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Too Much Sugar and Refined Carbs Might Make You Hairy

Written by Lindsay Benster
Student pursuing a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of San Diego
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Relationship between hormones and sugar & refined carbs

Science has found that too much sugar and refined carbs can harm insulin (a hormone) resistance and cause excessive hair growth.

Too much sugar and refined carbs harm insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone the body produces as a result of the digestive process. It identifies and signals cells to absorb the sugar circulating in the bloodstream. Insulin resistance occurs when the cells are incapable of using insulin effectively. In other words, the cells experience difficulty absorbing sugars, causing sugars to accumulate in the blood.

Nutritional intake that is high in sugar and refined carbs often leads to more fat stores in the body, which can result in insulin resistance. Too much fat in the bloodstream creates byproducts that interfere with the insulin-signaling process; regardless of how much insulin the body produces, it will be unable to transport glucose into the cells causing the accumulation in the bloodstream.

Insulin resistance cause excessive hair growth

While increased insulin has a strong correlation with high blood sugar levels, it also can trigger growth factors. These growth factors signal the ovaries to continue to produce the male hormone testosterone, leading to excessive hair.

How can I prevent or treat insulin resistance?

The best defense to prevent insulin resistance is a healthy diet and avoiding mass intake of sugary foods such as white bread, cakes, and candy. It is because foods high in sugar and refined carbs have a high glycemic index, meaning your body can easily and quickly convert these foods into glucose. Vegetables, fruits, dairy, whole grains, nuts, beans, fish, and other lean meats should comprise the majority of your diet. These foods contain many essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber needed for proper functioning.

Instead of drinking a carbonated soda high in unnecessary and harmful sugars, try drinking carbonated water or kombucha. The next time you crave a bowl of mac n’ cheese try replacing it with whole wheat pasta and marinara. (Don’t worry. You can still add cheese, but make sure it hasn’t been too processed.)

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Featured photo credit: Science Daily via sciencedaily.com

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