Why Drone Cameras Are Cool For Your Photography

Why Drone Cameras Are Cool For Your Photography

Drones are unmanned air vehicles that are flown remotely by sending radio signals to them from a handheld control device. A drone camera in that respect, is a camera fitted on a drone to take pictures and video footages of surrounding landscape, people and things from a bird’s eye view. The pictures and video taken from drone camera cause a lot of excitement because of their unique angles and the ethical dilemma they pose in the society today. Anybody with this kind of technology could have visual access to your home environment and could monitor your whereabouts.

Features Of Drone Cameras

A typical drone camera set is composed of a video capturing camera and a photo snapping one. The cameras have varying capture resolutions with the best quality being a 4K resolution for videos. They also have image stabilization software to make sure that the images captured in the midst of shaky winds are clear enough. The most recent release of a high-resolution drone camera was by the video camera maker company- GoPro. The drone shots super high definition videos from the air. Here is a list of segment where drone cameras are being used widely –

1. Military Reconnaissance



    The primary use of drone cameras is for military reconnaissance. During World War 1 and world war two, pilots had to fly over long distances to take photos of enemy camps. Many planes were shot down, and capable men were lost as a result. As soon as unmanned vehicles were developed, cameras were fitted onto them, and they replaced manned aircraft. The military can now record videos and take photos of battlefields and minus the risk of any causalities. Drone cameras have however gotten a bad reputation in the recent years because they enable mass killings of people in different countries with little accountability. The humanitarian issues arising from this have caused people to lose faith in the governments that conduct their military and surveillance operations using drone cameras.

    2. Filmmaking

      Drone cameras are used in filmmaking to enable the capture of beautiful aerial views of natural and human-made environments that would be otherwise impossible to do with a camera crew. The video footages are used in the scenes of films. They inspire awe to their audience and shoot up the sale of movies made through this innovative form of videography. Various kinds of industries like Real Estate, Automobiles, Advertisement & even the digital marketing industry is becoming fan of drone photography. Bloggers are also going crazy & using drone photographs to create an eye friendly blog post to lure their follower-ship & audience.


      3. Scientific Observation Of Wildlife And Nature

        Studying the behavior of wildlife could be cumbersome because animals always run off when there is human interference of their natural habitats. Drone cameras have made an observation of wildlife easier and efficient. Flying drones through forests and natural reserves captures the types of vegetation and the movement of wild animals for purposes of scientific recording and study.

        4. In Agriculture



          Farmers can use drone cameras to check on the condition of their crops and to track down their cattle. The use of drone cameras in the agricultural sector has made it unnecessary to walk through vast fields to assess crops yield. They simply inspect the videos and pictures from drone cameras to retrieve this information. As a result, they save time and workforce.

          Accessibility Of Drones

          Drones are becoming widely accessible to consumers because of their affordability and their relevance in many professions and hobbies. They are the equipment of choice for freelance photographers as they can offer stunning photography. A cheap camera drone and some video editing software might be all you need to kick-start your journey of discovery. Today one could buy a drone over a product bidding site such as Amazon and eBay for as little as $299. These help businesses and individuals get awesome aerial shots that they can put to use for artistic or commercial purposes.

          The Future Of Drone Cameras



            The potential of drone cameras is so broad and untapped. The Business Insider estimates that up to 12% of 98$ Billion of global spending would be directed on aerial drones for commercial purposes over the next decade. This means that companies are adapting to drone camera technology and trying to find ways to fit it in the consumer culture.

            The biggest factor likely to impact how the drone camera industry develops is regulation on privacy and safety. The law restricts all surveillance of populations and individuals for any purposes by drone cameras, and it would most probably remain so for the next so many years to come.

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            Link It

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            Use Resources

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            Font and Colors

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