6 Classic Cuisines And Drinks Everyone Should Know

6 Classic Cuisines And Drinks Everyone Should Know

Eating food or ordering a drink at a restaurant or for delivery is a normal routine thing now. What makes things more interesting is to cook yourself and prepare some delicious dishes and drinks to not only impress your family but your friends and colleagues as well.

Many people in the world travel just to experience the new food and the culture in different countries. The local foods available either in restaurants or on street stalls provide a unique opportunity to anyone wanting to taste new food and even learn to prepare them at home.

Here are 6 classic cuisines and recipes you should know about:


1. Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan cocktail is one of the most famous cocktail recipes which was first made in the 1870s. It was made in New York City and a popular myth suggests that it was first made by the mother of Winston Churchill.

The Manhattan recipe can be easily prepared as this cocktail is made with rye whiskey, vermouth, bitters and other optional ingredients. All you have to do is to mix all to make a great cocktail to serve either at dinner time or even during normal timing. Given the history of this cocktail and the fact that it is American in nature, there have been different variants to this.

2. Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea is probably one of the most favorite cocktails of men in the world. One interesting fact about this drink is that it does not contain tea itself but the flavor generated by the cola gives it a tea-like flavor.


This drink came from a little community from Long Island during the 1920s. However, its modern version was refined during the 1970s.

3. French Recipes

French recipes are probably some of the few recipes in the world which are codified and have been assimilated in written form since the 20th century. There is a huge collection of French recipes, however, Buzzfeed shares 44 recipes of French cuisines which you can try on your own or order in your favorite French restaurant.

French food is generally known for its finesses and flavor and considering the special nature of the food served, French food is often expensive too. If you can learn French recipes at home, you can easily save a lot of money and also enjoy great dishes at home.


4. Fish n Chips

If you want to try anything British, probably you need to know the recipe of Fish n Chips. It is considered as a popular dish from England and Ireland. The fish is battered and served with chips or French fries.

This recipe is quite easy to make and if you know how to choose the right type of fish, you can make fish ‘n’ chips at your own home in no time and serve it hot to your friends or family during a get-together.

5. Indian Recipes

Indian recipes are perfect for someone who is a vegetarian. Though meat is not served due to religious obligations, the vegetarian recipes made in India are considered as some of the best in the world.


Indian recipes are not difficult to find as you can easily find some great dishes on Youtube and can directly learn how to make them.

6. Italian Cuisines

Italian cuisines or recipes are probably something which developed over a period of centuries and is heavily influenced by the social and political changes.

Some of the most known Italian recipes which you must have already tried and tested include Pizzas and Pastas. Pizza is easier to make at home and the traditional Italian Pizza recipes make an extensive use of cheese and vegetables to add unique tastes and flavors.


Making food at home requires time and practice and if you want to try some of the above recipes you need to properly learn and practice making these dishes. You also need to understand the cultural significance of these cuisines and recipes so that you can make them exactly as they are made and served in their local countries

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Last Updated on May 15, 2019

How to Tap Into the Power of Positivity

How to Tap Into the Power of Positivity

As it appears, the human mind is not capable of not thinking, at least on the subconscious level. Our mind is always occupied by thoughts, whether we want to or not, and they influence our every action.

“Happiness cannot come from without, it comes from within.” – Helen Keller

When we are still children, our thoughts seem to be purely positive. Have you ever been around a 4-year old who doesn’t like a painting he or she drew? I haven’t. Instead, I see glee, exciting and pride in children’s eyes. But as the years go by, we clutter our mind with doubts, fears and self-deprecating thoughts.


Just imagine then how much we limit ourselves in every aspect of our lives if we give negative thoughts too much power! We’ll never go after that job we’ve always wanted because our nay-saying thoughts make us doubt our abilities. We’ll never ask that person we like out on a date because we always think we’re not good enough.

We’ll never risk quitting our job in order to pursue the life and the work of our dreams because we can’t get over our mental barrier that insists we’re too weak, too unimportant and too dumb. We’ll never lose those pounds that risk our health because we believe we’re not capable of pushing our limits. We’ll never be able to fully see our inner potential because we simply don’t dare to question the voices in our head.

But enough is enough! It’s time to stop these limiting beliefs and come to a place of sanity, love and excitement about life, work and ourselves.


So…how exactly are we to achieve that?

It’s not as hard as it may seem; you just have to practice, practice, practice. Here are a few ideas on how you can get started.

1. Learn to substitute every negative thought with a positive one.

Every time a negative thought crawls into your mind, replace it with a positive thought. It’s just like someone writes a phrase you don’t like on a blackboard and then you get up, erase it and write something much more to your liking.


2. See the positive side of every situation, even when you are surrounded by pure negativity.

This one is a bit harder to put into practice, which does not mean it’s impossible.

You can find positivity in everything by mentally holding on to something positive, whether this be family, friends, your faith, nature, someone’s sparkling eyes or whatever other glimmer of beauty. If you seek it, you will find it.

3. At least once a day, take a moment and think of 5 things you are grateful for.

This will lighten your mood and give you some perspective of what is really important in life and how many blessings surround you already.


4. Change the mental images you allow to enter your mind.

How you see yourself and your surroundings make a huge difference to your thinking. It is like watching a DVD that saddens and frustrates you, completely pulling you down. Eject that old DVD, throw it away and insert a new, better, more hopeful one instead.

So, instead of dwelling on dark, negative thoughts, consciously build and focus on positive, light and colorful images, thoughts and situations in your mind a few times a day.

If you are persistent and keep on working on yourself, your mind will automatically reject its negative thoughts and welcome the positive ones.

And remember: You are (or will become) what you think you are. This is reason enough to be proactive about whatever is going on in your head.

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