7 Romantic Getaway Gifts To Surprise Your Boyfriend

7 Romantic Getaway Gifts To Surprise Your Boyfriend

There are a multitude of things you can do to surprise the love of your life. One thing that I find so romantic is by taking him to some places that are luxury-styled properties – from the ocean cruises to ocean-front properties and even places overseas on various islands. When you’re in a relationship, sometimes it’s fun to take him away from his job or his friends so you can spend some of that quality time with just you and your man. However, the choice is entirely up to you – either you want to waste your time trying to figure out what to buy your boyfriend for his birthday or you can just hop into the getaway wagon and go to a place where both of you can enjoy. If you’re interested in the second route, then here are some of the getaway places I suggest you go.

Playa Fiesta Beach Club and Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A calm, peaceful and quiet beach getaway for a couple who desires that quality time together. This place will give your boyfriend goosebumps. The rooms are both great and spacious enough to put you in a relaxed mood. Their pools are amazing because of the views. Your boyfriend will be surprised by the stunning and mesmerizing beach experience too. The fine cuisines at the resort, the lively music, and the nightlife around town will be unforgettable. You and your man will spend some of that long overdue quality time you’ve both been waiting for while enjoying each other. There are seasonal discounts as well where the rates are cheap and the romantic moods are high. The places that you can explore are historical and hidden gems. For example, there’s a magical place to walk down hand in hand and that’s the Puerto Vallarta’s el Malecon Boardwalk. Explore the boardwalk, such as sculptors, various artists’ crafts, and food vendors where you both can grab a bite to eat and a beverage as you enjoy your romantic stroll. You also have the option to hire a tour guide.


Newport Beach Cruise in California

Ideal for those sunsets and the adventure of hugging with your boyfriend while you enjoy the backdrop of Newport Beach. The cruise tickets aren’t expensive at all and there’re even the unlimited drink package tickets that can be purchased online. Take the entire cruise while you enjoy the endless quality time. The cruise departs out of Newport Bay and will cruise on by the coastline while you both view the immense bonfires which will be sparkling off the sandy beach. The skyline also lights up because of the beach coastline. The cruise will dock back but you will spend a nice romantic getaway with you and your man in such a romantic way that will definitely be unforgettable.

The Mandala Beach Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

It is located on a man-made beach of 1.6 million gallon wave pool. There are tons of cabanas and your boyfriend will truly enjoy the relaxation of the resort in one of Nevada’s splendid places to stay in. It’s any couple’s playground with all the lights, glitz, and gambling taking place, but it’s also a romantic getaway that you’ll both enjoy as a couple. Staying at any of the top hotels and resorts will be a decision you’ll have to make because there are a multitude of them around the city. Singing, dancing, and dining are the choices, as well as the “gamble” you’ll both have to take while visiting the 24-hour entertainment of Las Vegas. There are rooftop roller coasters, magic shows, slot machines and naturally the wedding chapels. But don’t get carried away just yet; enjoy the fine dining and the luxury spas at one of the dozens and dozens of resorts that you’ll stay at as you embark in the romantic getaway. Relax and enjoy the Strip as you walk hand-in-hand because there’s always something to do in Las Vegas. It’s the gift of gifts for a great romantic getaway.


Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii

Get your luggage and packing cubes ready and visit this resort that has every amenity you both need. With all the restaurants, bars, pools, and shops, plus, movie rentals. But you’ll enjoy the perfect, scenery and picturesque beachfront, that you’ll love as you venture off. One of the most popular things to do is strolling down the beaches. The white sand and clear blue water with the opportunity to surf the best waves, if that’s what you or your man is into. Sunbathe or dine on the beach, enjoy the live entertainment, and immerse yourself with the local shopping extravaganzas. Although you have to remember that this is Hawaii so it’s a little pricier compared to other getaways. You can always enjoy the romantic candlelit dinners on one of the beachfront restaurants while listening to the live entertainment.

La Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

It is definitely not just another beachfront property to venture to. It’s the exclusive romantic getaway for those who need a great place to bond. Your man will love this place! Having a dreamlike place to stay at with your boyfriend will do wonders for both of you. A getaway for a couple looking for love in all the right places. It’s a popular tourist destination for any couple, so your man will be surprised he’s included as well. There are all-inclusive resorts to stay at and the great thing is that Cancun has plenty of hotels, there are even bed-and-breakfast places you both can stay at. Some of the water sports, which are the most popular, to say the least, are snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing, and fishing… to name a few. These are just the tidbits of what you both can do as a couple when you go on a getaway to Cancun.


Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

A place for those that need that enjoyment away from everything. If you’re wealthy enough, you can rent or buy any of the ocean front properties on the Hilton Head island. There’s the Forest Preserve Trail Rides that are available year round. You and your loved one can go trail-riding for an hour and experience the joys of horseback riding which goes on daily. Romantic getaways such as immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the lower countryside can benefit both of you. What’s more is the bonding between you two over drinks and live music, dining and enjoying the island can do wonders for both of you.

Settlers Crossing Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas

Outside in a dry desolate area of Texas, it’s a special part of Texas where millions travel through. It’s part of history and will be a wonderful surprise for your man. It’s where cowboys once traveled through, settled for awhile and moved on. But the best part is that you can go to various areas and hot spots which are the most popular for tourists to go to when they head down South. The Texas Hill Country is the “gem” of the Southwest. There are a lot of things to enjoy in the cities of Austin, Fredericksburg and San Antonio and everything in between. They are filled with vineyards, lakes, meadows, streams, very interesting towns and rolling hills. A special spot to go is the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail (16 wineries). There’s special events, wine samplings and tastings, and a lot more.


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How to Control Your Thoughts and Become the Master of Your Mind

How to Control Your Thoughts and Become the Master of Your Mind

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, can also be the most destructive force in your life.

Your mind, more specifically, your thoughts, affect your perception and therefore, your interpretation of reality.

I have heard that the average person thinks around 70,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot, especially if they are unproductive, self-abusive and just a general waste of energy.

You can let your thoughts run amok, but why would you? It is your mind, your thoughts; isn’t it time to take your power back? Isn’t it time to take control?

Choose to be the person who is actively, consciously thinking your thoughts. Become the master of your mind.

When you change your thoughts, you will change your feelings as well, and you will also eliminate the triggers that set off those feelings. Both of these outcomes provide you with a greater level of peace in your mind.

I currently have few thoughts that are not of my own choosing or a response from my reprogramming. I am the master of my mind, so now my mind is quite peaceful. Yours can be too!

Who Is Thinking My Thoughts?

Before you can become the master of your mind, you must recognize that you are currently at the mercy of several unwanted “squatters” living in your mind, and they are in charge of your thoughts. If you want to be the boss of them, you must know who they are and what their motivation is, and then you can take charge and evict them.

Here are four of the “squatters” in your head that create the most unhealthy and unproductive thoughts:

1. The Inner Critic

This is your constant abuser. He is often a conglomeration of:

  • Other people’s words; many times your parents.
  • Thoughts you have created based on your own or other peoples expectations.
  • Comparing yourself to other people, including those in the media.
  • The things you told yourself as a result of painful experiences such as betrayal and rejection. Your interpretation creates your self-doubt and self-blame, which are most likely undeserved in cases of rejection and betrayal.

He is motivated by pain, low self-esteem, lack of self-acceptance and lack of self-love.

Why else would he abuse you? And since “he” is actually you– why else would you abuse yourself? Why would you let anyone treat you this badly?

2. The Worrier

This person lives in the future; in the world of “what ifs.”

He is motivated by fear which is often irrational and with no basis for it.

Occasionally, he is motivated by fear that what happened in the past will happen again.


3. The Reactor or Trouble-Maker

He is the one that triggers anger, frustration and pain. These triggers stem from unhealed wounds of the past. Any experience that is even closely related to a past wound will set him off.

He can be set off by words or feelings. He can even be set off by sounds and smells.

He has no real motivation; he has poor impulse control and is run by past programming that no longer serves you, if it ever did.

