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10 Most Entertaining Things To Do During A Long Journey

10 Most Entertaining Things To Do During A Long Journey

There are many more fun and eventful things to do to pass away time during a long flight or train journey. Apart from sleeping and continuously playing games on mobile, you can utilize this quality time in more creative ways.

Should we take a look at all those amazing and curious ways to kill time during the long journey? Let’s go.

1. Become the Next Big Thing in the Writing World

Yes!! It’s time to become an Author. When I watch a romantic movie or read some fictional story, I feel like writing something of my own. If you feel the same, then there is no better time than a long journey, especially when you are traveling alone. Don’t forget that JK Rowling got the idea of Harry Potter while she was traveling on a train.

2. Become a Philosopher

Enough of reading and listening to various thoughts and quotations of other people. We all have experienced life and learned a lot, and it’s time to put your ideas into words.


Or you can try to determine the meaning of life, what you have experienced and things you have learned from it. Remember, every success or failure and try to find the philosophical reason behind it. It will help your mind to calm down.

3. Card Games? Invent a New One

I have no issues with claiming that Card Games has always been the most preferred way to pass the time during an extended journey. But don’t stop there, you have enough time to tweak some rules, do some experiment and invent your own card game. Call it anything you want, make sure that new game is entertaining enough to attract more players.

4. Go into the Fantasy World

Most of the time I put myself into Hogwarts, next moment I am fighting for the wizard world. You can do that too, and it’s not that tough. Going into a fantasy world is the most exciting thing you can do while traveling alone.

5. Day Dream

Day Dreaming is sometimes helpful and helps your brain do some exercise. You can be at your creative best. I have found realistic solutions of toughest problems while day dreaming. You can be more open minded and understanding at this time.


Daydream about being a singer or actor or richest person in the world. It gives you the motivation to do well and achieve your goals.

6. Time to Plan your Dream Project

This one is my favorite. You get enough time to work on your plans or dream projects. Travelling is the best time to brainstorm on your next product, which can be very efficient. Think about all pros and cons, praise yourself, criticize yourself and come up with best possible solutions because no one is there to judge you or your work at this moment.

7. Movie Marathon

Not only weekends, but a long journey is also an excellent time to start a film marathon. Create a list and watch movies online. Tune into any of the popular video streaming sites or app and watch your favorite TV Series and movies.

8. Breakdown your Goals into Realistic Steps

While you are traveling, you can set realistic and possible steps to achieve your aim. Spend your time in breaking down your goals and plan to achieve each small one in a given period. You can set your daily routine, work on your work-life balance and plan for a more systematic approach in day to day life. Don’t forget that walking through small steps is the key to reaching on top.


9. Read a Book

Reading will never go out of fashion. Always carry a book with you. It is the most amazing thing to spend some time with, especially when you are alone and have lots of free time. Fiction or non-fiction, stories of any kind will always entertain you and enlighten you with new life lessons.

10. Eavesdrop: Its Actually Entertaining

The most entertaining thing to do during the long flight or train journey. You get to listen to amazing and exciting stories of the ordinary public, which sometimes are more interesting than Soap operas. I, once eavesdropped on a couple’s fight and seriously the reason was hilarious.

I got entertained like never before.

The Bottom Line


Have some fun, do some exciting things, don’t waste your time in sleeping and playing the same game again and again.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2019

Definition and Techniques of Photo Editing

Definition and Techniques of Photo Editing

An essential part of photo shooting involves some work after the photo shoot. Pre- and post-processing of photo editing have become the much-talked-about steps for many licensed photographers. Even after shooting the best pictures they need to make them more beautiful to the client. This is the reason for photo editing.

Though photo editing may sound simple, the actual job of photo editing can be much more tedious in order to make “reality” seem closer to perfection. The complicated process of photo editing can be made easier when done in a studio with the aid of some software like Photoshop, Adobe, and GIMP. This software has some terrific functions to make a photo more attractive to viewers. For instance, in digital photo editing one can apply one or more of the functions listed below to make quite a difference to the original photo:


1. Reduction of “noise”
2. Balancing in white
3. Improving contrast
4. Espousing of photo
5. Correction of lens
6. Adjustment of color
7. Resizing as well as cropping
8. Removal of background

These are the simplest processes done by an editor, but there are also more complicated or advanced techniques which are listed very briefly below:


1. Simple to complex methods of clipping path
2. Improvements of portrait
3. Shadow and light creator
4. Unique effects and implementing
5. Text and visuals settling the original photo
6. Stitching of a photo
7. Image-masking covers
8. Manipulation of photos
9. Enhancement as well as retouching

Under the complete features photo editing is a great technique for removing an unwanted portion of a digital photo. Now these kinds of pictures are used for a different purpose such as in e-commerce, printing media, billboard, and advertising.


There are handy specialists who are doing a great job to meet your satisfaction. They offer some professional services like image editing, clipping path service, masking, image shading, retouching, and many others that ensure higher quality at a fair price.

Clipping path is considered the best graphics design provider in all the world. Some of the eye-catching services are image masking, shading, re-shaping, and improving damaged photos.


As for the photo editing process, you should be looking for software that allows you to perform some of the straightforward and easy editing work that people want. Look for a software editing program that allows you to do the following things:

1. Remove the red-eye look that is caused in some people and animals when the camera’s flash reflects on the retina at the back of the subject’s eye when a flash is used at night or in dim lighting. This correction can be made either by changing the color in the photo or by removing the setting.

2. Rotate feature articles and resize or flip the ones that you wish to edit. Although there are some programs which will allow you to rotate photographs as much as you want, there are others that will only allow you to rotate them as much as 90 degrees. As for resizing, the software package you choose should allow you to change the dimensions and resolution of the photograph to any degree that you would like. In addition, you need advanced photo editing software that allows you to perform the above functions and which includes a very strong support system as well- one that is available when you need technical assistance at any time. You can get most of them on the internet. An excellent software package will have an expert editing feature that will provide step-by-step instructions to help you rectify the issue yourself without having to rely on another person. Photo editing is a “must” for any photographer who wants to succeed in the photography business because there are a lot of competitors out there.

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