GetResponse Review – One Stop Solution for Marketers

GetResponse Review – One Stop Solution for Marketers

Online marketing as the name suggests means you put your business in an online market space to enable you to interact with your audience within and beyond your reach. GetResponse is a complete online marketing platform tailored to serve your industry in various ways. It is superior to any other email marketing software due to its efficient customer service, clean and easy to use user interface, and loads of other awesome features that makes it standout from others. It was created in 1997 as an email marketing software provider, they now have over 350,000 customers, with a staff strength of over 300 staff members. It is embodied with experienced marketers that have been in the industry for years, combined with teams of creative and analysts.

If your goal is to save time and money, enhance the reputation of your business, create a better user (client) experience and feedbacks then GetResponse is here for you.

We shall be looking at their marketing automation feature in which I must confess makes it very easy for you to push out your products and get measurable results.


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    All Your Email Processes Are Automated

    Automating email processes reduces drastically the time spent in interacting with client activity after you have designed your mail using the over 1000 stock images at your disposal and forwarding it to your clients. For example, if you send a shopping list mail, automatically the client can be sent a mail if he or she did not open the mail after 2 days or he/she opens the mail but did not click on any of the links and lots more. Manually going through the steps for each client can be very time-consuming, but with GetResponse you can save a lot of time and get to see your client’s interaction with your product using the analytics.

    The workflow planner is a great feature in GetResponse that makes it very easy for you to plan your emails and it works with a principle of “if this, then that”. You can create processes in the planner with your already made content, and the system automatically updates the entire tools you have access to if you change or update your plan. The workflow planner makes use of filters, triggers and conditions.


      Automatic Email Sending

      This ensures your audience gets your emails automatically, at stipulated times by you without you manually sending them at that time. It involves you setting it up and allowing the system to go through this process for you. Segmentation can also be done whereby the mail is structured in such a way that it is segmented towards each audience based on what they are interested in. This feature is present in all GetReponse packages and not limited to one. This increases your conversion rate drastically.



        Amazing Webiner Software

        The webinar software is a tool designed for you to follow-up on your leads and increase your conversion rate. This saves you cost to buy an extra software to collect leads with your clients. The webinar consists of polls, file sharing, chats and video. It consists of a chat feature, polls, image and file sharing, whiteboards and saving as YouTube videos which makes extra content for your business. You can also schedule your sessions, follow-up and keep in touch with your leads.


          Easy To Use Page Builder

          The unique page builder allows you to create awesome landing pages choosing from hundreds of responsive templates already provided, all you need to do is just tweak the template to customize it. You do not need to know how to code because you are not even going to see any of that. All you need to do is just adjust the settings and move a few things around (drag and drop). This saves a lot of money because you do not need the services of any professional web designer to build a landing page for your product. One important feature of the page builder is that, it does not need plugins for you to build your sign-up form, this is not so for other online marketing platforms. With an awesome and unique landing page, your conversion rate increases and your client keep coming back for more. They are also optimized for mobile, which makes it looks awesome on mobile devices too.



            Track Your Traffic

            This ensures that activities by your customers on your website are at your disposal. You also get to know if a client does not complete the purchase and get an idea of why it happened that way and ways you can fix it. The analytics also show you the amount of visitors on your website, the clicking rates, conversion rates and much more. This saves you money of having to get a third-party to measure up the traffic and engagements.

            Also, you can conduct surveys on where your traffic is coming from,this will include their needs and what they want to carry out by visiting your site. The survey can easily be created by you filling a form and adding a thank you page. After the survey is carried out, GetResponse then analyzes and interprets the data in charts for you.



              In Conclusion

              GetResponse consists of email marketing, landing pages, webinar function, market research, and traffic statistics and over 130 applications to integrate with, you have everything you need to implement and manage your entire online marketing strategy. It also comes with an amazing 30 days free trial period with no credit card details required. It is very cost-effective and time-saving all in one marketing tool that serves all your online marketing business needs.

              Disclaimer: I have no material connection, financial stake for GetResponse. I am just a GetResponse user who wants to share my experience.

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