4. The Sleep Depriver

This can be a combination of any number of different squatters including the inner planner, the rehasher, and the ruminator, along with the inner critic and the worrier.

His motivation can be:

  • As a reaction to silence, which he fights against
  • Taking care of the business you neglected during the day
  • Self-doubt, low self-esteem, insecurity and generalized anxiety
  • As listed above for the inner critic and worrier

How can you control these squatters?

How to Master Your Mind

You are the thinker and the observer of your thoughts. You must pay attention to your thoughts so you can identify “who” is running the show; this will determine which technique you will want to use.

Begin each day with the intention of paying attention to your thoughts and catching yourself when you are thinking undesirable thoughts.

There are two ways to control your thoughts:

  • Technique A – Interrupt and replace them
  • Technique B – Eliminate them altogether

This second option is what is known as peace of mind!

The technique of interrupting and replacing is a means of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Eventually, the replacement thoughts will become the “go to” thoughts in the applicable situations.

Use Technique A with the Inner Critic and Worrier and Technique B with the Reactor and Sleep Depriver.

For the Inner Critic

When you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself (calling yourself names, disrespecting yourself, or berating yourself), interrupt it.

You can yell (in your mind), “Stop! No!” or, “Enough! I’m in control now.” Then, whatever your negative thought was about yourself, replace it with an opposite or counter thought or an affirmation that begins with “I am.”

For example, if your thought is, “I’m such a loser,” you can replace it with, “I am a Divine Creation of the Universal Spirit. I am a perfect spiritual being learning to master the human experience. I am a being of energy, light, and matter. I am magnificent, brilliant, and beautiful. I love and approve of myself just as I am.”


You can also have a dialogue with yourself with the intention of discrediting the ‘voice’ that created the thought, if you know whose voice it is:

“Just because so-and-so said I was a loser doesn’t make it true. It was his or her opinion, not a statement of fact. Or maybe they were joking and I took it seriously because I’m insecure.”

If you recognize that you have recurring self-critical thoughts, you can write out or pre-plan your counter thoughts or affirmation so you can be ready. This is the first squatter you should evict, forcefully, if necessary:

  • He riles up the Worrier.
  • The names you call yourself become triggers when called those names by others, so he also maintains the presence of the Reactor.
  • He is often present when you try to fall asleep so he perpetuates the Sleep Depriver.
  • He is a bully and is verbally and emotionally abusive.
  • He is the destroyer of self-esteem. He convinces you that you’re not worthy. He’s a liar! In the interest of your self-worth, get him out!

Eliminate your worst critic and you will also diminish the presence of the other three squatters.

Replace him with your new best friend who supports, encourages, and enhances your life. This is a presence you want in your mind.

For the Worrier

Prolonged anxiety is mentally, emotionally and physically unhealthy. It can have long-term health implications.

Fear initiates the fight or flight response, creates worry in the mind and creates anxiety in the body.

You should be able to recognize a “worry thought” immediately by how you feel. The physiological signs that the fight or flight response of fear has kicked in are:

  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure, or surge of adrenaline
  • Shallow breathing or breathlessness
  • Muscles tense

Use the above stated method to interrupt any thought of worry and then replace it. But this time you will replace your thoughts of worry with thoughts of gratitude for the outcome you wish for.

If you believe in a higher power, this is the time to engage with it. Here is an example:

Instead of worrying about my loved ones traveling in bad weather, I say the following (I call it a prayer):

“Thank you great spirit for watching over _______. Thank you for watching over his/her car and keeping it safe, road-worthy, and free of maintenance issues without warning. Thank you for surrounding him/her with only safe, conscientious, and alert drivers. And thank you for keeping him/her safe, conscientious, and alert.”

Smile when you think about it or say it aloud, and phrase it in the present tense; both of these will help you feel it and possibly even start to believe it.

If you can visualize what you are praying for, the visualization will enhance the feeling so you will increase the impact in your vibrational field.

Now take a calming breath, slowly in through your nose, and slowly out through the mouth. Take as many as you like!


Replacing fearful thoughts with gratitude will decrease reactionary behavior, taking the steam out of the Reactor.

