3 Things You Must Know About End of Tenancy

3 Things You Must Know About End of Tenancy

Oh! Your tenancy is coming to an end and you would love to know what’s best way to go with this right? Don’t worry, here is a few tips you should keep as your times comes to end. When your tenancy span draws near, you should expect these 3 things.

1. Walking Potential Tenants Through The Property (Property Owner)

Of course, the house is going to be re-rented and you should expect the property owner to want to show interested/potential tenants around before you move out. This is a normal process but the landlord can’t do this without your permission. This is your right. It is true that you can’t withhold the permission without reasons but you can set conditions of time, day, and particular areas to walk around. As long as you haven’t moved out yet, you own the right to freedom and enjoyment of this property.

2. End of Tenancy Cleaning

You are moving out and it is crystal clear! This property has been in your possession and you need to hand it over to the owner. What were you expecting? To clean the property of course, and it has to be done to the landlord’s satisfaction or as recorded. The landlord will only hand over your security bonds if he is satisfied and the agreement term is met.


End of tenancy cleaning is very important if you must receive your full payment.


  • Over 55% disputes on deposits arise from insufficient cleaning and if you won’t want to risk this then be a essay shop
  • You can do your own end of tenancy cleaning and the property owner can’t compel you in any way to use a cleaning company or service at all. This is should be your choice and not his.
  • Remember that the property owner can demand the same degree of cleanliness as was recorded in the record report. Nevertheless, how this is achieved is up to you and not him.
  • It would be very helpful to set aside enough time if your plan is to do this cleaning yourself. Don’t be surprised how much time and great job deep cleaning is. Starting on time will make it easy and satisfactorily done.
  • Don’t forget to use your check in record as a guide in doing your cleaning.
  • Keep in mind that the record reports are the most significant pieces of proof in case any dispute arises. So, keep them and if ever you want your end of tenancy cleaning done even before moving out records, try as much that the property is in the cleanest level.
  • Know this also that the property owner can’t overcharge you if your cleaning hasn’t been done before moving out. Whatever the case is based on mutual agreement.
  • If you ever desire to use a cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning, you should be cautious of your decisions. Remember that your deposit is at stake and this work done in its best efficiency will go a long way to helping you reclaiming your funds. Before using any cleaning company for your service, make sure to confirm it’s recommended by the tenant’s voice. End of tenancy cleaning London.

3. A Final Property Inspection Process

This is the third you must keep to mind. A final property inspection is compulsory at the end of tenancy or could be an agreement between you and the property owner. As supposed, a date and time should be fixed by you and the landlord for the final inspection at the end of tenancy. Don’t forget that, most landlords would demand to do this first before they will approve to refund the bond. Like said earlier, this is where major concerns always issues and you must be careful to handle this the best way so don’t risk it Or if you want to generate fake receipt then here are some tools for generating fake receipt.


It is best for the final inspection to take place once you have moved all your belongings out and have finished your cleaning both outside and inside.

You must fill the final inspection form together and this is part of the tenancy agreement. This is where photos for recording the property condition are very useful as to compare the final property inspection records with the initial inspection records at the starting of the tenancy. If any damage has happened during the tenancy, this will tell.

Don’t forget that signing the final reports is based on agreement with what it says and satisfaction from you and the landlord. It is your right to have a copy of this report and he keeps his too.


Also note that, instances may have it that the final inspection is done individually by you and the landlord if an agreed time could not favor you both. But each should not forget to use pictures for record keeping too. This is very important as visual records speak much as proof if issues should arise.

Now is to get the bond refunded.

Minding the things above will get your bond refunded without any issues. Expect the landlord to come with a bond refund form to the final inspection process, but it’s very significant that you have your right with you at the moment, too. This is so because the landlord may forget to bring one and that may affect the whole process and demand another time for the bond refund. You can’t risk this chance.

You can only sign the refund form on agreement with what is written there in; the landlord shouldn’t ask you to sign a blank form or never sign one yourself. If what is written on the bond refund form is not clear to you or is not based on your initial agreement, don’t sign the form. It’s your right.


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