

      Hosted securely on the cloud, the app offers enhanced communication tools for sharing updates through emails with select colleagues or the entire organization.

      Aha! is available on multiple platforms such as the web, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. and starts from $59 per month per user.

      Available for Web


      2. Asana

        Asana is one of the more popular project management apps available for businesses. It lets you organize all your team’s work, such as setting up and tracking goals, creating tasks, sharing files and notes, etc.

        Asana also allows your team to organize all their tasks and focus on urgent priorities. Moreover, the app offers a delightful user experience that makes task management simple and easy.

        Asana is available on multiple platforms from PCs and Mac to iOS and Android. Multi-channel adaptability makes Asana the perfect choice to track your goals anytime, from anywhere.

        Available for iOS | Android | Web

        3. Basecamp

          Basecamp is an excellent tool to manage all your team’s projects and keep your activities organized. It opens a new thread for every task and that task is visible by the whole team.

          With Basecamp, you can schedule tasks, add to-dos, discuss tasks by adding comments, add files and attachments, and much more.

          The app is available on both mobile and desktop platforms and costs $99 per month. It is available on the web, Android, and iOS platforms and offers excellent multi-channel access.


          Available for iOS | Android | Web

          4. Forecast

            An efficient tool for successful task management, Forecast is also a popular goal tracking app. Apart from effective milestone tracking, the app also offers convenient status reporting.

            Forecast uses project history to let you know the status of your current work. Moreover, it uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide high-quality assistance. It is a robust app for small teams to track goals and time.

            Forecast is available for free and comes with Android and iOS app support. The premium version of the app starts from $19 per month per user.

            Available for Web

            5. Wrike

              Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration and project management app that successfully manages projects from start to finish. It lets you create tasks, track work progress and retrieve reports with ease.

              The app also gives real-time work updates and helps team members to understand their work priorities. A custom report builder helps you to generate in-depth reporting.


              Wrike’s premium version is available from $9.80 per month per user and is available on multiple platforms.

              Available for iOS | Android | Web


       is a unique platform that delivers enhanced customer relationship management (CRM), task management, time tracking, and billing functionality in a single app.

                According to Capterra, it’s an ideal app for freelancers and consultants, who are looking for tools to improve efficiency and transparency.

                Although the app is free to use with basic features, the premium plan starts from $5 per month per user. The app also comes with calendar sync and task reminder functionality to keep you on track, always.

                Available for Web

                7. Flock

                  Looking for a tool to simplify task management? Try out Flock.


                  Flock comes with enhanced goal tracking and additional features like instant messaging.

                  Moreover, Flock offers tons of integrations with tools such as Google, MailChimp, Jira, Dropbox, etc. It is a powerful tool that’s packed with robust features such as reminders, notes, polls and to-dos.

                  Even though you can use the tool for free, the paid version of Flock is available from $4.50 per month per user.

                  Available for iOS | Android | Web


                  Businesses need high-quality project management tools to streamline collaboration and operations. Enhanced goal tracking apps make it easy for your team to improve productivity by keeping its tasks organized.

                  But it’s essential that you choose an app that meets your unique business requirements. You can choose from the above-mentioned apps to streamline operations and improve the productivity of your team.

                  Featured photo credit: Alvaro Reyes via


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