5 Great Paypal Alternatives For Any Business

5 Great Paypal Alternatives For Any Business

For a long time, PayPal made people believe that they were the only company that would let you pay and receive funds on the internet conveniently. In theory, it’s very easy to send and receive money as long as you have an email address. That’s a good idea. So when PayPal opened business, the idea was to keep the process simple and hassle-free. It was a wonderful payment service you could use. A lot of small and big businesses like Pearl Only and Dollar Tree along with other coupon sites like mamma coupon search engine, were using them as one of their payment gateway.

But like it always happens, when companies start to acquire a large customer base, they grow complacent and begin to suck – that is, they start making very damn decisions in the name of enforcing security. They start to do nasty things with your account as long as they detect that it has some good cash. These include holding your money under scrutiny for no apparent reason. This could go on indefinitely and you know how it feels when someone refuses with your money for no reason.

When you inquire with several phone calls and emails, they end up enforcing some form of limitation to your account and tell you that it’s their final decision, and you can do nothing. Isn’t this impunity?
Well, so many PayPal users are being subjected to this kind of thing on a daily basis. If you are one lucky user who has never experienced this problem before, count yourself lucky indeed. But also know that it’s just a matter of time before they will lock your money at a time when you most need it.


That’s why we have decided to zero down to some good PayPal alternatives that respect customers’ rights. If you’ve heard enough of PayPal nonsense, this list is for you:


Payoneer is a fierce competitor of PayPal, and this means low transaction fees and no subscription charges. Getting started is very easy with Payoneer. After signup, you’ll be required to apply for their PrePaid Mastercard which can be loaded with funds in 2-4 days. If you have an online business, you can make use of their ‘’Request a Payment’’ feature.

Your client will receive an invoice from their end with a link to pay you. Likewise, you can send money to whoever you wish without being restricted whatsoever. They don’t have to own a Payoneer account.



If you normally receive payments in your ecommerce site via PayPal, perhaps it’s time you remove PayPal and replace it with Stripe. They will never put limits on your account, so you’re free to withdraw your money in whichever amount you like at any time.

It’s very easy to make use of Stripe in your website. You just need SSL certificate (which all ecommerce sites have anyway), and a content management service that allows this sort of integration. You could also use their API or plugins to facilitate easy integration.

For smaller payments, Stripe is cheaper than PayPal. But for bulk Payments, Stripe tends to be a little expensive than PayPal. But what we love is the convenience and unparalleled customer support which they have. PayPal support takes days to reply tickets, while Stripe takes less than 40 minutes on average. So it’s just worth it.



Even though Bitcoin is a relatively young technology, it offers numerous advantages to those who have already implemented it in their websites. So far, there are different ways to accept payments and a lot of information on how Bitcoins work.

You can use a service like BitcoinPayFlow or BitPay for convenience. If you run a Magento or Ubercart site, you can use existing plugins which make it even more convenient to get started without wasting time. Finally, you can also code your site in such a way that it accepts this mode of Payment.


Skrill used to operate under the name of MoneyBookers. It’s the only payment service that doesn’t deduct a fee if someone makes a chargeback on you. The only disadvantage is that Skrill tends to have slightly high currency conversion fees compared to PayPal. But the advantages far surpass what you’d experience with PayPal. There are no restrictions on how much you receive or withdraw provided you have a verified account. There’s also the option to use their prepaid card.



You might also want to look into a service called Serve. This is like a bank account which is operated on your Android or iOS device. Just like PayPal, you can add money using bank account, credit or debit card. Funds can also be received to your phone from other Serve users. Finally, as a Serve user, one receives an American Express card to use their Serve balance in the real world.

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Last Updated on April 3, 2019

How to Nix Your Credit Card Debt in Less Than 3 Years

How to Nix Your Credit Card Debt in Less Than 3 Years

Debt is never a fun thing to be in. But, there are many actions that you can take that will help you rid yourself of the burden of debt once and for all.

By coming up with a set plan, eliminating your debt can feel much easier than constantly thinking about it.

This post will provide some tips on how you can do this to help you nix your credit card debt in less than 3 years.

Hint: there are ways that are easier than you think.

1. Consider Consolidating Multiple Credit Cards If Possible

This may not be applicable to you, but if you have multiple cards – it is something to consider. Keeping up with multiple bills is time consuming.

It will depend on the balance you have on each. Consolidate ones you can but do not do it to the point that you get too close to the maximum limit. Also, it is ideal to pick the card with the lower interest rate.