For example:

If your child gets lost in the mall, the typical parental reaction that follows the fearful thoughts when finding them is to yell at them.

“I told you never to leave my sight.” This reaction just adds to the child’s fear level from being lost in the first place. Plus, it also teaches them that mom and/or dad will get mad when he or she makes a mistake, which may make them lie to you or not tell you things in the future.

Change those fearful thoughts when they happen:

“Thank You (your choice of Higher Power) for watching over my child and keeping him safe. Thank you for helping me find him soon.”

Then, when you see your child after this thought process, your only reaction will be gratitude, and that seems like a better alternative for all people involved.

For the Trouble-Maker, Reactor or Over-Reactor

Permanently eliminating this squatter will take a bit more attention and reflection after the fact to identify and heal the causes of the triggers; but until then, you can prevent the Reactor from getting out of control by initiating conscious breathing as soon as you recognize his presence.

The Reactor’s thoughts or feelings activate the fight or flight response just like with the Worrier. The physiological signs of his presence will be the same. With a little attention, you should be able to tell the difference between anxiety, anger, frustration, or pain:

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure; surge of adrenaline
  • Shallow breathing or breathlessness
  • Muscles tension

I’m sure you’ve heard the suggestion to count to ten when you get angry—well, you can make those ten seconds much more productive if you are breathing consciously during that time.

Conscious breathing is as simple as it sounds; just be conscious of your breathing. Pay attention to the air going in and coming out.

Breathe in through your nose:

  • Feel the air entering your nostrils.
  • Feel your lungs filling and expanding.
  • Focus on your belly rising.

Breathe out through your nose:

  • Feel your lungs emptying.
  • Focus on your belly falling.
  • Feel the air exiting your nostrils.

Do this for as long as you like. Leave the situation if you want. This gives the adrenaline time to normalize.

Now you can address the situation with a calmer, more rational perspective and avoid damaging behavior.


One of the troubles this squatter causes is that it adds to the sleep depriver’s issues. By evicting, or at least controlling the Reactor, you will decrease reactionary behavior, which will decrease the need for the rehashing and ruminating that may keep you from falling asleep.

Master your mind and stop the Reactor from bringing stress to you and your relationships!

For the Sleep Depriver

(He’s made up of the Inner Planner, the Rehasher and the Ruminator, along with the Inner Critic and the Worrier.)

I was plagued with a very common problem: not being able to turn off my mind at bedtime. This inability prevented me from falling asleep and thus, getting a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

Here’s how I mastered my mind and evicted the Sleep Depriver and all his cronies.

  1. I started by focusing on my breathing—paying attention to the rise and fall of my belly—but that didn’t keep the thoughts out for long. (Actually, I now start with checking my at-rest mouth position to keep me from clenching.)
  2. Then I came up with replacement strategy that eliminated uncontrolled thinking—imagining the word in while breathing in and thinking the word out when breathing out. I would (and do) elongate the word to match the length of my breath.

When I catch myself thinking, I shift back to in, out. With this technique, I am still thinking, sort of, but the wheels are no longer spinning out of control. I am in control of my mind and I choose quiet.

From the first time I tried this method I started to yawn after only a few cycles and am usually asleep within ten minutes.

For really difficult nights, I add an increase of attention by holding my eyes in a looking-up position (Closed, of course!). Sometimes I try to look toward my third eye but that really hurts my eyes.

If you have trouble falling asleep because you can’t shut off your mind, I strongly recommend you try this technique. I still use it every night. You can start sleeping better tonight!

You can also use this technique any time you want to:

  • Fall back to sleep if you wake up too soon.
  • Shut down your thinking.
  • Calm your feelings.
  • Simply focus on the present moment. 

Becoming the Master of Your Mind

Your mind is a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used for constructive purposes or for destructive purposes.

You can allow your mind to be occupied by unwanted, undesirable and destructive tenants, or you can choose desirable tenants like peace, gratitude, compassion, love, and joy.

Your mind can become your best friend, your biggest supporter, and someone you can count on to be there and encourage you. The choice is yours!

Featured photo credit: Pexels via

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