5 Unusual Gift-Giving Ideas That Can Help Others Improve Their Health & Well-Being

5 Unusual Gift-Giving Ideas That Can Help Others Improve Their Health & Well-Being

The holiday season is fast approaching. In less than a month, the whole world will be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.

When it comes to gifts, a lot of people offer “safe” gifts that are ordinary and routine, like jewelry, a sweater, a journal, or a snowglobe. If you’re trying to go against the traditional gifts people give, you can add a bit of twist and help your friends and family get fit and healthy in the process. Thus, consider offering gifts to your loved ones that can improve their health and overall well-being.

The last week of December is the week of giving and receiving gifts and if you want to be unique and different, here are some unusual and crazy gift-giving ideas for you to impress your family and friends with:

1. Personalize The Gifts

You might have read this one before, but personalizing your gifts is one of the most important and unique gift giving ideas of all time.


Make your gifts unique with custom stickers and labels. Packaging your gifts well and with these intentions provides a lot of impact to the gift recipient. Always make sure you customize your gift before handing it over to the person you plan to give it to.

2. Sleeping Pillows

Having a good night’s sleep largely depends on the quality of the pillow.

Although it has been a routine for many people to actually do meditation before sleep to unwind and relax themselves, guided meditation for sleep can only help if your pillow is of high quality and therefore supports a quality night’s sleep.

By giving this gift, you can help your loved ones improve their sleep and be healthier in mind, body, and spirit.


Make sure you gift them the best pillow for neck pain and headache in order to provide full health benefits to the gift recipient.

3. Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

If you are living in a country where bike riding is one of the most common transportation methods, then you should be well-aware of the importance of bike helmets.

In developing countries, the motorcycle is often the family vehicle with small families of four or less easily traveling on bikes.

Though it is convenient and cost-effective, most of the fatal accidents of bikes happen because of low quality helmets.


Full-Face motorcycle helmets can be great gift because it shows that you care about the recipient’s passion while ensuring their safety.

4. Book Exchange

Books are unique gifts that are probably the best gifts you can ever give to anyone.

There are a lot of books on how to improve our lives that are sold in the self-help genre. Aside from them, you can also find great books in the DIY category.

By giving books as gifts, you can actually help the gift receiver to improve their life by providing them with books where they can follow the tips and advice.


My all-time personal favorite is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It contains some timeless wisdom on how to achieve your dreams.

Find books that really resonate with others and gift them to your friends and family to give them the life-changing words he or she may need.

5. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most common gift exchanges, especially during the holiday season. Instead of giving milk chocolates, make sure you buy dark chocolates as gifts.

Dark chocolates are a little pricier, but they have tremendous health benefits. They contain powerful antioxidants that are good for the heart and general well-being.

Make sure you personalize them through customized gift wrappings and present them in a large amount. Leave a note to inform the gift recipient about the benefits of dark chocolate.

By replacing your traditional gifts with healthier alternatives, you can help your friends and family to live a safe and healthy life.

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Last Updated on September 17, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Naked More Often

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Naked More Often

Getting naked is often thought of as an act that should only be reserved for intimacy—and even then some get squirmy! Many people are more comfortable believing that the more clothes you are wearing the better. However, getting naked more often can have great benefits for you. Here are 10 great reasons to get naked more often:

1. It burns more fat.

Your body’s main supply of brown adipose tissue (BAT), or good fat cells, are located around your shoulder blades and neck. When your body is exposed to the elements and is cooler, the BAT proliferates and essentially kills the white adipose tissue, aka bad fat cells. So, not wearing any clothes helps promote this and makes you healthier.


2. You’ll become comfortable with who you are.

Self-acceptance is hard to come by today. Ask anyone you know and see if they are happy with themselves. Chances are they will say they are too fat, not pretty, and find all of the flaws that they can. In reality, others do not see this. They see that you are beautiful. When you begin to get naked, you learn to appreciate your body and realize how beautiful you really are.

3. It saves you money.

Being naked more often saves on buying new clothing since you are wearing nothing a lot of the time. Be careful when you are in public, though—you may have to put on some clothes!


4. It increases your immune system.

Being naked and getting exposure to the sun’s rays actually increases your body’s vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is directly related to your immune system. When you have optimal levels of vitamin D, your body’s immune system is impeccable, and you will be better equipped to ward off viruses, including the common cold and flu. So go lay outside naked on your private balcony or in your yard.

5. It makes you face your fears head on.

People cringe today when you mention the words “get naked.” They are so afraid of it—and today’s children are so ingrained with this—that they must wear layer upon layer to deal with their body image. However, when you are naked, you face your fears of body image and self-acceptance, experiencing some of the best moments of your life.


6. You will feel better in your clothes.

When you do wear clothes (because not everyone has yet accepted being naked in public), you will start to choose clothing that accentuates the parts of your body that you love. You will begin to notice that maybe that muumuu does not flatter your beautiful curves and start wearing clothes that you love.

7. You will embrace vulnerability.

When you put yourself out there, it is a natural reaction to have fear and worry. However, this is an opportunity to embrace being vulnerable. It allows you to think and get down to the core of what really matters and what is of importance to you. When you strip away all of the excess, you are 100% you and willing to take on anything that comes your way.


8. You will show the world the real you.

Today, we have many ways of altering our appearance from our true body image when we wear clothing. Some people alter their image so much that they fear getting naked with the person they love. It seems crazy that this could even happen; however, the rise in use of breast-enhancing bras and Spanx products has put this idea into people’s minds. This all goes back to being comfortable with your true body image. If a person really does love you, then they should not love you based upon your image. If they do, then you may even decide that the ever-so-uncomfortable leggings that go up above your waist to hold in all of the imperfections may not be worth it after all.

9. You will have fun.

Well, this could go in all sorts of directions. But when you are comfortable with your naked body and see it as being flattering, then life is more fun. You start realizing that you are beautiful and are willing to do more things that you probably would not have done otherwise—with and without your clothes on.

10. You can have intercourse with the lights on.

Many people are self-conscious about the way they look and decide that the less lighting the better when they are intimate with their partner. It’s nothing new. If you survey your best friends, you will probably come to this conclusion too. They may say that it even gets awkward, because they are more concerned with what their partner thinks of their body than just having and enjoying amazing intercourse. When you love the way you look naked, you will also want to have your partner see you at your best.

What are you waiting for? Start spending more time in the buff today and begin to change the way you think about your body.

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