Consider if there are any fees or alternatively, rewards, with transferring a balance to another card. Watch out for fees. Note that some cards offer rewards for transferring a balance to them. This is extra cash that can help go towards paying off your debt.


Having one or two cards can make nixing your debt much simpler than keeping up with the balance of a bunch of cards. Keeping track of paying the minimum towards a bunch of cards is time consuming. Spend the time to consolidate instead to make the overall process simpler going forward.

My tip: Have one main credit card. Have a second one that you use for necessities – such as groceries or gas – that offers rewards for those purchases (a lot of cards do) and set the second one on auto-pay. You should be able to pay off a smaller amount on auto-pay if it is a necessity. If you think you cannot, then you may need to cut down a lot on expenses.

Why do I suggest doing this? Having one thing set to auto-pay is one less thing to think about. One less thing to waste time on. Same idea with consolidating to one main card. Tracking down too many is a hassle.

2. Try to Pay the Full Balance You Spent Each Month at the Very Least

You need to pay off the amount you are spending each month when that bill comes in. This is the amount you spent THAT month.

Do not let the debt keep accruing while you work on paying any unpaid debt that has accrued. It will become a never-ending battle. Try as best as you can to be current on paying for each month’s expenses when that month’s bill comes out.

If this is a strain, consider why. You may need to cut expenses. Or you may need to consider other cards. Or look at where this money is going.

3. Pay Extra When You Can – Every Small Amount Counts

This cannot be emphasized enough. If you are looking at a lot of credit card debt, it can look daunting, but each extra amount that you can put towards the debt will really add up – no matter how small it is.


It does not just reduce the principal amount that you have left to pay off, but it reduces the amount that is collecting interest. You will always save money with that reduced interest.

4. Create a Plan on How to Pay Extra

Back to the main point, having this plan is giving you one less thing to think about.

This plan should be a plan that works for you. If it does not work for you, your spending habits, and your views on debt, then it will not be an effective plan.

For instance, if a set plan of an extra $50 (or another amount that you know you can afford) works for you, then do that. Set that aside every month and pay that extra amount. Treat it like a bill. Choose an amount that works for you and pay it like clockwork as though it was a bill you had to pay each month.

Little amounts will not nix it entirely, but they will help tackle it and having a set plan can make it less of a chore. Creating a new plan of how much to put towards it each month is an unnecessary added stress.

5. Cut out Costs for Services You Do Not Use

If you are signed up for subscriptions that you do not use because of some free trial or for some other reason, cut it out. Your overall financial position will look better.

In turn, that will make cutting your credit card debt easier. Look at your statements to find these expenses. If you do not use them, you may forget you are paying some unnecessary amount each month. Cutting it out can really add up in savings that you can put towards other needed expenses.


6. Get Aggressive About It

Consider these points:

Depending on the interest and the level of debt, you may need to give up a few indulgences. For example, instead of ordering delivery or going out to eat, cook at home. Everything adds up.

Other things may be more of a sacrifice. It may be a trip you wanted to go on, or a daily latte habit you’ve picked up. In these instances, consider how important it is to you and if it’s worth the sacrifice. And if it is a costly expense, think whether you can wait to indulge.

Cutting an extravagant expense can really help make a dent in your overall debt. Try not to add to debt when you are trying to pay it off. It will be a never-ending battle. Make it less of a battle with these tips and it will feel easier.

Bottom line: Do what you can to make this process easier for you. Implement steps that do this. It takes time now, but will help overall. Also, keep track of your spending and paying down of your debts. Which is the next point.

7. Reevaluate Your Progress at Set Intervals

Doing a regular check-in can help you see your efforts pay off or maybe indicate that you need to give this a bit more effort. If you check every 3-6 months, it will not feel so much like a chore or feel so daunting.

By doing this, you will be able to better understand your progress and perhaps readjust your plan. Bonus: if you see it pay off, it will feel great to do this check-in. You will get there.


Finally (and most importantly)…

8. Keep Trying

Do not get discouraged. Pushing it off will make it worse. Just keep trying.

Once your debt becomes lower, each monthly payment will reduce the balance more. Why? You are paying less towards interest. It will be a snowball effect eventually and it will become much easier to manage. Just get to that point. And know once you do, it will feel easier and motivating.

Start Knocking out Your Debt Today

The best way to eliminate debt is to get started right away. Begin by implementing the above steps and watch your debt just melt away. Try out some of the above strategies and see what works best for you. Soon you’ll be on your way to a debt free life.

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