Think Outside the Frames: Frameless Photo Display Ideas

Think Outside the Frames: Frameless Photo Display Ideas

Can you recall the last time you went to the mall for the sole purpose of buying a photo album or a picture frame?

Nowadays, picture frames belong to the “safe gifts to give someone” category. Cameras are everywhere – from smartphones to GoPros and DLSRs.

Our digital world has programmed us to appreciate photos through a screen and to think it is enough. Sure, digital photos are cheaper (sometimes to the point of being free) and more convenient. Now, only a small portion of us actually take the time to get them printed out.

Photos don’t always have to be constricted to just albums and picture frames or remain as virtual copies or as a memory. With a little creativity, you can give your snapshots the attention they deserve.

Here are a couple of frameless photo display ideas that will make you want to change your mind and print your favorite pictures out in a jiffy!


Top 4 Beautiful Frameless Photo Display Ideas

1) Stringing Memories Together

This display approach is perfect for spacious or empty walls.

All you need is some rope, yarn, twine, or hemp – basically any kind of string. First, pick out the photos you want to showcase. Then, gather some clothespins, binder clips, or paperclips to hold the photos you want to showcase in place.

You get to control how far apart or close together your photos will be positioned, and how many. Outline it geometrically or hang them in various horizontal or vertical rows.

Photo Display Ideas geometric

    Compared to standard picture frames on tables, hanging up photos will consume less space and require less maintenance, especially if you live in confined spaces, like apartments or condominiums. If you ever feel like you want a bare wall again, all you have to do is gather those photos up and roll up your string.


    2) Sticky Situations

    Rather than using regular tape, use washi tape as an alternative. Aside from having an array of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from, washi tape is easily removable and doesn’t leave marks behind on your walls.

    Get creative by making it look like your photo was darted to the wall. Use an actual dart to stick the image to the wall. These illusions are perfect for action or sports shots.

    Photo Display Ideas washi tape

      3) Collages and Dimensional Diagrams

      Although collages are common, you can spice it up a bit by incorporating your own style into it. Organize your images according to location, year, image background color, or event. You can print out your Instagram photos, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to form a big collage picture out of them.


      Photo Display Ideas 3d

        For those who want a more minimalist approach, black and white photos never go out of style. Use those instead.

        Wrap your photos around PVC pipes and use it as a memento vase. Went on a trip recently? Recall every side of your journey with a 3D photo shape.

        4) Personalized Paraphernalia

        Aside from plastering your face all over your Christmas cards, you can choose to display some of your best shots on other furnishings around your space, like lamps.

        Photo Display Ideas personalized

          From pillows to blankets, many stores offer personalized printing services for those who want a more personal touch to their homes. For example, choose to print your youngest child’s face on a pillow or scenic photos from your last trip on a coaster.


          With these creative and resourceful photo display ideas, you can say goodbye to table top frames and generic photo albums.

          Polaroid cameras are more accessible now and cheaper than ever. Its best feature is the immediate printing of photos. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of traveling just to print out snapshots, investing in a Polaroid is a good start.

          Technology is both a curse and a blessing. Don’t leave your photographs stuck in CD-ROMs, floppy disks, and flash drives. Photos are an art form too, and they will always hold sentimental value as collected memories.

          Instagram or Facebook-worthy photos can be wall-worthy, too. Get those beautiful moments in print to remind yourself of the positive things life has given – and still has to offer.

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