7 Advantages To Being A Game Designer

7 Advantages To Being A Game Designer

Game design is one of the few real-world jobs that is filled with excitement and fun, but it goes beyond that. The industry is constantly evolving while presenting new scenarios for designers to shuffle, and with that comes countless rewards.

Read on to find out why being a video game designer is shooting to the top of the most-wanted careers list.


1. A Casual Yet Enthusiastic Work Environment

The culture of game designers is made of individuals that are living their highest passion. Because of this, they are enthusiastic, dedicated, and creative. They are able to experience the gratification of creating something that not only they are personally passionate about, but that others are also able to enjoy. This is what helps makes the game design work environment different from any other industry.

2. A Degree Isn’t Totally Necessary—But it is a Plus

Though most video game designers obtain a college degree or certification, it isn’t absolutely required. Many colleges don’t offer a specific degree for game design, so check out game design schools to ensure that you can get a job in the field by getting involved in a great program. Many developers will hire a designer if they know that they are capable of making a game; however, having the degree will provide hands-on learning that will be valuable when seeking a job.


3. Use Analytical and Creative Thinking

Those who design games are accountable for conceptualizing many parts of a game, from the rules to the themes and structure. There are some specialized areas of work like level design, script writing, design of game play, and level mechanics, but all areas use artistic skills as well as technological knowledge. It is vital to be organized and analytical when designing video games. These qualities will determine how you solve problems, like how a character will react to an obstacle in the game, and how the player will score points in relation to missions that are completed.

4. Playing Games is Part of Your Job

One thing that leads many people into the field of game design is their love of playing games—something that is not only encouraged, but required in the field. Designers are able to get an early preview of a game that they are working on, even when they are only responsible for a portion of it. They are also able to play other designers’ games before anyone else with the sole purpose of analyzing them. The benefits are much more than just receiving a few game coupons.


5. Competitive Salary

As part of the larger career field of software development, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary for a software developer is about $97,990. The salary will vary based on the specialization inside of the field and other factors. Those working on the West coast may anticipate a higher salary, as it is the Mecca of game design.

6. Enter a Dynamic Industry with a Steady Career

The industry of this career is constantly changing. Those that are part of it are continually learning new things while staying in a field that is well established and provides security. Even over the last 10 years, video games have evolved into a subculture of their own, and that will not be fading anytime soon.


7. Do More Than Just Entertain

Video games provide more than just entertainment for bored preteens. They have been crafted to help with a number of real life situations, like depression, stress, and weight problems. Video games are utilized in soldier training, children’s’ schooling, and space mission preparation. What was once used solely as entertainment for children is now an essential tool that helps improve the world, as well as helping some individuals overcome various challenges.


Video game designers are surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion for creating something out of nothing, working in an ever-evolving field that provides a way to turn ideas into reality.

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Create an Eye-Catching Logo to Focus Your Brand

Create an Eye-Catching Logo to Focus Your Brand

We live in a world where brands surround us. We recognize companies through their logo designs rather than their service or products. Our philosophy is that if it’s a brand, it means it’s good. Why? Because it’s known and recognized by all. Youngsters prefer to wear Nike or Reebok footwear, even if there are the same designs in local companies, just because they will be easily recognized as branded by their friends and family.

A logo is a statement of a business or a company and a sign of individuality, which distinguishes one brand from another. Even a child would recognize the M of the McDonalds, even from far away. The people use the logo to associate with the brand or the company. Creating and setting up a business is easy, but making it a brand is difficult. To make your business a brand, the most important thing is to create an eye-catching logo design.


One must think that how difficult would it be to create a catchy logo? It is a major task.

There is a lot of work that goes into the making of the perfect logo, which is a recognizing factor for people. Here are some of the tips that will help you in creating a logo design that will make your business a brand.


Gauge the Market

Study your business or company and see the competitor company’s logo designs. Know the business in and out and write down all the important points and use them to create a related logo design.


Conduct research about the client and customers and the target market. What is the business about? If the products cater to children then create a colorful and lively logo, while if it is for corporate parties, then create a formal and attractive logo.


Link It

Whatever logo you design, keep in mind that it should relate to the company and the nature of business. The logo is used to recognize the brand, so it should have connections with the company’s history and future.

Use Resources

There are some applications available for you to download and create a perfect logo. You can use the variety of samples and tweak it a bit to your liking by changing the colors or font.


Font and Colors

Always make sure to use bold and striking colors. Study the color therapy and what affect each color has on the onlookers. Choose bright colors for an attractive and appealing logo design. Use creative fonts so that it instantly hooks up the customers.


Learn Photoshop, Adobe, and Illustrator for that eye-catching logo design. Create a customized logo design with abstracts and images, or choose a picture. You can also make use of solid shapes or go with a flow and retro design. A tagline or your company name or your name initials can also be a logo design. Just incorporate it in a unique way, so it stands out from the others.

The logo is a signature of your brand; it is one of the company’s most valuable assets. A well-designed logo is the one that exposes your business and communicates your message to the public.  Designing an eye-catching logo is not that simple as it sounds; it demands a lot of creative imagination and out of box thinking.  Whatever logo you design, ask your friends and family to view and ask them their suggestions and change and set it accordingly, as they represent the public. A well-designed logo should represent the true and perfect image of a company to the people. Make sure your logo design represents your brand and has striking effects.

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