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5 Youtube Apps And Software You Can Use To Enhance Your Viewing Experience

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Owned and operated by Google itself, YouTube is a video-sharing website where users can upload, view, comment, and rate videos.

Though YouTube is quite a user-friendly website with a great native app to allow users to use YouTube on mobile devices, there are still some restrictions for using YouTube. Because of this, users may require further facilitation beyond the basic viewing and rating of videos. That’s where the use of other apps come in.

Here are some apps, software, and websites that you can use to improve your YouTube viewing experience:


If you are an iPhone or iPad user, MyTube is a free app that can allow you to listen and download videos you watch on YouTube.

The app also allows you to listen the audio in the background. One of the most beneficial aspects of the app is that it can allow you to share videos on various social media sites with airplay support for iPhone too.


Tubemate for Android is a free third-party resource that allows you to download YouTube videos and to even download the sound in mp3 format. YouTube has recently introduced the feature of offline viewing, but it still does not allow you to download the videos and play them on any other device or app, which is where Tubemate comes in.

This app is available on Android-only and it allows you to save YouTube videos on your phone’s SD Card, which also makes it easier to save storage on your device. If you’re looking for an all-in-one app that downloads YouTube video, TubeMate is one of the best free options available to you.


YTMP3 is a free YouTube converter where you can download any video as audio and also convert it to an mp3 format. Mp3 format has the advantage of being played on almost any device with most of the common playback apps available in the market.

This free online YouTube converter is a classic choice for all those music lovers out there who just want to listen to music compressed in smaller files that they can play anywhere and on any portable mp3 player or music-playing device of their choice.

Adblock for YouTube

If you simply do not want to view the YouTube ads that run before, during, and sometimes after most videos you click on, Adblock for YouTube could be your nice and clean option to help you block ads in videos.

Adblock is a famous extension for the Chrome browser that blocks other pop-up ads around the web too. The great thing about this extension is the fact that it does not track your viewing history and without compromising your security or personal information because it is not transmitted to any third party app.

This option is only available to use on PC-based Chrome browsers and would not work on your mobile browsers, but it is essential when trying to enjoy viewing video content without interruption.

Side player

If you like to watch videos while doing other work on your PC, this simple Chrome extension can allow you to do the same.

Side player actually creates a floating YouTube window within your web browser and you can resize or replace the video window anywhere within your browser. The good thing is you can easily watch videos while freeing up your screen to perform other tasks at the same time.

You can easily improve your overall YouTube viewing and listening experience by downloading and using free software. Just make sure you do not violate YouTube’s terms and conditions, as YouTube has placed some restrictions on the use of third party applications. Happy watching!

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