Want to Get Frisky? It’s Not Sexy in Every Language

Want to Get Frisky? It’s Not Sexy in Every Language

I guess you can say I have always been curious and it sometimes it gets the better of me. That may or may not result in something positive, but most often it will be comical. What can I say, I test my limits, have fun and dance like no one is watching. Is there any other way to live?

I went onto a foreign dating site to see if I could hook up with someone who might not understand me. Truth be told it was a dare. How could I resist? I was curious to see what they might write back. If they did. Who am I kidding? When you have been in the relationship business as long as I have, you know that one thing is certain. Men will always take the bait. One sexy picture and they literally turn into jellyfish.


So, I am not one to mince words and decided that a short quirky phrase was the best approach to the language barrier.

I chose – Want to get frisky? Perfect. Short and sweet.

To see what happen I asked my friends and family to contribute any translated version they could offer in the languages that they speak. The typical responses of French, Italian and German were just not going to cut it. Boring.


So, instead I went to Google translator and chose Swahili. Google sounded like a plan. The text came back from Siri and it read, “ Wanataka kupata Frisky?” What? Wanna Take a Cup at Frisky? I couldn’t help but laugh at the way it sounded in English. So, it began. My obsession with finding the funniest translations for this phrase. I no longer needed a date; this was occupying my time.

The results are in

Top marks go to Chichewa which sounds so dirty, there doesn’t need much explanation. Ndikufuna Kutenga Frisky? Mind if I come find you in Kentucky and get frisky. That works. What kind of language is Chichewa in the first place?


Apparently, there are many languages I have never heard of. I guess taking a geography class instead of spending my time drinking on campus might have a better plan. I do not know about you but I am pretty sure that spending my time getting frisky with a translator says a lot about my dating habits.

But, really do translations get any kinkier than this?

  • Vle jwenn Semiyan? When do you want to see my van? Cool it down Luke. What kind of Creole is this?
  • Nais mo bang makakuha Frisky? No, I do not want to take part in a Fillipino gang bang. Scratch that one.
  • I think the Georgian language is cute and cuddly, but this might attract the wrong age group. გსურთ მიიღოთ Frisky?
  • Hawaiians do have a way with words. I am pretty sure I can “make love” happen. Makemake e loaa Frisky?
  • I am not sure if I am asking for a date or going for Margaritas? However, in Corsican I am down for either. Vogghiu marità Frisky?

An Irish girl, I thought I would find these easier to decipher. Wrong.  Visions of Donald Trump come to mind.  Wrong.


  • Eisiau Frisky? I say, “Is you frisky?” sounds like Bugs Bunny is asking me out .
  • Want a fháil Frisky? This is Irish for what – fail?

Speaking of fail. I am not going to contact these food fetishists.

  • Szeretné, hogy Frisky? Scratch my Hogie? Um, No.
  • The Icelandic people should stop pulling on the pig all day. Langar þig til að fá frisky?
  • Major food fish fetish activities happening in Hausa. So samun kansa ilimi sakamako?

Just when I thought things could not get any worse, out came the real scary ones.

  • Batla ho Frisky? From a language called Sesotho, one can only assume the worst.
  • I know a little bit of French and I read between the lines of this Gaelic term. Queres recibir frisky? Where do I want to receive the frisky? Interesting but no.

I am already way over my head. Like the Indonesian say,“Ingin mendapatkan Frisky?” I better get packing before I do get frisked. Getting into the US is already a disaster.

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Last Updated on January 18, 2019

7 Ways To Deal With Negative People

7 Ways To Deal With Negative People

Some people will have a rain cloud hanging over them, no matter what the weather is outside. Their negative attitude is toxic to your own moods, and you probably feel like there is little you can do about it.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you want to effectively deal with negative people and be a champion of positivity, then your best route is to take definite action through some of the steps below.

1. Limit the time you spend with them.

First, let’s get this out of the way. You can be more positive than a cartoon sponge, but even your enthusiasm has a chance of being afflicted by the constant negativity of a friend.


In fact, negativity has been proven to damage your health physically, making you vulnerable to high levels of stress and even cardiac disease. There’s no reason to get hurt because of someone else’s bad mood.

Though this may be a little tricky depending on your situation, working to spend slightly less time around negative people will keep your own spirits from slipping as well.

2. Speak up for yourself.

Don’t just absorb the comments that you are being bombarded with, especially if they are about you. It’s wise to be quick to listen and slow to speak, but being too quiet can give the person the impression that you are accepting what’s being said.

3. Don’t pretend that their behavior is “OK.”

This is an easy trap to fall into. Point out to the person that their constant negativity isn’t a good thing. We don’t want to do this because it’s far easier to let someone sit in their woes, and we’d rather just stay out of it.


But if you want the best for this person, avoid giving the false impression that their negativity is normal.

4. Don’t make their problems your problems.

Though I consider empathy a gift, it can be a dangerous thing. When we hear the complaints of a friend or family member, we typically start to take on their burdens with them.

This is a bad habit to get into, especially if this is a person who is almost exclusively negative. These types of people are prone to embellishing and altering a story in order to gain sympathy.

Why else would they be sharing this with you?


5. Change the subject.

When you suspect that a conversation is starting to take a turn for the negative, be a champion of positivity by changing the subject. Of course, you have to do this without ignoring what the other person said.

Acknowledge their comment, but move the conversation forward before the euphoric pleasure gained from complaining takes hold of either of you.

6. Talk about solutions, not problems.

Sometimes, changing the subject isn’t an option if you want to deal with negative people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be positive.

I know that when someone begins dumping complaints on me, I have a hard time knowing exactly what to say. The key is to measure your responses as solution-based.


You can do this by asking questions like, “Well, how could this be resolved?” or, “How do you think they feel about it?”

Use discernment to find an appropriate response that will help your friend manage their perspectives.

7. Leave them behind.

Sadly, there are times when we have to move on without these friends, especially if you have exhausted your best efforts toward building a positive relationship.

If this person is a family member, you can still have a functioning relationship with them, of course, but you may still have to limit the influence they have over your wellbeing.

That being said, what are some steps you’ve taken to deal with negative people? Let us know in the comments.

You may also want to read: How to Stop the Negative Spin of Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.

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