5 Best Web-based Time Tracking Apps for Your Company

5 Best Web-based Time Tracking Apps for Your Company

Time is money!

Being an employer or an employee, your only need is to fulfill financial needs. Time tracking is a vital aspect to be done regularly for keeping track of productivity, payments, and invoicing purposes. By the means of cloud technology, it is possible to track employees’ activities, by logging the information about the time they have invested on certain tasks, and then produce reports which give clear picture of what is going with your business.

The time tracking web-based applications are useful for all such type of businesses, even for small startups to big enterprises. These solutions are great investment for any business type, whether it’s bookkeeping and accounting, hotels, construction, heating and plumbing, retail, cleaning services, and many other industries where handling and tracking team activities are difficult.

Time tracking softwares have number of things which can be done with these, like processing payroll, dealing with important administrative processes, and tracking time. Thus it helps employers by knowing how resourceful the particular employee is, while employees have assurance of being paid for every minute that they have worked.


There are number of features which need to be considered while choosing them like time to set up, responsiveness, scalability, reporting, cost, and so on. The following are some which satisfy above mentioned features.

1. EmploTime

    This is the best web based time clock and also the least expensive. It doesn’t require any installation, just login to portal then create employees and authorize them to use company time clocks; these devices will capture Clock In and Clock Out. You can authorize as many clocks required.

    The geolocation feature helps to fetch the employee’s location with no need to enter details manually; it will be fetched automatically which will help managers providing them with correct details. This features irrespective of tablet, pc, or mobile. The notes feature lets employee to give the description to the work they are doing.

    It lets you fetch reports for giving extra wages based on daily or weekly overtime and in the specified format required like excel, PDF, or word. This also lets employee to punch as many time they want. This helps manager in monitoring the breaks of employees by Clocking In and Clocking Out number of times and at the same time to make out total of regular and overtime hours. The manager have option of resetting clocks of all employees at one go, in spite of changing one at time.


    The manager or chief can get the online notification of the login of any employee online by means of notification like mails. The manager can manage the employee’s vacation, and can export it in form of report like PDF, thus use it for assignment of work to different people. This software offers a free one month subscription and at the same time it costs very less for a year after the subscription is over.

    2. Mavenlink


      Mavenlink gives powerful services and software which help organizations to conduct their business online. It lets you track expenses and times in the same place one manage projects to understand margins and costs. Thus it empowers businesses to track project timelines, manages expenses and time, and understands the productivity.

      It helps to plan better for next project based on learning’s from past projects. The comprehensive reports help to know the smallest details of project. It helps to know the productivity of the resources and weather the margin being hit or not.


      3. Bill4Time


        Most of the billables can be lost because of inefficient tracking. One can track lost revenues by tracking accurate time anytime and anywhere from tablet, mobile, or laptop. The app records non billable time, internal non client time separately, tracking consultants, contractors, and staff for accuracy.

        Even if you are in office or not, time entry is never been simple simply by running timers, recording multiple time entries in screen. Reviewing and tracking weekly and daily time summaries so one can always know the financial and productivity status of organization.

        4. Intervals



          Intervals is an online management software that has task management and time tracking collectively with powerful reporting. It is ideal for small teams and businesses including web developers, designers, creative agencies, consultants, communications companies, and IT services firms who need to keep an eye where all time is going. This product has 30 days free trial.

          5. Paymo


            Paymo is intuitive and modern project management software for medium and small businesses that handles task management, invoicing, and time tracking. With this software, one can track the lifetime of the project without need to pay and use several different apps. By the use of this, teams can be in focus and sync while delivering projects. It helps to maximize team accountability, productivity, and collaboration.

            There are number of softwares available in market. Try out any to maximize your earning and save lot of time for more productive stuff!

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            Published on June 5, 2020

            Best 10 Keyboards Under $90 on Amazon

            Best 10 Keyboards Under $90 on Amazon

            There are different reasons why you might need to buy an extra keyboard. Your keyboard may be wearing out and one can only imagine the frustration you get each time you type ‘O’ when you actually wanted to type ‘P’.

            Apart from your keyboard wearing out, desiring more comfort and flexibility and reducing pain in your wrists and fingers as you type might be your main reason. You may also want to maintain the recommended minimum distance of 40cm away from the screen[1] or just want to have some additional functionalities on your keyboard which are not available on most keyboards.

            Whatever the reason, we all want to have the best keyboard that will suit our needs.

            Here are the 10 best keyboards under $99 available on Amazon. They were picked based on their ergonomic design and extra functionalities.

