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These Kids Really Show Us The Bright Side Of Human Nature

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Kids just feel and act, unconditioned.

They are pure and genuine.
They are not cheaters.
Kids are our masters, we must learn from them.
We should be more like kids.

Today we can learn from them, just watch these kids in action.

This boy risks his own life to save this deer from a flood

kid and Deer

    This 8-year-old kid won $1000 and donated to his little neighbor who was fighting leukemia

    kid and USD1000 Donate

      Just look at him helping the bunny scale the sculpture

      kid and Bunny

        These kids in Canada help homeless by attaching coats to poles

        kids and Coats

          He saves his coach’s life by giving him CPR and calling 911

          kid gives CPR

            This 2-year-old beauty supporting her wounded friend

            kid and Dinosaur

              She is not letting her puppy down

              Kid rescue puppy

                This 9-year-old boy rescues puppies and creates a shelter in his garage

                kid and Dogs

                  This sweet girl saves 9 ducklings from a pipe

                  kids rescue ducklings

                    He wanted to help the homeless so he used his savings to make them lunches

                    kid and food

                      This 8-year-old kid allowed his hair to grow two years in order to make wigs for kids with cancer

                      kid and Hair

                        9-year-old boy uses his savings to buy and donate books to local jail

                        kid and Jail Books

                          This kid teaches us a sincere lesson

                          kid and protest

                            He realized that some kids in his class did not have lunch, so he decided to share with them

                            kid and School Food

                              This angel shields a stray dog during monsoon rains

                              kid and Stray Dog

                                This awesome homeless boy does his homework using the lights from street

                                kid and Study

                                  She is so sweet trying to dry the tears of this man

                                  kid and TV

                                    These little angels practice their reading skills while helping dogs

                                    kids and Dog Shelter

                                      They had never met before, but nevertheless, they hugged

                                      kids Hug

                                        Finally, these two toddlers who had never faced before decided to hug it out in the middle on an airport

                                        kids Hug 2

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