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This Artwork Portraying Modern Life Perfectly Will Make You Gasp

Written by Britta Kallevang
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Illustrator and animator Steve Cutts’ always intentionally creates discomfort in his audience by exposing them to depictions of unpleasant things like slave labor, consumerism, pollution, and politics. Cutts’ images create a kind of forced reckoning with issues most of us would rather sweep under the rug and forget about forever.

Below are examples of his illustrations. Check out the artist’s website for featured animations, illustrations and more.

1. This Is What Our Souls Rely On?


    2. We Let Empty Stuff Feed Our Minds


      3. We Survive By Consuming Unhealthy Foods


        4. Seems That Everyone Of Us Are The Same?


          5. How We Kill A Lot And Eat Too Much


            6. What being in the ‘rat race’ really looks like:


              7. Which came first — consumerism or greed?


                8. We Make The Most From The Earth


                  9. We live (and die) for our iPhones and social media.


                    10. We’re literally defacing ourselves through our consumerist-focused culture.


                      Featured photo credit: by Steve Cutts via stevecutts.com

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