6 Easy Lifehacks to Help You Save Money When Paying Online

6 Easy Lifehacks to Help You Save Money When Paying Online

The internet has made our lives so much simpler. Today, you can save a great deal of time just using this mighty resource to exchange messages, work, do research, and handle a variety of other tasks. However, you can also benefit from the great number of opportunities to save money via online payments.

The following tools and tricks will allow you to manage your funds most efficiently when making payments, shopping, or running a business online.

1. Honey


    Honey is a browser extension aimed to help you save money when shopping online. It’s focused on being your main tool for getting the best deal from coupons. The program can be integrated into Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari browsers.


    Once you install and activate it, Honey will not only find the best coupon codes for every purchase you are about to make; it will also apply them. The automation feature makes using Honey an easy task, and you can be sure that you won’t forget to use the best coupon available online to save the most money.

    In addition, the app will provide you with a list of most trending stores and real-time information on offered deals and the amount of savings you can make.

    2. Due


      Due is your place to go if you want to not only save money but also ensure efficient invoice tracking for a small business. Due is a simple but fantastically efficient tool that will ensure you never miss an invoice and process all your payments efficiently.


      The program’s interface is easy and intuitive, so you don’t need to possess any specialized knowledge to use it. Due will allow you to monitor all payments and fund transfers as well as track billable times and productivity.

      This solution complies with the US and international regulations regarding the payment security technology and offers you a chance to track all your payments, invoices, etc. in real time.

      3. Shoptagr


        Shoptagr is a wish list browser extension that synchronizes with all devices. This means that you can use it from your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone with equal efficiency and ensure you won’t miss the best deal.


        The program’s mechanics are extremely simple: you just create a wishlist of the products you are interested in. The program will keep track of it and alert you once it goes on sale or otherwise offers an opportunity for a lower price. Shoptagr partners with over 400 stores, so you will definitely find a few that offer exactly what you need.

        4. Shoptimate


          This browser extension is another fantastic tool to save money when paying online. It compares prices from many most popular stores to help you find the best deal on the product. The solution is automatic, which saves you a great deal of time. You just need to view a product and the program will search comparisons independently and provide you with results at the top of the window.

          The best thing is that it gets you not only the lowest price, but a list of all prices and addresses of stores so you can pick the best option for you.


          5. GiftCardGranny


            This is a website where you can learn to pay less through the clever use of gift cards. It’s a service for those who have cards they don’t need. Here you can exchange them for those you would really enjoy cashing in.

            6. CamelCamelCamel


              This is an online service that will help you save money by claiming Amazon drop price refunds. It’ll work if you bought the item but the price for it dropped a couple of days later. If your purchase meets the required criteria and you apply for a refund fast enough (usually seven calendar dates from delivery), you’ll get the difference.

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              Last Updated on April 3, 2019

              How to Nix Your Credit Card Debt in Less Than 3 Years

              How to Nix Your Credit Card Debt in Less Than 3 Years

              Debt is never a fun thing to be in. But, there are many actions that you can take that will help you rid yourself of the burden of debt once and for all.

              By coming up with a set plan, eliminating your debt can feel much easier than constantly thinking about it.

              This post will provide some tips on how you can do this to help you nix your credit card debt in less than 3 years.

              Hint: there are ways that are easier than you think.

              1. Consider Consolidating Multiple Credit Cards If Possible

              This may not be applicable to you, but if you have multiple cards – it is something to consider. Keeping up with multiple bills is time consuming.

              It will depend on the balance you have on each. Consolidate ones you can but do not do it to the point that you get too close to the maximum limit. Also, it is ideal to pick the card with the lower interest rate.

              Consider if there are any fees or alternatively, rewards, with transferring a balance to another card. Watch out for fees. Note that some cards offer rewards for transferring a balance to them. This is extra cash that can help go towards paying off your debt.


              Having one or two cards can make nixing your debt much simpler than keeping up with the balance of a bunch of cards. Keeping track of paying the minimum towards a bunch of cards is time consuming. Spend the time to consolidate instead to make the overall process simpler going forward.

