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Communication, Relationships, Sibling

7 Images Showing How Your Sibling Becomes Your Best Friend

Written by Ricky Tang
Editor. Movie Lover. Amateur Singer.
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If you have a brother or a sister, you will definitely understand how hard it is to describe your relationship with them. While at this moment they are the enemies you can’t wait to beat down, at the next moment they can be the angels who heal your wound. But it is tricky that love is a complicated concept that can’t simply be measured by the duration of happy moments when two people get along with each other. And it is especially right when applied to siblings! It is exactly this love-hate relationship that bonds you two closely and make you know each other the best. Here are 7 signs telling how your sibling has become your irreplaceable friend:

1. Your sibling taking your things without asking drove you crazy at first, but finally it becomes you two’s unique way of building trust.


    2. When getting older, you realize that sharing resources like closets and games can make life easier.


      3. The harsh battles you fought with your sibling enhance mutual understanding (strengths and weaknesses).


        4. You two are each other’s Muse at times and this makes you the best team to tackle countless missions impossible.


          5. Being brutally honest to each other helps you two become a better version of yourselves.


            6.  Your sibling keeps almost all of your secrets.

            tell secret

              7. When you feel hurt, your sibling is the first one who gives you comfort and warmth.

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