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10 Illustrations Showing A Long-Lasting Relationship Comes From Constant Expressions Of Love

Bangkok-based illustrator Pratchaya Mahapauraya of Sundae Kids illustrates sweet comics about love that tug at your heart strings. Partly funny, partly sweet, these comics show that relationships grow from a constant expression of love.

#1: Sometimes the reason your significant other wants something is different from what they actually say

#2: It’s the little acts of love that mean the most

#3: Regardless of how long you’ve been together, treat the relationship like it’s brand new

#4: Random hugs (and weird things you do together) keep things interesting

#5: It’s never too late for loving words

#6: Remind your partner how much they mean to you

#7: Your relationship is more important than materialistic things

#8: Never stop surprising your significant other, even when things they say may anger you

#9: Say kind things even when they’re not around

#10: Have some fun and be romantic!

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