5 Things You Should Know About Dui And Dwi Penalities

5 Things You Should Know About Dui And Dwi Penalities

Large Metropolitan cities or States such as Miami, London or even New York face the challenge of drunk driving. Driving under influence or driving while intoxicated are two terms which are used interchangeably but they almost refer to the same kind of crime.

Some statistics suggest that one of the main reasons for deaths and accidents in Europe and other developed countries is the drunk driving. It is, therefore, a crime to actually drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug and it is often referred as Driving under the influence or Driving while intoxicated.

DUI or DWI is considered as a crime because the person using alcohol or even recreational drugs beyond a certain limit becomes incapable of driving motor vehicles. It is extremely important that you know few things about DUI or DWI before you are caught by the Law enforcement Agencies for this crime. Here is a simple list of things you should know:


1. You will be Tested

If you are driving drunk and is caught, you will be tested. Testing is done in two ways. You will either be tested by checking your blood alcohol contents or through a breath test measurement. If you cross the required thresholds, you can be charged with DUI or DWI.

Before or during the arrest, the Police Officer will actually confiscate your driving license and will conduct initial tests as defined above.

2. First Offense is Punishable up to 6 Months of Jail

In all States of US, the first offense DUI or DWI is considered as a misdemeanor and is punishable up to 6 months of Jail.


Apart from the jail term, you can also be slapped with a heavy fine as in most cases courts actually slap heavy fines along with the jail term.

3. You Need a Good DUI Attorney

Considering the fact that you can face a jail term and a possible fine, it is always important that you must know how to fight your DUI case.

The prosecution will assure that you have a legal advocate who will fight on your side to protect your rights. You will probably have some evidence test which is brought against you. You may have to fight against the breathalyzer test and field sobriety test. You need a good lawyer to represent you in the court of law, otherwise, your future can be at risk due to a simple mistake of drunk driving.


4. Driving Suspension

If you are over the age of 21 and it is your first offense, your driving license, and driving privileges can be suspended up to 6 months.

However, if you commit this often twice within 10 years, your driving privileges will be suspended for full 1 year.

5. The Implementation Varies Across States

According to some statistics, the implementation of DUI or DWI penalties across States varies as in some States such as Arizona, there is strict implementation. In some large cities such as Miami, DUI Attorneys can help you to avoid strict punishments. However, it is not always the case as large cities like Miami and New York have implemented really strict controls to prevent Drunk driving.


It does not matter where you are living as what matters most is how the laws are actually implemented where you are living. You may avoid punishments at some places but ultimately if you are a habitual drunk driver, you will certainly be caught and punished regardless of where you are living.

It is always important to hire a taxi or ask a sober friend to pick you up instead of driving on your own under the influence of drugs or drink. A little bit of fare paid to taxis can save you a lot of money in the future.

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