Bride To Be? 9 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dress

Bride To Be? 9 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dress

Your big day is finally here and I can only imagine how enthusiastic you feel about starting all wedding arrangements, sharing your happiness with your dearest ones, getting ready to spend the rest of your life with your special someone, and – finding your dream dress.

The last one may be the most difficult one of your tasks while you’re a bride to be – even if you have a general idea of what you would like to look like, you might not like it when you try it, so you should be prepared for every outcome. However, if you follow the next nine steps, you will be able to choose the perfect dress to fit your body type and personal style.

Squad Assembly

This one is tricky – like most of the things when it comes to organizing a wedding that include friends and family. I’m sure that more than just a few people would be more than happy to be a member of your bridal squad and help you get a dress, but you shouldn’t invite all of them.

Considering the fact you’d have to invite a lot of different people, you can feel free to conclude they will share a lot of different opinions and that will only confuse you.


Your big day is primarily about you and being happy with your choice of a wedding dress is your thing, which is why you should bring no more than a couple of people who will help you make the right decision and respect your choices.

Thorough Research


    Before you start hitting stores, it’s quite important that you do your homework here. Wedding dresses are a wide branch of fashion and you should explore it thoroughly before you set off on your quest – it’s the only way to be familiar with all of your options.

    Every part of your dress – its neckline, the silhouette and the length of your train – all play an important role in how you’ll look. The whole point is in finding the right combination that will be the most flattering to your body type, which is something I believe is important to experiment with.


    Define Your Budget

    A list of different problems appears when you go wedding dress hunting without having a defined budget. The chances are you’ll find something that’s obscenely expensive and that – although there’s no defined limit – you won’t be able to afford. Besides, if you decide on a limit, you won’t waste a tremendous amount of time by trying on different models from a different price range.

    Don’t Try on Everything You See


      Speaking of which – I know I said before that you should experiment, but if you try ten different models day after day, you’ll end up confused and not remembering how you felt about putting each of them on. If that happens, you’ll have a desire to go back to some of them and this highly repetitive process will just make you extremely indecisive. Once you figure out which combination fits your body type, try to stick to those wedding dress models or gentle variations of them.

      Schedule Your Appointments

      This should be done at least one month before you officially set off on your wedding dress hunt , especially if it’s a busy season. You mustn’t let an oversight like this ruin your plans – if you don’t schedule your appointments in time, your selection of wedding dresses will be unfairly limited and you’ll probably end up wondering if you made the right choice.


      Put on the Right Undergarments


        This step is especially important if you have an emphasized bust line. Most wedding dress stores will offer you to use their undergarments, but bringing your own will make you feel more comfortable and you will have just the right bra size with you. Also, there will be no unpleasant surprises when you try the same dress on after a week or two.

        Mind Your Size

        Many brides to be enter the world of starvation a couple of months before the big day and they expect their body to transform into that figure they have always wanted. Well, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you didn’t do it by now, it will be very difficult to achieve something possibly unrealistic now, even with this motivation.

        Besides, the model you try before losing weight and with ten or twenty pounds less won’t look the same and you might not be completely satisfied with your choice by the time it gets too late to change your mind.


        Don’t Forget about Your Heel Height


          Similar to undergarments, most wedding dress stores will offer their own shoes with different heel heights, but it’s better to bring your own if you already know how high you want to go. This way, you won’t have to go schedule more appointments regarding the length of your dress. It’s a frugal choice if nothing else – these appointments can cost quite a bit.

          Wait for the Feeling

          You’ll know that you have found your dream dress, because you’ll feel the magic happening. If you feel excited putting it on, can’t stop smiling at your own reflection in the mirror and you feel like you’re going to cry because of how happy you are – you’ve got it. Be persistent, patiently wait for that feeling of pure joy and it’ll happen for you.

          It’s very important to start with this process in time and be highly organized. Getting a wedding dress isn’t the only thing a bride to be needs to do – you’ll have to deal with caterers, photographers, your family and many, many things more. So, have efficiency in mind and everything will turn out great.


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