4 Excellent Custom Gold Grillz Creations For A Better Living

4 Excellent Custom Gold Grillz Creations For A Better Living

Have you heard about the Teeth Grillz before? I know, for some of you, it’s a quite new concept.

You can’t even believe that there’s such thing made of expensive metals that fit on your teeth correctly. Most of the people want to show off their money, so they prefer to choose this way. It’s just another way to wear jewelry. At the outset, people used to wear earrings, rings, bracelets and then the trend shifted towards the piercing such as tongue piercing, belly button piercing, etc. However, now you’ll be able to show your bling in your mouth by wearing the fake custom gold grillz.


For your kind information, the word ‘Grillz’ with a ‘z’ ending letter refers to the concept of wearing fake teeth in your mouth. The basic idea behind adding the ‘z’ letter is for the proper understanding of what the other person is talking about. It’s not your car grill present on the front side or not a gas grill; it refers to the new gold teeth.

Are you one of those who can’t get enough bling, then I must say, Gold Grillz are probably what you’re searching for. It’s no doubt a massive investment, or you can say that; this new array of gold teeth is the ultimate pimp accessory, which is blinding. These grills are designed in a way that it’ll fit over your natural teeth smoothly. Usually, you’ll be able to get the grillz in gold, silver (with rhodium plating) or available in platinum ore, which eventually gives a reflective shiny white surface of your teeth with the help of the procedure called as flashing.


1. Removable Teeth Grillz Studded With Gems & Metals

Your new teeth grillz can be studded with a broad range of gemstones such as Cubic Zirconia and various metals in loads of feral designs. If you want to have some gangster look, then you need a custom gold grillz to go with your belts, pimp cup and spinner watches and much more.

2. Gold Grillz Popularity

As a matter of fact, the removable gold grillz have long been popular among celebrity stars such as Giancarlo Esposito and Lawrence Fish in addition to popular rappers including Cypress Hills, RZA, Sean Combs together with the rising number of sports celebrities. It’s a common practice that no rapper touches the stage without wearing a gold grill.


3. Custom-made Quality Teeth Grillz

When it comes to the custom-made teeth grills, they’re quite expensive. So, always choose a professional who has extensive experience in making custom gold grillz and as a result, you’ll get a high, premium quality product. If you opt to buy the rhodium grillz, just stay aware there’s a possibility that some chemical complexes might be reactive and have been proved toxic when tested on rats. On top of that, the rhodium compounds lead to staining human skin badly. Instead of using rhodium Grillz in compounds, try some other forms that are believed to be harmless.

4. Silver, Platinum & Diamond Grillz

Teeth Grillz is not only available in gold; but there are Grillz made of silver, platinum, and even diamond. Gold grills are usually fake, and it’ll cost you approximately $50 when you buy them online. However, if you want to have some rich rappers types, then buy some Grillz worth of thousands of dollars.


For instance, one of the famous rappers wears a teeth grill amounting $450,000! I know, that’s a bunch of money, but the thing is some people invest such a lump sum of money on their mouth. So, are you wondering how Grillz fit on your teeth? Let me tell you; the Grillz maker will make molds of your each tooth and they just fit in your mouth like a custom retainer.

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018

How to Stay Calm and Cool When You Are Extremely Stressful

How to Stay Calm and Cool When You Are Extremely Stressful

Being in a hurry all the time drains your energy. Your work and routine life make you feel overwhelmed. Getting caught up in things beyond your control stresses you out…

If you’d like to stay calm and cool in stressful situations, put the following 8 steps into practice:

1. Breathe

The next time you’re faced with a stressful situation that makes you want to hurry, stop what you’re doing for one minute and perform the following steps:

  • Take five deep breaths in and out (your belly should come forward with each inhale).
  • Imagine all that stress leaving your body with each exhale.
  • Smile. Fake it if you have to. It’s pretty hard to stay grumpy with a goofy grin on your face.

Feel free to repeat the above steps every few hours at work or home if you need to.

2. Loosen up

After your breathing session, perform a quick body scan to identify any areas that are tight or tense. Clenched jaw? Rounded shoulders? Anything else that isn’t at ease?

Gently touch or massage any of your body parts that are under tension to encourage total relaxation. It might help to imagine you’re in a place that calms you: a beach, hot tub, or nature trail, for example.


3. Chew slowly

Slow down at the dinner table if you want to learn to be patient and lose weight. Shoveling your food down as fast as you can is a surefire way to eat more than you need to (and find yourself with a bellyache).

Be a mindful eater who pays attention to the taste, texture, and aroma of every dish. Chew slowly while you try to guess all of the ingredients that were used to prepare your dish.

Chewing slowly will also reduce those dreadful late-night cravings that sneak up on you after work.

4. Let go

Cliche as it sounds, it’s very effective.

The thing that seems like the end of the world right now?

It’s not. Promise.


Stressing and worrying about the situation you’re in won’t do any good because you’re already in it, so just let it go.

Letting go isn’t easy, so here’s a guide to help you:

21 Things To Do When You Find It Hard To Let Go

5. Enjoy the journey

Focusing on the end result can quickly become exhausting. Chasing a bold, audacious goal that’s going to require a lot of time and patience? Split it into several mini-goals so you’ll have several causes for celebration.

Stop focusing on the negative thoughts. Giving yourself consistent positive feedback will help you grow patience, stay encouraged, and find more joy in the process of achieving your goals.

6. Look at the big picture

The next time you find your stress level skyrocketing, take a deep breath, and ask yourself:


Will this matter to me…

  • Next week?
  • Next month?
  • Next year?
  • In 10 years?

Hint: No, it won’t.

I bet most of the stuff that stresses you wouldn’t matter the next week, maybe not even the next day.

Stop agonizing over things you can’t control because you’re only hurting yourself.

7. Stop demanding perfection of yourself

You’re not perfect and that’s okay. Show me a person who claims to be perfect and I’ll show you a dirty liar.

Demanding perfection of yourself (or anybody else) will only stress you out because it just isn’t possible.


8. Practice patience every day

Below are a few easy ways you can practice patience every day, increasing your ability to remain calm and cool in times of stress:

  • The next time you go to the grocery store, get in the longest line.
  • Instead of going through the drive-thru at your bank, go inside.
  • Take a long walk through a secluded park or trail.

Final thoughts

Staying calm in stressful situations is possible, all you need is some daily practice.

Taking deep breaths and eat mindfully are some simple ways to train your brain to be more patient. But changing the way you think of a situation and staying positive are most important in keeping cool whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressful.

Featured photo credit: Brooke Cagle via

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