5 Great Paypal Alternatives For Any Business

5 Great Paypal Alternatives For Any Business

For a long time, PayPal made people believe that they were the only company that would let you pay and receive funds on the internet conveniently. In theory, it’s very easy to send and receive money as long as you have an email address. That’s a good idea. So when PayPal opened business, the idea was to keep the process simple and hassle-free. It was a wonderful payment service you could use. A lot of small and big businesses like Pearl Only and Dollar Tree along with other coupon sites like mamma coupon search engine, were using them as one of their payment gateway.

But like it always happens, when companies start to acquire a large customer base, they grow complacent and begin to suck – that is, they start making very damn decisions in the name of enforcing security. They start to do nasty things with your account as long as they detect that it has some good cash. These include holding your money under scrutiny for no apparent reason. This could go on indefinitely and you know how it feels when someone refuses with your money for no reason.

When you inquire with several phone calls and emails, they end up enforcing some form of limitation to your account and tell you that it’s their final decision, and you can do nothing. Isn’t this impunity?
Well, so many PayPal users are being subjected to this kind of thing on a daily basis. If you are one lucky user who has never experienced this problem before, count yourself lucky indeed. But also know that it’s just a matter of time before they will lock your money at a time when you most need it.


That’s why we have decided to zero down to some good PayPal alternatives that respect customers’ rights. If you’ve heard enough of PayPal nonsense, this list is for you:


Payoneer is a fierce competitor of PayPal, and this means low transaction fees and no subscription charges. Getting started is very easy with Payoneer. After signup, you’ll be required to apply for their PrePaid Mastercard which can be loaded with funds in 2-4 days. If you have an online business, you can make use of their ‘’Request a Payment’’ feature.

Your client will receive an invoice from their end with a link to pay you. Likewise, you can send money to whoever you wish without being restricted whatsoever. They don’t have to own a Payoneer account.



If you normally receive payments in your ecommerce site via PayPal, perhaps it’s time you remove PayPal and replace it with Stripe. They will never put limits on your account, so you’re free to withdraw your money in whichever amount you like at any time.

It’s very easy to make use of Stripe in your website. You just need SSL certificate (which all ecommerce sites have anyway), and a content management service that allows this sort of integration. You could also use their API or plugins to facilitate easy integration.

For smaller payments, Stripe is cheaper than PayPal. But for bulk Payments, Stripe tends to be a little expensive than PayPal. But what we love is the convenience and unparalleled customer support which they have. PayPal support takes days to reply tickets, while Stripe takes less than 40 minutes on average. So it’s just worth it.



Even though Bitcoin is a relatively young technology, it offers numerous advantages to those who have already implemented it in their websites. So far, there are different ways to accept payments and a lot of information on how Bitcoins work.

You can use a service like BitcoinPayFlow or BitPay for convenience. If you run a Magento or Ubercart site, you can use existing plugins which make it even more convenient to get started without wasting time. Finally, you can also code your site in such a way that it accepts this mode of Payment.


Skrill used to operate under the name of MoneyBookers. It’s the only payment service that doesn’t deduct a fee if someone makes a chargeback on you. The only disadvantage is that Skrill tends to have slightly high currency conversion fees compared to PayPal. But the advantages far surpass what you’d experience with PayPal. There are no restrictions on how much you receive or withdraw provided you have a verified account. There’s also the option to use their prepaid card.



You might also want to look into a service called Serve. This is like a bank account which is operated on your Android or iOS device. Just like PayPal, you can add money using bank account, credit or debit card. Funds can also be received to your phone from other Serve users. Finally, as a Serve user, one receives an American Express card to use their Serve balance in the real world.

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Published on November 20, 2018

The Best Ways to Save Money Even Impulsive Spenders Can Get Behind

The Best Ways to Save Money Even Impulsive Spenders Can Get Behind

The truth is, there are many “money saving guides” online, but most don’t cover the root issue for not saving.

Once I’d discovered a few key factors that allowed me to save 10k in one year, I realized why most articles couldn’t help me. The problem is that even with the right strategies you can still fail to save money. You need to have the right systems in place and the right mindset.

In this guide, I’ll cover the best ways to save money — practical yet powerful steps you can take to start saving more. It won’t be easy but with hard work, I’m confident you’ll be able to save more money–even if you’re an impulsive spender.

Why Your Past Prevents You from Saving Money

Are you constantly thinking about your financial mistakes?

If so, these thoughts are holding you back from saving.

I get it, you wish you could go back in time to avoid your financial downfalls. But dwelling over your past will only rob you from your future. Instead, reflect on your mistakes and ask yourself what lessons you can learn from them.

It wasn’t easy for me to accept that I had accumulated thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Once I did, I started heading in the right direction. Embrace your past failures and use them as an opportunity to set new financial goals.

For example, after accepting that you’re thousands of dollars in debt create a plan to be debt free in a year or two. This way when you’ll be at peace even when you get negative thoughts about your finances. Now you can focus more time on saving and less on your past financial mistakes.


