What Your Desk Looks Like Can Reveal Your True Personality

What Your Desk Looks Like Can Reveal Your True Personality

Rumour has is that owners of messy spaces have messy minds. We might have also heard that those with messy spaces are the creative types, the artists, the inventors. Think about all those cliche’d Hollywood films of artists living in warehouses, paint flung across huge canvases, their entire wardbrobe strewn from bedroom to kitchen. Cats crawl out of cereal boxes and exotic scarves from faraway places make colourful covers for dimly-lit lampshades. It’s a character right?

According to some studies our personal space, or personal workspace, defines our character. But according to research there isn’t just one type. Links between messy desk spaces and creative people is just the beginning. So what are the different types of personalities? And what type of work space are they linked to?

The Clutterer



    Extroverts are the clutterers! And according to research, extroverts grow bored quickly with mundane surroundings, so they brighten up their corner of the world with things that sparkle, flash, dazzle, inspire, have colour – or in other words have interest. An extrovert is interested with the exterior of life, their insides are on their outside. But in the extrovert’s case, this does not necessarily mean that ‘clutter’ is a negative, or is disorganized. An extrovert’s clutter can be very organized, and is their way of simply having a more full corner of their world. The (structured) clutterer will no doubt leave a bowl of candy or some such treat that entices a passerby… they love a conversation, a connection with the outside. They are energized by what is outside of, and around them.

    The Minimalist

    Min desk

      The minimalist slides in on the opposite end of the artistic ladder. Clutter free… as well as, well, everything free. The minimalist exists in their workspace with complete tidiness and the bare necessities. The minimalist is alert, disciplined, ordered, and in control. There is always a plan for the minimalist, their organizational skills are an asset to any workplace. They have their pencils sharpened and their books open, and they know where everything is.


      The downside of the minimalist is that it can seem as if they have no innate ties to the place they are in, as if their lack of identity can mean that they could up and leave at any moment without any real issues. It can be slightly unnerving. Or just generally a little mysterious!

      The Expander


        The expander likes to really own the space they are in. They like to make the most of things. Everybody knows this person… because each day they have moved a little further with their own space – and a little further into our own. This is really a type of territorial behavior within humans. We become wary of our space and our rights to our own share of things, and before we know it, we have lost all things in the communal kitchen to the desk of the expander. Never fear. When the expander pushes, we can always push back.


        The Surveyor


          The surveyors situate themselves in such a way that their desk or space becomes an unobvious lookout. The surveyor is a clever clogs, and will always have a pretty great view of what is happening around them, and will likely situate with a wall at their backs, for extra security. The surveyor might also display signs of hibernation, insecurity, or anxiety as they are introverts, and need control of their space to better know what is coming to them. They scare easily, the surveyors, but they are quiet and they work hard, and often have highly creative brains. They’re also usually very nice, rather helpful, and sweet when you give them the time of day. Just don’t sneak up on them from behind, if you ever find them away from their fort.

          The Personaliser



            Personalised goods = the personaliser. With bits and bobs of highly stylish paraphernalia, the personaliser is an asset to any workplace. They are confident, curious, educated, intellectual, and open minded. They aren’t showy with their knowledge, but have a peaceful confidence, and prefer to take up space in open areas like windows, to better stimulate their imaginations and creativity. The personalisers generally have psychological and general health, and are beneficial to work spaces and intra office relationships.

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