              My tip: Have one main credit card. Have a second one that you use for necessities – such as groceries or gas – that offers rewards for those purchases (a lot of cards do) and set the second one on auto-pay. You should be able to pay off a smaller amount on auto-pay if it is a necessity. If you think you cannot, then you may need to cut down a lot on expenses.

              Why do I suggest doing this? Having one thing set to auto-pay is one less thing to think about. One less thing to waste time on. Same idea with consolidating to one main card. Tracking down too many is a hassle.

              2. Try to Pay the Full Balance You Spent Each Month at the Very Least

              You need to pay off the amount you are spending each month when that bill comes in. This is the amount you spent THAT month.

              Do not let the debt keep accruing while you work on paying any unpaid debt that has accrued. It will become a never-ending battle. Try as best as you can to be current on paying for each month’s expenses when that month’s bill comes out.

              If this is a strain, consider why. You may need to cut expenses. Or you may need to consider other cards. Or look at where this money is going.

              3. Pay Extra When You Can – Every Small Amount Counts

              This cannot be emphasized enough. If you are looking at a lot of credit card debt, it can look daunting, but each extra amount that you can put towards the debt will really add up – no matter how small it is.


              It does not just reduce the principal amount that you have left to pay off, but it reduces the amount that is collecting interest. You will always save money with that reduced interest.

              4. Create a Plan on How to Pay Extra

              Back to the main point, having this plan is giving you one less thing to think about.

              This plan should be a plan that works for you. If it does not work for you, your spending habits, and your views on debt, then it will not be an effective plan.

              For instance, if a set plan of an extra $50 (or another amount that you know you can afford) works for you, then do that. Set that aside every month and pay that extra amount. Treat it like a bill. Choose an amount that works for you and pay it like clockwork as though it was a bill you had to pay each month.

              Little amounts will not nix it entirely, but they will help tackle it and having a set plan can make it less of a chore. Creating a new plan of how much to put towards it each month is an unnecessary added stress.

              5. Cut out Costs for Services You Do Not Use

              If you are signed up for subscriptions that you do not use because of some free trial or for some other reason, cut it out. Your overall financial position will look better.

              In turn, that will make cutting your credit card debt easier. Look at your statements to find these expenses. If you do not use them, you may forget you are paying some unnecessary amount each month. Cutting it out can really add up in savings that you can put towards other needed expenses.


              6. Get Aggressive About It

              Consider these points:

              Depending on the interest and the level of debt, you may need to give up a few indulgences. For example, instead of ordering delivery or going out to eat, cook at home. Everything adds up.

              Other things may be more of a sacrifice. It may be a trip you wanted to go on, or a daily latte habit you’ve picked up. In these instances, consider how important it is to you and if it’s worth the sacrifice. And if it is a costly expense, think whether you can wait to indulge.

              Cutting an extravagant expense can really help make a dent in your overall debt. Try not to add to debt when you are trying to pay it off. It will be a never-ending battle. Make it less of a battle with these tips and it will feel easier.

              Bottom line: Do what you can to make this process easier for you. Implement steps that do this. It takes time now, but will help overall. Also, keep track of your spending and paying down of your debts. Which is the next point.

              7. Reevaluate Your Progress at Set Intervals

              Doing a regular check-in can help you see your efforts pay off or maybe indicate that you need to give this a bit more effort. If you check every 3-6 months, it will not feel so much like a chore or feel so daunting.

              By doing this, you will be able to better understand your progress and perhaps readjust your plan. Bonus: if you see it pay off, it will feel great to do this check-in. You will get there.


              Finally (and most importantly)…

              8. Keep Trying

              Do not get discouraged. Pushing it off will make it worse. Just keep trying.

              Once your debt becomes lower, each monthly payment will reduce the balance more. Why? You are paying less towards interest. It will be a snowball effect eventually and it will become much easier to manage. Just get to that point. And know once you do, it will feel easier and motivating.

              Start Knocking out Your Debt Today

              The best way to eliminate debt is to get started right away. Begin by implementing the above steps and watch your debt just melt away. Try out some of the above strategies and see what works best for you. Soon you’ll be on your way to a debt free life.

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