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Fatherhood, Parenting

To Make His Daughter Happy, A Dad Can Be Anything

Written by Chloe Chong
Chloe is a social media expert and shares lifestyle tips on Lifehack.
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1. He’s The Most Grateful Person In The World When You Come To This World

01_Kiss baby cheek L

    2. He’s A Mischievous And Protective Playmate

    02_lift up L

      3. He Can Be A Superman Who Lets You Jump On Him And Beat Him

      05_pretend be beaten L

        4. He Can Be A Princess

        04_princess game L

          5. He’s A Really Average Wrestler When It Comes To Competing With You (Because He Wants You To Know You Can Be Really Strong)

          15_arm wresting L

            6. He’s The Worst Yet Cutest Chef

            12_cook clumsily L

              7. He Can Be A Childish Playmate

              13_run on lawn L

                8. He Can Be The Fastest Horse That Brings You To Anywhere You’d Like To Be

                06_on shoulder L

                  9. He’s Your Private Life-Saving Guard

                  10_beach L

                    10. Sometimes He’s The “Son” And She’s The “Mom”

                    07_feed food L

                      11. Suddenly He Becomes The Patient Teacher

                      08_hold hand draw L

                        12. When You’re Sick, He’s The Most Worried Nurse

                        09_sick L

                          13. He’s Always The First Guest Of Your Tea Party

                          03_cooking game L

                            14. He’s The Best Trainer Before You Are Able To Be On Your Own

                            11_learning bike L

                              15. He’s Like Your Irreplaceable Lover

                              14_kiss forehead L

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