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6 Rules For Making Barista-Quality Coffee

For billions across the world, the thought of starting the day without a cup of coffee is unthinkable. Second only to petroleum in value, coffee as a commodity has made its way into virtually every home on the planet and for those on the go, franchises have built empires off a demand that roughly reaches 2 billion cups per day across the world.

Far from a placebo, the effects of coffee on the body can be felt rapidly. Significantly, by increasing blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen can get where they need to be quicker and prepare you for what lies ahead. Consisting of only 3 calories per cup, means that coffee on its own can be drunk copiously guilt free, and with calories to spare should you prefer it with an accompanying additive.

To prepare such a vital part of one’s routine, you need not struggle through the multitude of queues for a cup. With one of your own hot water taps, perfectly heated water is just a button away, and all you need to is add the beans. Classically, each 6oz cup receives two table spoons of beans, but the only limit is the variety of your taste palette.


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