            Why You Should Trust Us

            We checked Amazon to find the keyboards that have multiple functionalities, promises comfort, have received several reviews, and rated at least 4-star from real users. At a price below $100, we believe that you can find the best keyboard for you on this list.

            1. Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

            4.3-star, 8950 Reviews

              The Logitech MK 550 keyboard has a constant curve layout and integrated palm rest to reduce stress, eliminate lower wrist fatigue, and help you type more naturally.

              If you want something that allows easy navigation, then this might be the best keyboard for you. It has 18 programmable keys that you will find pretty useful if you frequently use apps that require rapid navigation.

              It also has an accompanying precision laser mouse that makes screen navigation much easier and faster than using your touchpad.

              One of the things that set this keyboard apart from the rest is its long battery life. You can continue to use your keyboard and mouse for 2 years without thinking of changing the battery; the keyboard’s battery can even last up to three years.

              If you are a programmer, secretary, writer, or you do something that requires typing a lot, this is a product you might want to consider.


              • Long battery life
              • A combination of keyboard and mouse
              • Wireless keyboard
              • Integrated palm rest to reduce wrist fatigue


              • Only compatible with Windows-based PC. Additional set up might be required to use with Mac or Linux.
              • The keyboard can be a little noisy when typing

              You can buy this from Amazon for $46.99.

              2. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Wired Keyboard 4000 for Business

              4.3-star, 5388 reviews


                This is an ergonomic keyboard with a cord (about 6ft long). It has a comfortable design that enhances your natural hand, wrist, and forearm positions when in use. It also has a cushioned palm rest which helps maintain a neutral wrist position, eliminating wrist pain.

                The keyboard has 5 customizable buttons that you can assign specific commands to make your work easier and faster. This may be the best keyboard for you if you love ergonomic keyboards.


                • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
                • Relatively quiet
                • Sturdy, doesn’t swivel around


                • The keyboard is a little bulky
                • Spacebar might be sticky at first
                • It doesn’t have a wireless version
                • Not good for gaming
                • Some letters and characters might begin to wear off with use

                You can buy this from Amazon for $59.95.

                3. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

                4.6-stars, 1442 Reviews

                  If you are looking for a superfast keyboard, the Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard is one to consider. Its new Razer Opto-Mechanical switches utilize optical technology for unmatched speed.

                  The keyboard’s Razer Chroma syncs fully with popular games, and its Razer hardware supports 16.8 million colors on backlit keys. It has fully programmable macros that allow for the execution of complex commands through all keys and keypress combinations.

                  This keyboard is originally made for gamers, but many users choose it for its super-fast speed rather than for gaming itself.


                  • Works for Mac and PC
                  • Stiff enough to avoid typos
                  • Superfast and customizable


                  • Because it’s clicky, it might be disturbing in an office environment
                  • The Synapse software is bad and might not install on Windows 10

                  You can buy this from Amazon for $89.99.

                  4. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

                  4.5-stars, 3115 Reviews

                    This is a membrane keyboard for enhanced performance, whether you are working or gaming. It is designed to give you pleasant gaming experience with three zones of tweakable RGB backlight.

                    One of the features that make the Corsair K55 keyboard stand out is its dust and spill resistance, so you don’t have to worry about wiping off spills. It also has a detachable palm rest to reduce wrist pain when you are gaming or on a prolonged work.


                    It has multi-key anti-ghosting features so those keypress combinations are executed without hassles. You also have direct control over your audio with the dedicated volume and media control keys.


                    • Competitive at its price
                    • No software needed for RGB lighting
                    • Quiet keys
                    • Programmable keys
                    • Media buttons are included


                    • Caps Lock and Num Lock indicators might stop working intermittently
                    • Game hangs for about 30 – 60 seconds whenever you use a controller

                    You can buy this from Amazon for $49.88.

                    5. Apple Magic Keyboard

                    4.6-stars, 1328 Reviews

                      The most remarkable thing about the Apple Magic keyboard is its rechargeable batteries and the fact that it can be used to enhance your typing experience on smaller devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

                      This keyboard can pair with any apple device that runs on IOS 9.1 and up. Therefore you can use the keyboard to type long text messages and emails on your iPhone. This may be the best keyboard for Mac.


                      • Comes with rechargeable batteries
                      • Though made for Mac, it’s also compatible with PC


                      • The keys are not lit
                      • Some keys, especially the arrow keys are quite small
                      • Be careful, refurbished items might be sold as new

                      You can buy this from Amazon for $94.

