9 Ways Your Life Can Be Instantly More Environment-Friendly

9 Ways Your Life Can Be Instantly More Environment-Friendly

Global warming — the seemingly faraway thing that is bound to happen “someday.” The thing that gets discussed in every political and scientific summit. The thing that we are convinced will not really “get to us.”

Yet, the global warming phenomenon has been responsible for an entire island disappearing. Another green country is facing the repercussions of global warming due to the policy decisions of other countries even though its own policies promote environment-friendly practices.

In the coming times, we are about to spend more energy for cooling rather than heating.


Recent studies have shown that children may be particularly affected by the effects of global warming. There are increased risks to childhood conditions like allergies and asthma, along with heat strokes and dehydration.

Even though it is tempting to think that one person/family/neighborhood cannot do much to stop the disastrous effects of global warming, small steps taken meticulously and consistently can go a long way in at least slowing down the disastrous effects.

Here are a few ideas for the everyday home that can make you extremely environment-friendly.


1. Practice conscious consumerism.

A trip to the supermarket shouldn’t be full of shopping surprises. Make a shopping plan and stick to it. Avoid packaged food. Align your eating preferences towards the lower end of the food chain. Practice conscious consumerism as a family.

2. Reduce consumption of electricity.

Swap old bulbs for more energy-efficient ones. Unplug appliances when not in use. Set your refrigerator at an optimum temperature. Invest in smart home technology for indoor lighting to be used only when you need it and optimize outdoor lighting.

3. Make it a unique family value.

Adjust your lifestyle to minimize waste. If you are a parent, emphasize the value of reducing waste to your children. Make it a family value to reduce waste. Train your children to turn off lights while leaving the room. Make them sensitive to water usage, like suggesting they turn off the taps while brushing their teeth or use less water for showers. Arrange separate bins for wet and dry waste and reward them every time they separate correctly.


4. Be vocal about your choices.

Talk about your plans to counter global warming — like the importance of choosing community leaders or politicians who care about the environment. When people hear a lot about it, they are likely to be much more sensitized to the happenings around them. Actively involve your children in your family choices and give strength to their young voices by supporting their green choices.

5. Cut down on fuel.

Walk or cycle every chance you get. Your car’s engine doesn’t have to rev up every time you need to be somewhere just two blocks away. Switch off the engine while waiting in queue for parking, traffic, or in the drive-through.

6. Plant trees.

Make it a tradition to plant trees to celebrate something special. If you are celebrating your child’s birthday, call her friends over and hand them seeds to be planted. There are ways to make it fun: for example, they can come up with funny names for their plants. Give them incentives for taking care of their plants so that in 3–4 weeks, the plants are still healthy.


7. Recycle.

Use recyclable material for packing and carrying stuff. Carry your own water bottles instead of buying bottled water and use filtered water at home. Use cloth, paper, or jute bags as shopping bags. Be sure to put your separated wet waste into the compost bin and dispose your dry waste to a recycling center.

8. Design better.

Invest in green homes that optimize solar energy, natural light, and natural cooling, It makes sense to pick environmentally conscious materials and to figure out a modest size and footprint for your home.

9. Use energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Global warming has recently seen a huge uptick as developing nations are increasingly using HVAC systems to cool and heat their homes. If used indiscriminately, these heating and cooling appliances may accelerate ozone depletion. Make sure to only hire an air conditioning contractor who knows about the latest federal laws when repairing or replacing your air conditioner. He should also know the latest technologies that are compliant with the various environment-friendly policies of the Government.

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