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Guess What’s Hidden Inside? What The Man Does After Finding It Is Truly Inspirational

Written by Jay Hill
Jay writes about communication and happiness on Lifehack.
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What would you expect to find in an old wardrobe?

Syrian refugee Muhannad was amazed to discover that the wardrobe in his new German home was hiding a substantial amount of money. As he dissembled and then re-fitted the furniture pieces, he noticed a concealed pocket on the underside of a shelf. It contained wads of cash along with passbooks that would have granted the bearer access to even more cash contained within bank accounts. It appeared that a former owner of the wardrobe hadn’t wanted to trust any institution with their money and so had decided to hide it in a piece of furniture.

One man’s decision to do the right thing

Muhannad could have used the money to bring his brothers over from Syria to begin a new life in Germany. However, after checking that the banknotes were real, he immediately contacted the German police and turned the cash in. For his honesty, he will receive a reward of $4,500.

A true inspiration

It’s often said that a true measure of a person’s character is their decision to do what is right, even when they could do otherwise and never be found out. Rather than use the money to further his own life and help out his family, Muhannad chose to act with integrity. It seems that many people reading this story have been greatly moved by Muhannad’s actions, judging by some of the comments left on the NPR article:

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      Featured photo credit: NPR Media via media.npr.org

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