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6 Tips to Enhance your Next YouTube Video Experience

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. According to a survey report, YouTube produces almost 94 billion page views every month. It’s a primary source of traffic for a lot of blogs, websites, and YouTube is uploading 36 plus hours of video every minute.

What you need to understand, however, is the fact that it’s not enough to just upload the video until you’re a famous company or brand or either a celebrity.

People make videos such as entertainment videos, beauty tips, tutorials, etc. to upload on YouTube but these videos should be of great quality and must contain unique content to get the maximum number of clicks.

Here, in this article, I’ll let you know five advanced SEO tactics to enhance your next YouTube video experience. I’ve tested these 6 tips myself so; that’s a proven success.

1. Use Keywords in the Video’s Title

First of all, you need to start from the video title. It’s the video name which one can use to recognise your video. It represents what’s your video is all about, so always choose it carefully. The title must be user-friendly to the YouTube algorithm for search engine optimisation and the viewer as well.

If, let’s say your video contains the tech tutorials and people will search them, then you can use the auto-complete feature of the search engine (Google).

On the other hand, if you think people will search your video content including music videos or live video tutorials on YouTube then you can use the auto-complete feature of YouTube.

2. Adding Annotations to Your YouTube Videos

When it comes to the YouTube annotations, it’s a particular way to add interactive comments to your video.

These annotations help to push visitors to take action on your content such as;

  • Signing up to your channel
  • A link to watch more videos
  • To add a remark
  • Liking your Facebook Page or Twitter account

3. Video Description

Now comes the description of the video. You have to write short video description of about 2 to 3 lines. Always remember that these starting lines matter a lot to get natural YouTube views.

It might be the theme of your video that what’s your video is all about. Another good way is to add google’s auto-complete keyword phrases as the description of your video.

If the viewer types the same keyword written in the first two lines of the description, then the video will rank higher in the Google search engine.

4. Rename Your Video File Before Uploading

It is another important thing that you need to remember while uploading your video. When you create, edit your video and name it as mov002.avi or random_hbd.mp4. Don’t forget to rename it by your keywords such as  your_keyword.mp4.

When you name your video this way, you’re telling the search engine what’s actually inside your video.

As a matter of fact, Google doesn’t look the video content from inside, but the keyword used in the file will let the search engine know what the video contains. Using the keywords as your video file name helps in ranking the video higher in Google.

5. Use Closed caption YouTube feature

It’s another fantastic feature that allows viewers to see your text over the video. It helps them to understand your video narration, which can be translated into some languages as well.

It’s a transcript of the video that contains text related to the content inside it; your voice in the video will automatically convert into transcript with the help of YouTube’s new algorithm.

Moreover, you can also have the option of writing closed caption, if your video doesn’t contain voice.

6. Tagging & Keyword Research

Now come the ‘Tags’ that are another important feature to get the highest ranking in the search engine. Here’s how to tag a video;

  • You need to list down the important keywords first to put some weight in algorithms.
  • List down general matching keywords and there you go!

Above are some simple and great ways to actually increase the visibility of your YouTube videos and this can get you an opportunity to actually impress your subscribers.

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