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15 Subtle Ideas to Make Your Apartment Look Better

Written by Nabin Paudyal
Co-Founder, Siplikan Media Group
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An apartment with a glamorous look and a luxurious feel is an envious accomplishment. But many times, rental laws and landlord rules crush your innovative, decorative ideas. There may be the budget crunch that  interferes with the acquisition of covetous floating shelves. Or the problem may lie in the teeny-weeny space which consumes all of your purported turf.

Believe it or not, with the following wholly applicable ideas, you will be able to make your apartment much better, more organized and a lot more glamorous.

1. Braiding is all inclusive to beautify anybody and anything

Just like you braid your hair to elevate its looks, performing the braiding over the lowly hanging curtains or drapes will definitely add a charm to them.

2. Setting up the delusional arrays

Rotating and replacing the items from the tea table and the cupboard will help confuse the memory of the visitors. This will affect them into thinking you are affluent and live in lavishness.

3. Decorative tape deepens the elegance

Alternative run of decorative tapes in the refrigerator and hanging baskets give a great look. You will be surprised to see the appliances take up a designer-like-look with the decorative tapes wrap.

4. Reuse and recycle – the 2R’s of interior décor

This idea not only saves the budget but also makes you practice innovation and creativity at your own level of comfort zone. Plus, while surfing the Internet, you will be able to find many tried and tested methods for this.

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5. Mirror, mirror on the door, who is most beautiful of them all

Mirrors on the door give an impression of more spaces available as mirrors reflect the light. A spacious living room causes the flow of positive energy, and it also relieves the minds from the otherwise cluttered mess.

6. Lighting should adequate

Proper lighting elevates your decorative approaches. Visitors and guests can see your efforts just with the right amount of light. CFLs, and other bright lights make the panorama more interesting.

7. Go green

Cleanliness and greenery are the lethal combos for a marvelous look. A variety of plants, in different sizes, can make the spaces more vibrant.

8. Making the sleeping room colorful, and nocturne

Ordinary curtains do not add a sensual ambiance to the beloved  sleeping room. However, should you include multi-coloured curtains, you will feel the sensuality going up. This works miracles for intimate moments.

9. Frugal wall art is ok

Wall art need not be pricey or complicated pieces. Your amateurish calligraphies, a poster of your favorite artist, postcards from exotic locations, or even silly sketches made by your children are fine.

10. Cover it up

In case of doubts and a sure shot probable twinge of regret, it is better to conceal your skeleton-in-the-cupboard type unsightly pieces from the display using drapes.

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11. Sleight of eyes is deceptive

Painting the walls just up to two-thirds from the lower portion is deceptive enough to conceal the exact height. It even affects the senses and gives a feeling that the ceiling is taller. This is advantageous in creating a certain magnificence to your apartment

12. Something for the children’s room

Color is often symbolic to imagination and progression. Painting your child’s room in cool and lively colors will stimulate their senses.

13. Cheer it up

It is possible to show your sense of humor and hospitality by tucking funny, likable and relevant quotes around the kitchen and living room.

14. A bit of cologne, two stacks of charcoal

Musty smells from the unexplored attic may encroach the hygiene of the indoor air. The indoor barbecuing, and sizzling adds particles of grime and oils to the air. Therefore, it is better to employ absorbents like charcoal or a bit of cologne to mask the smells after such events.

15. Experts are available

If you still sense any incompleteness in these decor endeavors, there are experts who comes at a price and who are available to share design ideas for new apartments with you. They will advise using feng shui and other ancient geo-friendly decorative concepts.

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