Renovating Your Bathroom: A Practical Guide

Renovating Your Bathroom: A Practical Guide

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It should be a peaceful oasis where you relax, wash the stress away, and take care of your health and well-being. The chances are that you don’t have a perfectly designed and organized bathroom, but you can change that. Let’s renovate that bathroom, and make it look gorgeous!

The renovation is a process that is going to cost you some time, effort, and resources, but it will be well worth it. There’s no better feeling when you relax and enjoy in your fresh, tidy and fancy bathroom. The design ideas and possibilities are many, and you can have a true masterpiece if you put some imagination, skill, and effort into renovating your bathroom.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Design and budget

renovating the bathroom - budget
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    So now you are determined to redecorate your bathroom, but dropping a large amount of money on a spa-looking retreat is not even near your budget? Don’t worry. The good news is you don’t need that much money to transform your bathroom into a desirable and good looking space.


    Before you begin with this adventure, it is crucial to put your expectations into perspective regarding how much money you are willing to invest. Consider the size of your bathroom, the quality of the materials you want to use, and if it’s easy enough to do it yourself which would be much cheaper and could be more interesting if you have time and the will for it. After all, if your budget is on the low end, you could just stick to simple but effective cosmetic changes.

    What to do first

    renovating your bathroom - what to do list
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      Before starting the reorganization of your bathroom, make a list of all the things you want to change. After that, make a list of things that should be done first, second and last. Follow this sequence to avoid making mistakes and unnecessary cleaning. If you are planning to change pipes or completely renovate the bathroom, you’ll have to hire a constructor to do the work.

      On the other hand, if you’re going to do it yourself start with the ceiling, then continue with the walls and do the floor at the end. This way, you will prevent damage to other surfaces in the bathroom and, what is more important, damage to new components.

      Choosing the tiles or paint, as well as accessories and even bigger equipment should be done prior the renovation. You need to have a projection in your head, or even better, a drawing where you’ll sketch the changes and improvements which will transform your bathroom.


      A tub or a shower?

      renovating your bathroom - tub or shower
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        If you aren’t lucky enough to have two bathrooms in your home, then you will have to ask yourself – does a shower unit have any advantages over the traditional bath tub and which one would be the best for your needs.

        You will find that some modern shower units come in various and stylish designs, but if you already have one and don’t want to spend an extra money on replacing it, think about changing something as simple as switching to rain shower head with a wider diameter which is included in most day spas.

        On the other hand, if you have some extra space and cash, maybe you’ll find that a stylish acrylic bathtub is a great option if you prefer romantic baths with candles and bubbles. Also, tubs are considered to be preferable for families with little children, and it is easier to bathe a child in a tub than in a shower unit. Act according to your needs, and order your bathroom fixtures in advance, as larger items take some time to arrive.

        Bathroom storage

        renovating your bathroom - storage
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          If you are thinking about ways that you can add more to your space, then you should bear in mind that a bathroom storage is in constant demand and vanities are getting bigger every year for a good reason. Also, there are lots of great bathroom ideas featuring wall-mounted cabinets or medicine cabinets which can be helpful too.


          Also, you should know that bathroom cabinets and countertops are considered to have a great impact in a bathroom redo, and they will affect the look and feel of the entire ambient. Vanity tops should be durable and capable of standing up to water and cosmetics while serving as a sufficient work surface especially for the morning rush hour.

          And remember – organization is the key to the space-saving room, so for every cabinets or countertop you add, consider incorporating drawer organizers, bins, and trays for keeping smaller accessories in order.


          renovating your bathroom - walls
            Image Credit: Gareth Simpson, Flickr

            Every material can be used to surface walls, but you have to keep in mind to choose waterproof materials. If you want to save money, the best solution is painting the walls. From a variety of colors, choose the ones that will give the illusion of a bigger room – light colors. White, blue or even orange walls can make the bathroom look lighter, and it can be easily combined with countertops and cabinets colors. If you are creative, you can decorate the walls with drawings – flowers are a most common option.

            The choice of tiles depends on your budget and style. You can choose from marble, ceramic and granite tiles. They come in different colors and design. Although the tiles are a more expensive option, they are easier for maintenance – you can clean them with water and mop.


            Because of the humidity, mold is an often problem in bathrooms. This problem can be easily solved with a scrubbing brush or sponge.


            renovating your bedroom - floors
              Image Credit: Amanda DeVries, Flickr

              Inexpensive options for the floor are vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, painted or stained cement. More expensive options are granite, marble or ceramic tiles. Choose the tiles that are durable and the ones that will match the color of the walls. Depending on your floor setup, you can have some mats or rugs down there, or leave it blank.


                Image Credit: Tim Rodenberg, Flickr

                When remodeling is complete, it is time for the finishing touches. The great thing about decorating a bathroom is that even a new toilet paper holder can add a stylish and fresh detail. You can also pick stylish fixtures which will reflect the exact look you are trying to achieve. If you have an extra wall space, why not add some cool-looking artwork or simply put a decorative vase with fresh and aromatic flowers.

                Actually, every little detail can be refreshed or added to the overall look such as wastebaskets, towel racks, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, or just swap out some of your old accessories and change the overall color scheme for a cohesive feel. It is all up to you, so don’t be afraid to combine different bathroom design ideas, have fun and create a completely unique look.


                Before everything – organization

                  Image Credit: eGuide Travel, Flickr

                  Reorganizing a bathroom takes less time than rearranging any other room because it is usually the smallest room in the apartment or house, but it can be a laborious process because it’s very difficult to function without it even for two or three days. Because of this, it requires good organization and sometimes the help of friends who will allow you to use their bathroom during the renovation process.

                  Make your bathroom amazing. It’s worth it.

                  We wish you a happy renovation!

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