How to Effortlessly Track Your Spending

Stop manually tracking your spending.

Leverage powerful analytic tools such as Personal Capital and these money management apps to do the work for you. This tool has worked for me and has kept me motivated to why I’m saving in the first place. Once you login to your Personal Capital dashboard, you’re able to view your net worth.

When I’d first signed up with Personal Capital, I had a negative net worth, but this motivated me to save more. With this tool, you can also view your spending patterns, expenses, and how much money you’re saving.

Use your net worth as your north star to saving more. Whenever you experience financial setbacks, view how far you’ve come along. Saving money is only half the battle, being consistent is the other half.

The Truth on Why You Keep Failing

Saving money isn’t sexy. If it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Some people are natural savers, but most are impulsive spenders. Instead of denying that you’re an impulsive spender, embrace it.

Don’t try to save 60 to 70% of your income if this means you’ll live a miserable life. Saving money isn’t a race but a marathon. You’re saving for retirement and for large purchases.

If you’re currently having a hard time saving, start spending more money on nice things. This may sound counterintuitive but hear me out. Wouldn’t it be better to save $200 each month for 12 months instead of $500 for 3 months?


Most people run into trouble because they create budgets that set them up for failure. This system won’t work for those who are frugal, but chances are they don’t need help saving. This system is for those who can’t save money and need to be rewarded for their hard work.

Only because you’re buying nice things doesn’t mean that you’ll save less. Here are some rules you should have in place:

  1. Save more than 50% of your available money (after expenses)
  2. Only buy nice things after saving
  3. Automate your savings with automatic bank transfers

These are the same rules that helped me save thousands each year while buying the latest iPhone. Focus only on items that are important to you. Remember, you can afford anything but not everything.

How to Foolproof Yourself out of Debt

Personal finance is a game. On one end, you’re earning money; and on the to other, you’re saving. But what ends up counting in the end isn’t how much you earn but how much you save. Research shows that about 60% of Americans spend more than they save.[1]

So how can you separate yourself from the 60%?

By not accumulating more debt. This way you’ll have more money to save and avoid having more financial obligations. A great way to stop accumulating debt is using cash to pay for all your transactions.

This will be challenging, depending on how reliant you are with your credit card, but it’s worth the effort. Not only will you stop accruing debt, but you’ll also be more conscious with what you buy.

For example, you’ll think twice about purchasing a new $200 headphone despite having the cash to buy them. According to a poll conducted by The, 5 out of 6 Americans are impulsive spenders.[2]


Telling yourself that you’ll have the discipline to not buy things won’t cut it. This is equal to having junk food in your fridge while trying to eat healthy–it’s only a matter of time before you slip. By using cash to make your purchases, you’ll spend less and save more.

A Proven Formula to Skyrocket Your Savings

Having proven systems in place to help you save more is important, but they’re not the best way to save money.

You can search for dozens of ways to save money, but there’ll always be a limit. Instead of spending the majority of your effort saving, look for ways to increase your income. The truth is that once you have the right systems in place, saving is easy.

What’s challenging is earning more money. There are many routes you can take to achieve this. For example, you can work long and hard at your current job to earn a raise. But there’s one problem–you’re depending on someone else to give you a raise.

Your company will have to have the budget, and you’ll have to know how to toot your own horn to get this raise. This isn’t to say that earning a raise is impossible, but things are better when you’re in control right? That’s why building a side-hustle is the best way to increase your income.

Think of your side-hustle as a part-time job doing something you enjoy. You can sell items on eBay for a profit, or design websites for small businesses. Building a side-hustle will be on the hardest things you’ll do, be too stubborn to quit.

During the early stages, you won’t be making money and that’s okay. Since you already have a source of income, you won’t be dependent on your side-hustle to pay for your expenses. Depending on how much time you invest in your side-hustle, it can one day replace your current income.

Whatever route you take, focus more on earning and save as much as possible. You have more control than you give yourself credit for.


Transform Yourself into a Saving Money Machine

Saving money isn’t complicated but it’s one of the hardest things you’ll do.

By learning from your mistakes and rewarding yourself after saving you’ll save more. What would you do with an extra $200 or $500 each month? To some, this is life-changing money that can improve the quality of their lives.

The truth is saving money is an art. Save too much and you’ll quit, but save too little and you’ll pay for the consequences in the future. Saving money takes effort and having the right systems in place.

Imagine if you’d started saving an extra $100 this next month? Or, saved $20K in one year? Although it’s hard to imagine, this can be your reality if you follow the principles covered in this guide.

Take a moment to brainstorm which goals you’d be able to reach if you had extra money each month. Use these goals as motivation to help you stay on track on your journey to saving more. If I was able to save thousands of dollars with little guidance, imagine what you’ll be able to do.

What are you waiting for? Go and start saving money, the sky is your limit.

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