4 Tips On How To Deal With Stress From Election Results

4 Tips On How To Deal With Stress From Election Results

The US has just finished electing its new President.

There are reported incidents of protests, added stress, and increase tensions due to election results. Since elections, both at a local county level or at national level happen, almost round the year, therefore, they can create stress in our life.

Whatever the results, election results are always the cause of stress.

For many of us, a sudden change in the world due to election results is often hard to digest and understand. We feel that the world may not be like the one we wanted and stress becomes a direct result.


Here are some ways you can cope with stress that comes from election results:

1. Learn to breathe

Probably the most effective method to deal with stress is to do guided breathing exercises.

If you use Apple Watch, it has a small app that can remind you to take some deep breaths during the day. This guided breathing slows down your mind and allows you to take a necessary pause to shift your focus. A simple focus on your breath while thinking good positive thoughts can help you to shift your focus away from the mind chatter created by election results

You can also simply focus on your breath and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth to take some deep breaths to soothe your nerves and begin to accept the election results.


2. Distract Yourself

If you are living in a country like India and you are reading the opinion poll online, your life may not be that impacted by the polls because online opinion polls are not as sensational in nature. But if you are living in a country like the US where election results are closely followed, you are surely going to acquire a lot of stress.

When the last US election results came out, the internet was abuzz with talks on the impact of results on our mental health. To effectively deal with this, learn to distract your mind. Whenever you are gripped with the election fever, take time out and go on a mini-vacation.

Some other ways you can distract yourself include:

  1. Going to church, or any place of worship, where elections are not discussed.
  2. Going for a vacation in a country that is on a different continent and is less concerned about the results of elections in your country.
  3. Finishing some of the long overdue chores at your home, such as cleaning your chimney or going out to repair your car.
  4. Having long sessions of sleep instead of watching TV.

Also, avoid talking politics with your friends or neighbors. Differences in views only prove to increase the post-election stress you feel.


3. Learn to be good loser

One of the negative impacts of social media on the current US election results is that many people have openly shown their resentment. In such a scenario, people who were friends but voted to different candidates were at odds with each other. If you face any such scenario, whether you win or lose, try to be a gracious winner or good loser.

Learn to accept defeat and live with a larger reality. Focus on the positive sides of the results and accept what you cannot change.

4. Learn to let go and meditate

Probably the most effective tip to deal with the election results is to let go and meditate. Meditation has been scientifically proven to benefit the mind, body, and spirit. It quiets the mind and allows you to concentrate on being mindful. Letting go aids in whatever positive effects meditating creates.

If you are too stressed due to election results, do some periodic meditation sessions.


Above are some simple and effective tips on how to deal with the election results and deal with the new and changing reality. In every type of stress condition, these simple tips can help you easily cope with the stress and live a stress-free life with your family and kids.

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        lack of intimacy

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          mother baking

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              sleeping your life away

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                  free expression

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                    gun to mother earth

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                      Featured photo credit: Michael Summers via

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