                      6. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

                      4.1-stars, 20,735 reviews

                        This is another great product from Logitech, especially for people on a tight budget. Like MK550, this keyboard also comes with a paired mouse and does have a long battery life as well.

                        Although cheap, Logitech still maintained the connectivity signal of 2.4 GHz, so you can use the keyboard within a 10m range and there won’t be dropouts. It also has 8 programmable hotkeys to boost your productivity when you type.


                        • Long battery life: the keyboard battery lasts up to a year while that of the mouse lasts for two years.
                        • Programmable hotkeys to boost productivity
                        • Budget-friendly
                        • Optical mouse included
                        • Wireless keyboard



                        • Build quality is low
                        • The paired mouse looks cheap
                        • There might be random keystrokes delay

                        You can buy this from Amazon for $24.99.

                        7. Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

                        4.6-stars, 1482 Reviews

                          This is a mechanical anti-ghosting gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting and lettering and conflict-free keys (n-key Rollover) to provide ultimate gaming experience.

                          This keyboard has adjustable rear feet to give you a typing angle to work fast and comfortably. It also has 12 multimedia keys to enhance gaming.

                          You won’t have to worry about your keys in tough gaming conditions as this keyboard is built with metal alloy and ABS with plate-mounted clicky mechanical keys and switches. It comes with a high-speed USB cable and a connection to establish a firm connection so you can enjoy gaming without hassles.


                          • Sturdy and compact; saves space on your desktop
                          • It has swappable switches
                          • A good buy for its price


                          • Clicky keys and loud switches. It may not be suitable where some level of silence is required.
                          • Some LEDs might break with continued use
                          • Support for Mac is limited, only Windows PCs are fully supported.

                          You can buy this from Amazon for $44.99.

                          8. Havit Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

                          4.4-star, 1116 reviews

                            This is an RGB lighting keyboard and mouse. It’s an all-metal panel mechanical keyboard with a floating design. It has 104 keys and each of the keys has individual switches with full n-key rollover.

                            The keyboard is ergonomic and has a detachable wrist rest to reduce stress and pain on your wrist. The mouse is also programmable and has DPI levels adjustable up to 4800 DPI. You can even customize your own lighting layouts on the keyboard and it stores and retains your configurations.

                            This keyboard is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. If you like mechanical keyboards, this might be the best keyboard you’re looking for.


                            • Impressive build quality
                            • Great buy for its price
                            • Universal compatibility


                            • The blue switches in the keys are pretty noisy.
                            • Some keys might begin to malfunction with prolonged use.

                            You can buy this from Amazon for $62.99.


                            9. Havit Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset Combo

                            4.4-star, 6772 ratings

                              This is a complete gaming kit with an RGB lighting keyboard, mouse, and headset, all combined and synced together to give you that ‘rave’ feeling when you are gaming.

                              The headphone’s breathable soft fabric earpads and memory foam provide exceptional comfort. It also has a 50 mm sound driver and virtual surround sound for precision audio as you game.

                              Keyboard and mouse are plug and play and has universal compatibility. The headphone is also compatible with different devices and games, such as PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox, Xbox ONE, Nintendo, mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

                              Although the value for money lies in using it for gaming, it works well for just any other thing that other keyboards can do.


                              • The keyboard is well built and looks great
                              • Keys are solid and clicky
                              • Bright LEDs are bright and come pre-configured with lots of different lighting patterns.


                              • The keys are light but loud
                              • The headset is a bit bulky

                              You can buy this from Amazon for $90.99.

                              10. Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

                              4.2-star, 3101 Reviews

                                You already know that Logitech produces wireless keyboards and mouse combo with batteries that last up to three years at an estimated two million stroke per year of office use. You also know that their keyboard has a cushion palm rest for the comfort of your wrist.

                                What you may find interesting in this particular model is its LCD dashboard that displays the icon status of your battery, caps lock, scroll lock, and number lock all at a glance. This might be the best keyboard and mouse combo by Logitech you can find.


                                • The keyboard is sturdy and does not wobble on a work desk.
                                • Keys are solid and soft, making typing comfortable


                                • Letters might start wearing out after some months of use.
                                • Only compatible with Windows operating systems

                                You can buy this from Amazon for $49.99.

                                Bottom Line

                                You will always find a keyboard with good functionalities for a price of less than $100. It is advisable, however, to choose one that is compatible with different operating systems and can connect to different devices.

                                Find the Best Keyboard for You

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