No, don’t just follow your own heart. Don’t just walk your own path

No, don’t just follow your own heart. Don’t just walk your own path

Well, I know I’m setting myself up for being pounced at in an indignant rage. I promise I don’t have a death wish, but I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time, and now I just have to.

If you scroll down your social media page, you are bound to see at least 2 to 3 versions of posts that tell you how to not give a thought (just to be polite, let’s call it ‘thought’) to what people think and be whoever you want to be. How to liberate yourself from all expectations and all social codes. How to silence the noise of people.

It’s definitely a relief to hear someone say that. Say that we are perfect just as we are and we don’t need to change for anything or anyone. It releases you from the hold of societal rules and lets you pursue your own dreams. I don’t even like the word ‘rules’ and I hate the word ‘codes’, it’s just plain irritating and makes me want to say ‘I don’t give a…well, let’s call it thought again’.


Nonetheless, sometimes I wonder, are we just playing the game of extremes? In order to avoid being in the shadow of what people think, are we just shadowing ourselves from people altogether? Is it OK to do that, to just stop getting affected by others?

In our quest to not be a social slave, Is it OK to become an insulated island?

I’m not asking this question because I’m regressive. I don’t believe that people should fall in line and follow the herd. Humans are not sheep, we need to be ourselves, follow our own paths.

Just the same, are humans supposed to be islands? Are we supposed to go through life with blinders on, without acknowledging the people around us and with only our own vision of self in sight? It reminds me of 14 year old sullen teenagers who plug in their ears and lock themselves in their rooms. Should we treat the whole world like hormonal teens treat their parents?


The thing is, we do depend on each other in all walks of life, don’t we? The fact remains that we are not designed to be emotionally and physically self sufficient. At some point or other we have needed a parent, partner, child or friend to get us through the day. At some point we have even needed a complete stranger to help us out.

We live in a world that is entirely co dependent and yet social media buzzes with ’10 ways to stop caring about the world’. We cannot survive a day without some kind of social contact and yet we want to silence the noise of people. An hour doesn’t go by without our accessing the ‘digital society’ that exists on our phones but most of the posts we put up are around breaking free from society.

Exactly what do we want to break free from? If we don’t want judgement why do we friend and follow 1000 people so that they can look at our pages and judge us? If we don’t want to be told what to do why do we discuss our problems publicly in the first place? If we don’t need social validation why do we stare into our phones every 10 minutes to see if the number of likes has gone up?


We need to stop kidding ourselves and face our own hypocrisy

We want people, we want society. We want their judgement, their advice, their approval and their acceptance. That’s how we are made; we are designed to live in co dependent communities.

The fact to face is that we cannot behave like hormonal teenagers who believe that their parents are the biggest obstacles in the way of their happiness and yet as soon as they feel hungry they yell for mom. Either we want mom or we don’t want mom. If we want to share our lives with people, we cannot be hypocrites and criticize society as soon as it becomes an inconvenience.

Of course I’m not saying we change who we are as per the dictates of our social circle, that is criminal, but is our self identity so fragile that we cannot accommodate anyone? Making small adjustments, explaining ourselves, trying to convince others or sometimes just allowing ourselves to get convinced by others is not going to kill our soul. It’s not going to sabotage our individual thoughts. Our souls are stronger than that! Our thoughts go deeper than that!


So sometimes let’s be the crowd-pleaser, let’s be the one who gives in, let’s be the one who adjusts. Sometimes let’s smile when we don’t want to, let’s keep quiet when we don’t agree, let’s make the small talk that we don’t like so that the other person feels comfortable.

Let’s fight against all the things that go against the very core of who we are, fight hard! But let’s be honest about what those things are. Some things are just small inconvenient adjustments; we don’t want to make those adjustments so we make an issue out of it and start putting up posts on ‘Don’t care about the World’.

Well, we better care about the world. We live in this world. We need this world to care about us. So let’s unlock our doors and stop behaving like spoilt teenagers. Let’s follow our heart and our path but let’s create some space for others. A little space to allow those rare short moments when we follow someone else’s heart, when we walk along someone else’s path.


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9 Harsh But True Illustrations that Show Our Changed Society

Let’s face it.  We are living in a digital age, and there is absolutely no turning back. One of the biggest influences on society these days is social media. It affects us both positively and negatively. Social media was originally designed for people to share interesting facets of their lives with their friends, but it has become so much more than what it intended to be. It is now a medium for information to pass around the globe. In many cases, people first learn about current events through Twitter or Facebook before hearing about them from conventional news sources.

We also rely on technology for nearly everything we do. People these days seem as if they can’t go anywhere or do anything without their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They need to be in constant contact with others via electronic devices.

However, there is also a downside to be too connected to social media and electronic devices. We are too dependent on them, which make us oblivious to what we are doing to ourselves. Being too connected can have a negative effect on our lives and the society as a whole. Here are 9 true illustrations that show how our society is negatively impacted because of the use of technology.

1. Facebook is eating away at your time.

Facebook is eating away your time

    How much time do you usually spend each day on Facebook or other social networking sites? Is it hindering your productivity? Do you find yourself wasting time to a point where you don’t even know where it goes? If the answer is yes, Facebook might have eaten away at your time.


    2. We’ve become “Likeaholics.”


      When you are posting something on Facebook, are you doing it just to see how many of your friends will give it the proverbial thumbs up? This illustration shows that some people are treating “Likes” on Facebook as if it was a drug they needed to inject into their bloodstreams.

      3. Our electronics have priority over our lives.


        Given a choice between your dying phone battery or you dying, which will you choose? In this case, the man in this illustration chose to charge his phone over to sustain his own life. As a society, we need to be more careful of our priorities.


        4. Families aren’t spending quality time together.

        mother baking

          Here is a mother making holiday cookies, but what are the kids doing? They are not making cookies with their mother. Instead, every one of them has their faces buried in their own electronic devices. Television used to be what parents use to babysit their kids. Now, it’s a tablet, phone, laptop or video game that does the job.

          5.  We’d rather record someone than help them.


            A lot is happening in this illustration. A black man is drowning and asking for help. One person has a gun pointed at him. The other person has their iPhone pointed at him and is recording the scene, but is not interested to help this man.


            6. Society is sleeping, it’s sleeping its life away.

            sleeping your life away

              Time is money. After we have wasted the long period of time on social media, we are losing the most valuable currency we have – our time in this world.

              7.  Despite all the technology we have, we still want what someone else has.

              wanting what someone else is having

                There’s an old saying that goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” This illustration shows that despite all that we have, we are still not satisfied with our lives.


                8. Sensationalism still sells.

                free expression

                  With the information overload that exists today, the media still looks for sensationalism. Here’s a woman who feels she has something important to say, but the media only cares about her because she is naked. Would the news media still have microphones in front of her if she wasn’t standing there topless?

                  9. In the end, with all of this, we are still killing the planet.

                  gun to mother earth

                    This last illustration argues that despite all of our technological gains, we are still polluting the earth as if we have a virtual gun pointed at Mother Nature. As we build bigger cities and higher technology, how much more damages can we continue to do before putting our lives at risk?


                    Featured photo credit: Jens Johnsson via

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